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In our poll: 'Where shall we collect our Autumn leaves?', where did you choose and why?
I really wanted a mallorn leaf in my collection; and since the new Party Tree on the Hill wasn't on the list of choices, nor was Aman, I chose Lothl’rien.
A mallorn leaf would be a great addition to a collection!

Lothlorien would have beautiful leaves but I think they might be mostly of the same type so I'm choosing Doriath. I think there will be more of a variety there. What I'm afraid of is that the trees of Fangorn will become jealous and stage an uprising.
lothlorien for me it sounds very pretty not somewhat scary like some of the other choices I wouldnt want to be "eaten" by a grumpy willow tree
I chose Lothlorien too. I like gold. Ithilien was also a tempting choice, but since Lothlorien wanes with each passing day since the Elves' departure, I'll save the visit to Faramir for next year.
People collect leaves? Why?
This is the hardest poll I have yet taken Sad Smilie I like most of the woods except one. I can't bring myself to decide.

I think I'll go with Ithilien.
People collect leaves? Why?

Because our teachers made us do it in elementary school and we had to place them between two pieces of paper and pile books on them to press them flat. Some people used to collect these pressed leaves in books for the duration of their lives every time the found a new species of tree, just like some others kept a life list of their bird sightings each time they sighted a new to them species of bird. And some people also pressed fairies between the pages of books to keep them for posterity as described in Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book. Teacher Smilie
pressed fairies?

This is oppression!

we collect autumn leaves so we can make "rubbings" (collage art); and also make fall-type window hangings (put the leaves between two pieces of wax paper, add a few colourful crayon shavings, set on a cookie sheet and bake on low heat till the wax melts just enough to make the paper stick together and the crayon colours melt into beautiful aleatoric rainbows. Let cool, cut out and frame and hang in the window to let the afternoon (or morning) sun shine through it. Great elementary grade-school art project!

Plus, you can also "collect" them in a big pile and jump in them. Although this was more often known as raking the lawn.