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In our poll: 'On which mountain would be the most fun to go sledding?', where did you choose and why?

This poll was suggested by Sian. Thanks Sian. Happy Elf Smilie
I chose Caradhras because it has real weather and probably year-round snow somewhere on its flanks.
Thank you for using my suggestion, Grond! I agree, I think Caradhras would have the most snow and therefore the best sledding. I have great memories of sledding down the bluffs by Lake Michigan. I and three friends stacked ourselves up like pancakes on a toboggan and went down the steep slope headfirst Big Smile Smilie
How 'bout Taniquetil, the Oiolosse, Sian.
Manwe and Varda may frown upon such, Undomiel Smile Smilie And if the weather is pleasant enough for them to live on the slopes maybe there isn't enough snow..??
Hey they re fun lovin and moroever these are the Elder Children of Eru we re tallkin about, SO how bout t Big Smile Smilie
Originally the polls were decided on by the Council and posted by Grond, the moderator, who gave a list of choices. Everyone would just say what they thought the best choice was and why. I voted for Caradhras. I don't remember if your choice was on the list..

Do you want to start a new poll and give a list of choices for it?
There is a poll about who is the greater of the two: Feanor or Galadriel. Seems like me and Galin are the only ones interested.