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Thread: Happy St. Valentine's Day

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Happy Holiday of Love, Lovers and all who care about feelings, romance and mutual sharing of one life together!

I would like to wish you Love in all your days and nights! Like Aragorn and Arwen do be strong in keeping the spirit of Love despite all barriers and obstacles on your path. Do not forget to say the one you love how much you care about him/her, and do it more often than once a year. Be forgiving, loving and supporting, as you would like your partner to be for you. We may not be eternal, but we can make things that last forever. And I believe the fruits of love are the most valuable of those.

Be in love, love and be loved, boys and girls of any age, nation, religion, skin color (etc.)! Be in love!
I don't like Valentines Day, not when I'm single at least anyway In Love Smilie
Come on St valentine's Day is for showing love not only to ur life partners but to ur parents, friends, siblings.