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If this orderliness and method is how you do things from a mere fan perspective I would LOVE to see what you do when you are inclined to be perfectionist when something really is important to you! And I can just see you as a tiny tyke, seated in your play pen tiny suit ,tie perfect, explaining to the other babies inside the crib with you why they are not thriving as they ought, Taking a piece of chalk and drawing baby sort of pictures in lines with a straight chalked line under each. Ah what a site to have seen!

Thanks for your pedantic habit Galin as we all have something learn in all of your posts. Lee lee Lol but I hate the beach. I'm not built for Austalia as I am a pale red head Elf and Ariens light burns especially badly here. Stone Giants! One of my favourite paragraphs!

 Galin I tease you but I truly respect and honor your integrity and devotion to Tolkien. You and Brego are among the dearest on this site and without you it would be very silent here many times. You both inspire others to read and comment.

Poor Brego, I cannot take in that you hate the beach. What exactly do you hate about it. We, our family only go when most others are not present because we honestly don't wish to look upon nearly unclothed others. But we love the beauty of one beach especially. There is a large park adjoined and you can sit higher up on the grassy part and look across the lake and see the hills and then mountains farther away. It is so peaceful and the ancient trees that we sit under are so Elvish and Entish and we quietly read or write or , although I truly am shy in real life and dont like to be on the beach if others are, (the guys are most forward and er...well i hate it) I walk down to the water with the little girl and we make awesome Faerie castles and dream our dreams., but I love it when no one much is there. Especially on an overcast day when the wind is blowing the trees are swaying and only a few wind surfers are skimming across the water of the aboriginal hand carved canoes are racing across with the drums keeping beat. Something about it all makes me want to cry actually. So i would be interested in knowing what about the beach you hate other than getting burned. Would not spf 40 work for you ?

I LOVE red hair, I have always thought red haired girls and boys were the loveliest, those eyes and skin and the delicate features, truly magical. How nice for you. No i did not picture you like that at all, my first impressions were not even close,/If you have viewed the counsel members , did you think any of us looked as you thought we would? I sort of knew in my heart that Am would look like that, but not Rednell or Taz especially. And Loss is handsome on his picture, but I have seen others where he is even more handsome. Val, who is a hero to me looks pretty much like i thought as well.

Now then Galin, I must sit and think of you a moment. i see you sitting in one of those lazy boy or easy chairs, whatever they are called, feet up, reading a book. You have brown slightly curled hair at the bottom in my imagination and you have a sweet thoughtful face, perhaps a tad serious expression. Well then what do you really look like then?

Brego if  you like rock giants you perhaps loved the ones on the Veggie Tales movie, The Pirates that don't do anything. There are three I think, a baby, a girl with two trees on her head as ponytails, and a daddy whose deep voice could terrorize regular rock. They are totally cool and the song Rock Monster that plays when they are moving about it totally excellent.I thnk you can look up the song on youtube and see that part.  /,

Lee Lee I'm not familiar with the giants of which you speak. I'll have to take a look. Re the beach. I actually find beaches to be a true manifestation of the powers of Ulmo. The sounds, the smells, the feeling of utter anamorment ( is that a word?) of the power of nature. Unfortunately the UV rate here makes this difficult. 20 minutes is all it takes and unfortunately I'm allergic to sun screen. I've already had a few "scares" in the medical area, like most Aussies in my age group so I need to be cautious.

I like Ulmo, I could use him for my especial protector now and then. That is terrible about your sensitivity. I can relate to that, as you could tell from my picture I am rather pale. Once after work at a hospital I was relaxing in the back of my home. I lived where near forty degree weather is the norm in summer. I only remember reading a book with my morning tea and waking up in hospital. I had nearly fried my poor brain and had been so very ill. I was so delirious I kept dreaming I was at the beach and it was raining, sea gulls crying above me. I desperately needed cool. Since then in very hot weather my head pounds, I sometimes gasp and I feel like I am dying. And you do have to be most careful when applying chemicals to your body. I am sorry to hear you suffer this. Were you born there, were your people originally from there or Scotland ,Ireland or England , somewhere like that where cool is found?

How beautiful your avy, did you pencil it? He reminds me of the picture, partly torn of The Beast in Beauty and The Beast from when he was beautiful, before the enchantress sentenced him to live a life that matched his heart. Lovely.

PAGES 56 57

For any of you like me who have been in caves by the sea or up a mountain you know they can be rather deceiving and you must know where you are going and the way back and must never leave the tour group if you hope to not be on the six o'clock news in a sad way. For caves can have nearly no end to them and because you miss a tiny opening you never know a thing of it. And one can never ever know until you are in one if there is anyone or anything there just waiting to greet you! Now Fili and Kili came back so very quickly, probably from fatigue and nerves and sounded the all clear even after questioned by Gandalf. But you get the feeling , the sinking feeling they were just a bit off.

With some little effort the company got ponies and supplies into the cave and it was most comforting to only hear the shrieking wind outside instead of all around them in the elements. But Gandalf, being the wise wizard he was did not leave things at that. Once more he took his wand and lit it up and went about exploring from one end to the other the dry seemingly secure cave.

Gandalf forbade a fire to dry the soggy clothes so they were only laid out upon the rock floor. The ponies were given something to eat and to comfort and the others once comfortable began to smoke and blew smoke rings in friendship and talked and talked . Talk turned of course to the treasure and how each member would use it. Suddenly the talk seemed not impossible ; and with that in mind each of our heroes fell into much needed sleep.

It is my conjecture it must have been a very deep sleep they all fell into especially the wizard for the worst possible thing was happening and they were unaware of it. Well not all of them, the little hobbit found he simply could not get to sleep, and when he did nightmares assailed him. Dreams filled with disturbing scenes of a crack being in the back of the cave which grew wider by the second. And the very floor under him was giving way. So you can imagine Bilb'os horror upon wakening from one of the bad dreams just in time to see the dear ponies disappearing through the crack.With a surprisingly loud shriek the hobbit woke the company and oh joy out popped goblins, so many they outnumbered the adventurers about half a dozen to one. They grabbed the poor dwarves and burglar and the crack began to close. But Gandalf was not touched and he used his wizardry, the smell and sound that came was like that of gunpowder and just like that several goblins were felled at his feet.

And now the crack was gone and the goblins with their captives were rushing down corridors that seemed to be part of a maze of corridors running every direction. They knew their way alright and they were anything but kind to their quarry. I have to admit this one little bit, in the midst of horror is rather funny, for the author says they pinched the captives unmercifully and laughed. Imagine being able to pinch them while running and why pinch at all . Too funny and horrible at the same time.  


Nay Lee Lee, I didnt create my Avatar, lets just say that I found it on line.  Im not sure who created it, but I had to have it as I think its a great rendering of an Elf. 

Before I get into this day's little look in to The Hobbit I would like to make a small observation. As we all know Tolkien was saddened at the fact that very little literature in his time portrayed his beloved England and the English way of living And of course we know of his profound interest of and love for language, especially the Cymru language which it seems he came to love as a small child who looked out the window and saw trucks with words in the Cymru language emblazoned on them.

But one thing that strikes me as rather odd, well two really is the names John Ronald gave some of his characters. We have names like Frodo and Bilbo, but then we have Sam and Rosie, very tradional unmade up names. We have Aeowyn and Theodred and Aragorn and Arwen and Galadriel and Celeborn and such. But then we have hideous Trolls called William and Tom and Bert. And the orcs always had a cockney accent, but the Elves were upper class in accent. Cockney people are witty and dear and lovely and I cannot understand why he gave only them cockney accents, though I suppose in a small way Samwise had a little of that strange way of speaking.  In the poem of todays discussion as they are running down the mountain corridors the goblins sing and you will notice they call the captives 'my lad' another  of those cockney type expressions Why he did that, gave them, the enemy and creepy things a distinctly English element to them is beyond my understanding. Gandalf Olerin can you help us?

PAGES 58 to 60(59 is a picture entitled The mountain-path)


The goblins sing and run and rough up our little heroes minus Gandalf and the poor captives found this experience frightening to say the least.The very fact that these creatures would even think of poetic speech is beyond my understanding. Now the poor company was made to run in front of their tormentors who whipped them cruelly(where the whips came from I do not know)

In stumbled the dwarves and burglar to a big cavernous part of the underground wherein a great blazing fire and torches fastened to the walls gave an eerie glow.

Now like slaves the company was chained, each with hands behind their backs, then linked together and dragged away to the far end of the cavern. And they saw a tremendous goblin with a HUGE head seated in the middle with armed centries all about.

And here, in my opinion Tolkien gives us a bit of a dissertation about the war and what comes of it. For he says that although goblins can make nothing, absolutely nothing beautiful and lovely they are nonetheless exceptionally gifted as well as dwarves at tunnelling and mining and they were esepcially proficient at creating instruments of torture or taking captives and forcing them to do this for them until they fell dead for never seeing the light and having lack of proper oxygen. He then says "it is not unlikely that they invented some of the machines that have since trouble the world,especially the ingenious devices for killing large numbers of people at once, for wheels and engines and explosions always delighted them, and also not working with their own hands more than they could help; but in those days and those wild parts they had not advanced(as it is called) so far." direct quote The Hobbit, page 60.

I remember reading in The Letters Tolkien's sadness and almost despair at hearing from his beloved Christopher that he was in the airforce  and piloting one of those contraptions used for destruction. It sorely bothered him. But to me, nearly everything created can be used for good or evil and using only one's hands at times costs people their lives when something quicker and more efficient is needed.

Now then back to the text. The goblins did not hate the dwarves any more than they despised anyone and anything else, indeed there were times when they actually made alliances with very wicked dwarves. But when it came to Thorin's people the goblins burned with a terrible grudge against them  because of the Goblin war so long ago. So they obviously had good memories and were full of spite.

Yes Tolkien is well known as a Luddite.  Dont get me wrong, I actually like Luddites.  From memory Tolkien said that the most insidious invention that Man had ever invented was the internal combustion engine.  These engines were used by both the Men of the West and before that by both Sauron and Melkor.   In these days of global warming, look how correct and farsighted he was.....

Also cant wait to see Barry Humphreys as The Great Goblin!

I can wait. shiver.

But one thing that strikes me as rather odd, well two really is the names John Ronald gave some of his characters. We have names like Frodo and Bilbo, but then we have Sam and Rosie, very traditional unmade up names. We have Aeowyn and Theodred and Aragorn and Arwen and Galadriel and Celeborn and such. But then we have hideous Trolls called William and Tom and Bert. 


Tolkien makes an interesting comment about the name William for a troll...


'I might not (if The Hobbit had been more carefully written, and my world so much thought about 20 years ago) have used the expression 'poor little blighter', just as I should not have called the troll William. But I discerned no pity even then...'

JRRT 1954, draft letter 153 


And so we have in The Hobbit a rather random mix of nomenclature: invented names like Bilbo Baggins for example, or a selection of names lifted from a mythology JRRT was well acquainted with (these names were perhaps somewhat easy to remember too, considering Ori, Nori, Dori and so on, and the number of Dwarves concerned), and some invented Elvish names and etcetera.

Some of these were (I would guess) simply given to be comical, or seemed to fit for a children's story. And of course much later the imaginative Tolkien would (I think) nicely maneuver himself out of certain 'nomenclature problems' with his conceit of the fictive translator.

Oh yes, I dimly remember those words but dimly, were they from the The Letters Galin? Well that explains that , but still I long to know why he used Cockney expressly , I honestly find that rather insulting, still I cannot think he did it to be rude or condescending, I must dig deeper and try to find the answers,Thankyou so very much. 

I was conversing last night with a family member over fresh baked cookies and coffee and tea, while we watched Lorenna McKennit, my absolute favorite Celtic musician and singer and fellow Canadian, and he agreed with our professor Tolkien about machines. If he had his way we should all go back to the way things were no later than Edwardian times. But I pointed out machines have saved lives, brought people together in a reasonable time else loved ones might never see one another after separation due to necessity. i mentioned all the 'machines' and contraptions needed by hospitals to keep infants alive or keep electricity going and the lessening of hardship on farms with the awesome John Deere labour saving devices. But he said most actual machines were and are used primarily to subdue  and destroy and that it had become a curse and scourge upon the earth. And quite frankly, even though I enjoy coming here, well i love it, i rather regret the necessity of the computer. Just like that, one must include the expense of one and the expense to have it hooked up to internet the same as groceries, here it is above eighty a month for simple land phone and internet. And I miss hand written letters and the genteel friendships that came with them, I miss children simply playing dolls and fireman ans such in the out of door or on the verandah and hearing their delighted laughter, of seeing them skate out of doors and play until cheeks red and near frozen they troop into the house and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and a treat and play quietly til bedtime. I gave up television eight years ago for Lent and it was so soothing and peaceful we gave up cable and never looked back. We buy all the quality dvd stories we like and our little one has never watched cable, did not know what a tv commercial even was until last year and she is over eight. Love it. Our family all write, we all play instruments, we all sing together and for the most part are quiet in our rooms studying or reading or making crafts or carving , whatever. Being Jewish of the house of David we are intensely interested in lore and one member is studying to be a goldsmith. We are truly elves at heart, as a matter of fact one is over six feet and all the males weae their hair long down the back with thin locks down by the ears just like Elrond. They have taken a vow and do not cut their hair, so Imladris and the elves are as much a part of our lives as eating and drinking!. We have some friends who are elves, not many, and several dear hobbits, a few good Numenoreans  and so far not a single dear dwarf.  So in the end I do agree with the professor as to the slaying of many good and gentle habits and ways of life that machines rendered.

PAGES 61 and 62

Now we meet the leader with the gynormus head,,the leader known as the Great Goblin. He demanded to know the identity of this dazed and non too happy group and was informed about eht dwarves and 'this one' as they called Bilbo who was dragged forward so that he landed on his poor hobbity knees. They were accused of laying about on the goblins front porch. Thorin was further interigated and had to think fast, the entire truth would mean death. So he spun a yarn about travelling to visit cousins first second and third on the east side of the mountains. A goblin cried out that the dwarf was a complete liar because lightning had come out of nowhere right inside the cave killing a number of goblins and further, and that is when Orcrist was held up, further there was this well known and hated sword upon one of their person. At the sight of Orcrist or Biter as most of the goblins called it he let off such a howl or rage that it was horrible. Well he remembered when Orcrist had been wielded in the hands of the fair elves and the destruction to his people.The great goblin accused the company of being murderers and friends of the hated elves and he rushed at Thorin to kill him, having instructed the others to do considerable harm and kill the others.

In that desperate and hopeless moment the lights, all of them including the torches and great fire went out, poof just like that. Everywhere there was confusion for blue smoke now filled the cave right to the very ceiling rendering all the goblins incapable of seeing a thing in front of them. And now a gleaming sword lit up with its own splendor and light and hewed the head off the great goblin and Bilbo Baggins of the Shire saw it. The other goblins were panic stricken, fleeing and screaming. |It was then that the sword once more sheathed the company heard the voice of Gandalf, once more a saviour order them to follow him and away they all went, Bilbo last in line down the unlit black passage. Only a plae light led the way,                                                    

PAGES 63  64 And 65

On the company ran behind Gandalf.It was hard going for poor little Bilbo and Dori who had compassion in his heart in the moment bent down and urged the hobbit on to his shoulders and then he continued running, still with his hands behind his back like the others.

Gandalf stopped a moment and now his wand lit up. He took his mighty sword Glamdring whom the goblins knew as Beater and they hated it with more intensity than Biter. He sliced easily through the chains and set each captive free. His sword was glowing blue and would always glow if goblins were about.  And they were and soon the terrible sound of them could be heard once more.

Now the dwarves each took a turn carrying Bilbo so they would not be slowed down, for the fearful fact was that the goblins could fun even faster than dwarves, they knew perfectly where they were going and the company did not, and soon both the flapping sound of their heavy feet and the glowing red torches they carried could be seen just behind them .And oh how tired the company had become and Bilbo once again lamented his life wishing with all his heart that could be home in Hobbiton at Baggend.

Gandalf turned a corner after falling to the rear and he and Thorin began the fight with their hated swords. Many Goblins fell dead giving the dwarves and Bilbo and Gandalf time to run ahead. But the cunning goblins formed their own plan, they extinguished all lights, donned on very soft shoes and came behind our heroes. Alas, not even Gandalf heard them and suddenly Dori who was now carrying Bilbo was grabbed from behind, he cried out as he fell and Bilbo rolled off the dwarf's shoulders, hit his head and went unconscious.  END OF CHAPTER


PAGES 66 67

Bilbo baggins of the Shire finally opened his eyes after lying in silence for quite a long time. He was in pain from his head, he was in pitch black darkness; he knew not where he was or just how he came to be there.

Strangely the hobbit heard no goblins, no fellow adventurers running about, saw no dim blue light of Gandalf's wand. nothing. He was just terrified and confused and thinking of breakfast, hot bubbly and delicious from the kitchen of his home so far away.

Bilbo began to make his way and felt on the ice cold floor a ring which he absent mindedly slipped into his pocket, thus beginning the new chapter in his life, one filled with adventure and dram though he had no clue of it at the moment.  He felt about and saw his pipe was unharmed for which he was grateful.

He felt fpr his tobacco pouch and happily it was there also, but unhappily no matches were to be found. That is when the hobbit more or less came to his senses and realized it would have been suicide practically to have lit up his pipe there in that maze with goblins about. He then felt for his dagger, pulled it out and saw that it too was an elven one for it shone a pale pale near dim showing goblins were still about but quite in the distance.

Thankfully Bilbo was after all a hobbit and hobbits are quite at home in dark tunnels and have a keen sense of direction and so unlike men he was not in quite as terrible a predicament as we would have been,

And so we are about to discover the dreaded ring, and of course the impending doom which awaits all. Eru's plan that a simple Hobbit should be about to hold the fate of Middle Earth in his little hand is such a powerful example of great doom and will of course lead to such fantastic tales yet to come. Good on you Lee Lee for maintaining this great thread.

You know dear Brego, when I was a new member of this hallowed site I posted willy nilly as I pleased and I pleased myself and if anyone else was interested that was a happy addition. But since I have become a council member and have been privileged to see the hard work, the never ceasing things the others do, especially behind the scenes, reading the posts making sure things are as they should be so as to allow the younger members some eleven and twelve to come here and not be upset by rude or worse things, to make sure the family friendly rules are adhered to, well it occurred to me that the least I could do is make sure the threads are kept moving and newbies have something they can settle down and read and perhaps learn. So it is my honor and no one need ever post if he or she chooses. As long as I know the threads are read now and then I have done my purpose here, so thank you .

PAGES 68 69

  Our hero summed things up quickly and, although he could not see a thing except by the dim light of his sword and by feeling he made a firm decision to follow the seemingly never ending tunnel that steadily wound itself down and down, and see where that would take him . Bilbo never considered any of the tunnels now and then that lead off to the side, too great was his terror at being eaten or tortured by a goblin.

 Then just like that the hobbit's feet went into unbelievably icy water, whether a pond or a pool or some ancient lake. He immediately stopped and listened and could here from the dripping from somewhere high that indeed it was a lake. Nonetheless Bilbo did not attempt to wade into the water for he well knew that hideous things with huge bulging eyes were likely to be lurking in such a place , and even stranger more terrifying things that had already carved out what the goblins had merely widened over time

 Now then there was indeed one slimey creature that lived there of whom Bilbo had never seen or heard. And his name was Gullum. Our author said that this creature was 'as dark as darkness"(page 69, direct quote) and he had enormous pale eyes and owned a boat in which he rowed in silence across the lake whose waters was a deadly icy cold. This creature looked for blind fish which he would scoop up with lightning speed and eat. And he quite loved meat  , goblin meat was tasty .It was a rare treat though for he had to come up behind a goblin and strangle him and the goblins did not come down to the water much for even they, evil as they were detected something strange and just as evil and stayed away mostly.

 There was a tiny slimey island upon which Gollum used for his abode and from it he was now watching intently poor Bilbo, he could do so for his eyes were rather like telescopes and he could see him. The hobbit could not see this Gollum but with great interest Gollum got into his boat and glided toward the hobbit.

 There sat poor poor Bilbo Baggins , tired, frightened and confused hobbit and now right near him  was this dread creature and he whispered and hissed at the hobbit.

PAGES 70  71


This Gollum creature simply wasn't sure about this other creature, so he chatted. Bilbo was horrified at him and his eyes were terrible. Gollum who got the name because of a strange and dreadful way of making a noise in his throat called himself my precious for noone was his friend for ages and he was all he had. The hobbit had held out his sword which gave Gollum pause and in trying to find out more about him he offered the other creature a duel of words and thought through riddles. He vaguely remembered doing that so long ago it did not seem real, in a time when he dwelt with others who lived in holes in the ground until he was exiled thrown out and came to exist in the dark under the mountains. He wasn't terribly hungry or he would have surely overpowered the little creature opposite him and that would have been that.

 Bilbo was hoping for time to assess this hideous thing before him, to find out if he was hungry or perhaps was a friend of the goblins so he agreed.

 The sparring began and each had a triumph in his corner. It was becoming tense.

I truly feel sorry for Smeagol. Imagine the loneliness and helplessness this poor putrid creature had faced over the hundreds of years of his mental imprisonment due to the ring. I know that his actions were totally unacceptable, murder, theft, lies and more. But we have to remember that the ring caused all of this and it was Only Frodo who in later years truly understood what the ring had actually did to him. Poor Bilbo was actually lucky to think that this was simply a magic ring which made the wearer invisible and not much more. Of course after he gave it away he was made aware of its truly terrible power, and that the fates of Area were wrapped up in its history. Regarding Tolkiens description of him looking dark. I always took this to mean that he was filthy and due to the lack of light could hardly be seen, making his hideous eyes seem even more luminous. Later descriptions (in TLOTR) he is described as sallow and pale, from memory. On to the wonderful riddles!

Ah my dear Brego, what a gentle and kind heart you have. I fear we differ as greatly as the chasm between the United States and Canada of Niagara Falls..You and I and all of us in life make our decisions based on our experiences, our study our pondering on things. Now I would have to do a little research for I cannot place in my mind where Tolkien talked of Gollum, but Sam in my opinion was absolutely right about him He was evil and there was simply no good in him He was evil long before the ring came into his possession, the ring merely brought to the surface the cruel darkness already woven deep into that cold heart of his. It was still the right thing to do to show compassion, I have always believed that.

 Tolkien mentions that Gollum took to raiding I believe it was Elven houses, stealing the babies from the cradles, and killing them and consuming them. Now it might have been the babies of men, but none the less, the minute someone willing and with malice harms a child it is over. No ring made him do this, and he had only held the ring for seconds before with great viciousness and total lack of sorrow , killing Deagol. So I have no pity for him other than he was made by Illuvatar and for HIS sake alone deserved proper kindness and treatment. .I do not for a moment think that Frodos kind manner toward Gollum was in the end going to make any difference. For we cannot serve two masters, one we must hate and one we must love. His master long before the ring was known to him was his own selfish lusts.

                                             PAGES 72 thru 75

Having dispatched the easier riddles which seemed harder the two now threw out riddles which seemed harder but were easier only each combatant could only think from his perspective and daily routine of life so each had a terrible time figuring out the answer. I absolutely refuse to tell you more than one riddle from each, this you must look up either in your own copy or online or ask a friend. Not everything should be handed to you dear ones , a little effort will make it more your own.blush

Now the tension mounts and it is by degrees becoming life or death for our hero. Gollum had taken a long time to answer Bilbo's question and begged for more time until he searched his memory and remembered something he taught his grandmother and so he arrived at the answer. But when he threw out a seemingly very simple riddle to Bilbo,at least to him it was simple, the hobbit  had a most difficult time and it was tickling the dark mind of his adversary. "Alive without breath, as cold as death; never thirsty, ever drinking, all in mail never clinking." ( direct quote, page 73 The Hobbit)

Now Gollum took a direct interest in his next victim for her wondered if he was juicy and crunchable and Bilbo reminded him that he himself had just finished allowing a long time for the slimy adversary to come up with the answer to his riddle.Almost in a divine answer to Bilbo's predicament, Gollum put his foot over the boat into the water and up came a fish and landed on the hobbit's foot so that he cried out 'fish' and so he scraped past and got the answer. Desperate to get the creature to return fully to the boat Bilbo threw out a rhyme and Gollum easily got it.

Gollum's next rhyme stumped the hobbit, and no amount of desperate and flurried thinking , of racking those noble brains helped at all .And now the dread moment came and the creature slipped into the water and paddled for Bilbo. Terrified he tried to call out give me time , but all that  shrieked forth was 'time' and that thankfully, mercifully was the right answer.

This time the creature sat right by Bilbo Baggins of the Shire and it was a nightmare . He told him to ask one last question, for hunger was gnawing at him once more and he wanted to be done with the taking of this hobbit. Bilbo began to act in a frightened manner, pinching himself, feeling his sword and then the ring. He asked himself what was in his pocket, but gollum thought it was the riddle and became upset . He asked for three guesses for to him it was very unfair that he should be made to figure out so impossible a riddle, if that was what it was.

Juicey Sweeet my precious!!!

Ahh Lee Lee I understand your feelings re Gollum and I of course am horrified by most of his actions, however I believe that its the true power of the ring which is to blame.  Re babies......... in the fan film "The hunt for Gollum"  we see him raiding houses of men whilst traveling, looking for Bilbo.  From memory we hear a baby crying, however we only see him stealing Fisssshes from a window sill.

Fishes eh Brego ? The thing is my sir that Gollumy chap never tried for one moment to fight the rings' power so that he shouldn't kill his friend. That is the germain point to me. Frodo fought its power even to the very searing doors of Mordor before being overwhelmed .  Boromir realized his wrong immediately and sought to undo the harm done. And he experienced complete redemption by saving the hobbits Peregine Took and Meriadoc. Even lady Galadriel passed the test. He did not even try. So I cannot be that compassionate for him. 

At any rate I shall most glad tomorrow to finish that part, it so creeps me out and the slime and the yuccky water and such honestly make me queasy. erg, just talking about it makes my tummy feel ill.

Well we don't know that for sure Lee Lee and as usual, my Lady, the goodness of your heart shines out incorrupt to break all darkness and expel evil, which is a great thing.  However all of the good people you mention knew indeed of the pure evil which was stored within this simple ring.  Poor Smeagol did not and I believe the rings purpose after so many years lying on Anduin's bed was to escape back to its master by any means possible and Gollum was simply a means to an end.  I believe that it used its most potent power on Smeagol, pent up hatred and pure vindictiveness. For one of the fisher folk to kill his best friend, betray and steal from his beloved family and ultimately be cast out without really knowing what was happening to him.... Gosh I do feel for him, Smeagol, not Gollum.

Don't worry Lee Lee, the chapter will be over soon, and we can then go on to many another evil, and thank goodness good adventure. LOL


Hmm, us smells a tricksie plan my precious, a tricksie plan. blush It's the old charm me until i feel tears flowin' down me face for the fella is it? Hmmmmmm, you are not in marketing are youlaugh

Ah well, back to that cave, that sad little Hobbit and that slimey chap who evokes compassion from our dear Brego. I am going to have a long shower after this. I can just smell that place. ewwwwwwwww.


PAGES 76 and 77. (sorry to not do more, but I have company from out of town, and i need to finish a story and the illustrations and am so slow from fatigue I feel like i am going backwards)

Gollums first guess was handses which was a logical guess, he had at least retained logic which he added to his cunning. Now HERE IS SOMETHING THAT I HAD NOT THOUGHT OF BEFORE AND IT IS NOT SHOWN to my knowledge. Direct quote page 76"SSS said Gollum more upset than ever. He thought of all the things he KEPT IN HIS OWN POCKETS: fish bones, goblin's teeth, wet shells, a bit of bat wing, a sharp stone to sharpen his fangs on, and other nasty things." So then Gollum still wore a vestige anyway of normal hobbity sort of clothes or whatever the cousins to the hobbits had worn way back when, clothes that had pockets to which he kept things that helped him survive this lonely life. So his clothing has not been portrayed properly at all. I take offence at this. How hard is it to give the man pockets. Gollum guessed knife and Bilbo said no. Now rage was beginning to take hold of Gollum and he guessed two things at once and Bilbo said no. The hobbit was worried how this war with riddles would end so he jumped up,bracing his back up against a wall of the cave and held out his sword. Although he knew that even wiley wicked creatures held the riddle game to be rather sacred he did not know in his heart what this villain would do.

Bilbo reminded the creature that he had agreed to show him the way out if he lost and murmurring and muttering Gollum slipped back to the island Bilbo was unaware of, he wanted his precious. At first he kept it on him, but it exhausted him,Then he kept it in a bag beside him and that too was too much, so he had taken to hiding it in a hole in the rock on his island. And he was terribly suspicious that the hobbit wanted his precious.

PAGES 78  79

Gollum suddenly chose to paddle back to the island for he wanted his birthday present, and he wanted it because he knew by experience it was a ring of power and if he slipped it on to his finger he became quite invisiible and could throttle unsuspection orcs as he had done most recently. then he ate them and now he was fed up with Bilbo and it was time to put the ring on and creep up to him and be done with things.

 Bilbo was fed up with the wasted time and wanted the creature to keep his word and come smartly along and show him the way out of his predicament. Only now there was a hair raising shriek from Gollum who began hissing and carrying on saying he had lost his precious. Bilbo asked him what the problem was, what had he in fact lost but the creature would only reply that it was not his business.

 And then the eyes of Gollum glowed a terrifying green and approached the hobbit with terrifying speed and all the while Gollum kept asking in more and more harsh and scary tones exactly what Bilbo had in his pocket, for he had a suspicion now.

Bilbo could tell that his life was in peril for the thing meant to kill him and away he stumbled back the way he had come. And he wondered himself just what all there was in his pockets.

Me....  In marketing......   perhaps....   Your a crack up Lee Lee.

Dearest Brego.............I am all astonishment. Do you mean to tell me that with that gentle, absolutely to the max kind personality you are in sales? How do you manage to sell a thing? Or are you like me, the one time I tried that, I  ended up paying for things for others, I could not bear to ask them for money, for some had not much. So that would let you out of electonics or shoes or ,,,,,but then on the other hand perhaps your gallant and chivalrous manner makes everyone swoon and with a gentle quiet word you empty the work place of all stock. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I somehow feel to start a thread entitled Brego The Chivalrous, This Is You Life.  How exciting that would be. Your kindergarten teacher, your scout leader, your child minder, just so many. And they would post and tell us how dear and wondrous you are and I would have my tissue and weep, not joking, and my family would ask what is wrong and I would show them and hand them the tissue. It would be my absolutely favorite thread after the Prince of Poetry's thread.  How did we manage without you?

Bless you Dearest Lee Lee. You and I, I'm sure we're born under the same stary night sky in Cuivienen, blessed by beloved Elbereth her self. All of my life I have felt that I belong in some other time or place and have wished to be part of a people who understand the gentle things in life. I feel that I have found them here on PT and you especially. May all the Valar always look over you and your family. By the way I am a Product developer in fashion and do some graphic design on the side. I have no appreciation of marketing people at all and find this "industry" a very big part in what's wrong with the world. Hannon le Hiril Lee Lee.

It has been a hard and heartbreaking day today and having just read your words caused a flood of tears. I am so thankful that you are come and I see how loyal you are to everyone and I see in my mind the noblest of elves, many whose own hearts were seared by the enemy and even as the light ebbed in their eyes they were still full of love and integrity,. I and my familky also, being decendants of the royal house of David have always felt too that we must sojourn to Imladris or Lothlorien and stay and be at peace. Only in this world there is poverty and brokeness and we have heard the call, like the seagulls and had to turn aside and spend part of our lives in helping. So we are fighting orcs day and night and the small chances we get to look up to the starry heavens or sit in silence and love one another are so precious. And being here, on this site is one of the elven things I treasure. What a good and fine thing Taz created, that we who are sojourners can find rest and comradeship in others and know we belong.

PAGES 80  81


Thus while on the run as it were Bilbo Baggins of the Shire, lately recruited burglar slipped his hand into his left pocket and somehow on slipped the ring he had found. Gollum had gained ground and was upon when, in terror and trying to go faster Bilbo tripped over a bump on rock floor and fell. And yet this Gollum who could see well in the dark simply passed him by still cursing and muttering.

While trying to understand how he could have been missed the hobbit listened and followed as quietly as possible for he had no other choice. He could hear the lamenting Gollum creature saying to himself that he was now quite sure that his birthday present was residing in the pocket of that Baggins fellow. He at last sat down and wept in the most appalling raspy gurgling manner that the hobbit was horrified.

Gullum reasoned that there was no use going back to search because he could not remember all the places he had been and in his mind until he could 'squeeze' the Baggins and he also reasoned that it did not know what the ring was or how to use it. And of course it did not know the way  out.

But now a new worry assailed the wicked mind of the gollumy chap. He realized that probably the goblins would get Bilbo, but that meant they would also become the possessors of the ring and would surely figure out what they could do with it.  There was nothing  for it then but to press on and catch up with or so he thought the hobbit. Bilbo in his turn was filled with wonder and hope for he now knew he was in possession of a magic ring. He hoped too that he should not fall down again and make noise and that hissing creature come upon him because of it. So carefully he followed as Gollum padded along,cursing and moving rapidly away.

PAGES 82  83


Now, as Bilbo Baggins followed  Gollum he heard him counting out by memory the side passages to the left and right  until he cried out that he had found the correct one. But then after peering inside the creature pulled back complaining that the goblins were many and he could smell them. He knew only too well what would happen to him should he go into the room without the ring.

What a terrible predicament, to be guided right to the place where bilbo had only to pass through and he would be outside and yet not be able to because of gollum.

Bilbo crept absolutely silently away from the wall and yet that motion stiffened Gollum into attention and he put his nose down to the ground and swayed and smelled. Bilbo himself felt so very trapped and desperate he thought of killing Gollum straight out, but his heart spoke to him of the fact he had a weapon gollum did not, he was invisible and gollum was not.

And in that moment in time understanding came to Bilbo of what Gollum went through daily,-hideous days and nights in total darkness, raw fish, sheaking about whimpering, hopeless. And that is when he suddenly leapt three feet in the air and seven feet forward and gollum was unable to catch hiim.The realization in the cunning mind of Gollum of no more invisibility and the loss of his precious ring made himshriek and curse the name of Baggins.

As he made his way along Bilbo was frightened by the silence of the goblins as he knew full well they must have heard the screams.

PAGES 84  85


Bilbo continued down the sloping passage, turned a corner and continued in a downhill tred. Then at the bottom of a short fall in the rock floor he saw the impossible, A glimmer of pale blue light , outside light , none of the reddish light used in this dank black place.

Quickening his pace the hobbit  ran full blast and reached an open space was filled with nearly blinding light. A huge door left opened to a room showed it was filled with goblins on the alert. And to Bilbo's horror he saw that they saw him plainly and up they came to get him. The ring was not somehow on the hobbits finger! He felt about in the pocket and once more he put it on. And the goblins stopped short in amazementThen confusion reigned and the goblins went all directions to find the hobbit. Bilbo with understanding of what happened crept behind a barrel

In panic Bilbo Baggins headed for the door which a goblin had nearly completely shut. He tried to squeeze out but his buttons kept him trapped. It was then that a goblin shouted to the others that he saw clearly a shadow at the door and and they headed toward the shadow. With a last desperate terrifying attempt Bilbo pushed hard, the buttons flew off in wild abandon and he was through and running for all his might. In bewilderment goblins picked up the buttons while others headed after the hobbit but the sun hurt their eyes and made them feel dizzy and Bilbo wiht the ring to save him slipped about in theshadow of the trees and at last the enemies turned back.

 Bilbo was alive and best of all free.

My copy of the Hobbit seems to be awol . Either i put it in the wrong library in our house or someone saw it out and borrowed. I shall have to put mydeer stalker hat on and do some sleuthing.

Thanks for your lovely words yet again Lee Lee and I hope you find your book.

Ah Brego, if you were here i should give a small bow to you, you are so in your politeness. Some how you remind me of Lord Celeborn. Well except now that you have shared about your secular job, i see you like Lord Celeborn only perfectly groomed, much better than he and with perfect skin !

 I did not find the book, rather a family member one of the great elves simply told me where it was and lo, indeed there it was and turned open to the correct page. I had looked a couple of times right there and did not see it with my eyes of understanding. I am rather tired , yet it is weird to me , for i am rather a stickler for beauty and order, for lack of order, while i don't go hysterical or care if it is someone else's home , makes me feel oddly sad and restless.




Free  and now quite lost and disoriented Bilbo had no choice but to move forward and so he did. When at last the sun sank behind the mountains Bilbo exclaimed for it had sunk BEHIND the mountamplins which meant that now the hobbit was on the other side of the Misty Mountains just before one started for the Lane Beyond; he had no understanding in the least where Gandalf had gone. What if, just what if the company was still inside and at the mercy of the goblins?

Bilbo Baggins of the Shire was now considering whether or not to use the ring when he clearly heard voices.These were not the voices of the dread goblins so the hobbit followed a stony path downward until he was over a dell and there he saw a red hood.With joy Bilbo saw him and wanted to clap but because he did have the magic ring on and because he was unsure of other dread things which might appear he was perfectly quiet.

Listening, the hobbit heard the arguing of the wizard with the dwarves. He was all for waiting for Bilbo and defended him vigorously; they were complaining and wondering why on earth they had agreed to bring the creature at all.Then in threatening tones Gandalf said that he was never in the habit of bringing along things that would prove of no use and if the dwarves did not help them he fully intended on leaving them where they were and that would be that.

Why Gandalf wanted to know had Dori dropped the poor fellow and the dwarve in defense said Gandalf would have dropped him also if he would have been grabbed from behind by a wretched goblin.

PAGES 88  89


More arguing, the upset Dori reminding Gandalf the wizard that he nearly took the dwarf's head off with Glamdring during the flight from the goblins and then there was the blinding light and the order to follow Gandalf.

And Dori added that everyone including the burglar was supposed to have obeyed that command.

Then from seemingly no where came Bilbo declaring that here he was their burglar! Every body including Gandalf jumped and there was shouting and then Gandalf told Dori he was not much of a lookout if someone could walk up to them without being noticed!

All doubts about the burglar and his worthiness were swept away in the midst of much praise and Bilbo kept quiet about the magic ring. Next the entire company wanted to know of his adventures while alone. The description of Gollum and the riddle competition held them in rapt attention and they gave a shudder at what he looked like.

Respect for Bilbo Baggins of the Shire rose dramatically when he told of his escape from Gollum and even more for his escape from the multitude of goblins that stood between the hobbit and the door to freedom.

Gandalf said that there was 'more' about their companion than the dwarves could guess and then he looked at Bilbo in such a way as to give him the distinct feeling the wizard knew about the ring.

Bilbo in his turn asked just how Gandalf had showed up once more the rest of it. Gandalf explained that he and Lord Elrond of Imladris  were aware of the danger of the goblins and that the enemies must have opened their new entrance at the pass where the dwarves until now had been able to pass in safety.

mmmm this section reminds me of TFOTR and the Gandalf's dubious thoughts on entering Moria.

How much did/does he know?  We are always guessing and Gandalf is always up to something.  However as most Hobbits would say never get involved in Wizards business.......

Since  Eru knows all things, the end and the beginning, it is my opinion that Olerin had his exact and detailed orders  before leaving the presence of those above him, and knew fairly well what he was to say and not say, do and not do. It was merely in the executing of things and the unknown factors that he would have to battle against in order to bring events along as directed So he knew reams and reams more than he ever spoke or indicated or confided . Even to Lord Elrond and Galadriel and such I believe he had to hold back certain things. Gandalf's weariness it seems comes from the very fact he had to 'shrink' as it were and not reveal himself nor use his full power for most of the time he dwelled in Middle-Earth. And his worry over all Eru cared for, his seeing them suffer would cause weariness and the knowledge of what was to come would 'bow him low' I think. Tough tough position to be in.


PAGES 90  91

Gandalf explained everything, including his use of fireworks which Bilbo remembered well. He said he would need to find a giant that was not wicked to block that passage from the goblins. He also told the company that now they had rested a while it was time to hurry away, for goblins can smell footsteps for literally hours and hours after someone has walked away. It was imperative therefore the group put miles of distance between them and the goblins despite the killing of the great goblin chief.

The wizard explained then that being inside the dark mountain caused time to become very confused of course and it had in fact been two days inside and then out into freedom, a good short cut. They had of course missed where they should actually be, were too high up, and also too far to the north.  He urged haste therefore and when Bilbo, who had eaten nothing for two days complained of extreme hunger and feeling wobbly Gandalf said shortly that either the hobbit go back and implore the goblins to give him back his pony and supplies he would simply have to tighten his belt  and move on or become supper themselves . Bilbo vetoed that idea strenuously!

On trudged poor Bilbo and took little comfor in three strawberries, a little sorrel and water, not enough to be even a biteful for a hobbit. At last the company to a wide steep slope strewn with stones , the result of a landslide.  

I shall join this discussion again, I think. I will catch up with all of you tonight.

PAGES  92 93


It was a rock slide and above and below the party were stones, rocks, boulders careening down the slope. A climbing wood of pine trees was their salvation. Each person either scurried up one or like Bilbo, hid behind one until at last the rock slide was run itself out.

Gandalf was cheerful about it for as he said it hurried them on their way and even the orcs would find it hard enough to make their way down the slope now. That however did not in the least comfort the others for their legs and feet were in pain and bruised.

Then Gandalf said in stern tones that they had to turn aside now away from the slide's path, for the sun had set quite a while before behind the mountains and now their was peril .Southwards down a rather gentle slope of pine woods now they scurried as fast as they were able.

And now it was black and extremely hard to see past their own noses and Bilbo with painful toes and feet asked if they had to go on, he was exhausted and very hungry, a catastrophe for a hobbit who is used to eating second breakfasts and about a hundred snacks day and night. But Gandalf said they must press a little further and finally they came to a clearing in the woods.

And then as if things could get no worse, they did for the sound of fast approaching wolves were heard and the company panicked. "Escaping goblins to be caught by wolves" cried Bilbo(exact quote, page 93)

which lead to the saying we all use now and then when a dreadful situation comes along after we just inished with another "Out of the frying pan into the fire!) Even a magic ring was not of much use with wolves who could smell out anything.

Gandalf ordered one and all to get up a tree. So  up the trees at the edge of the glen they went, running for their very lives.

Woah, am I seeing things, or are you actually posting the pages of 'The Hobbit', Leelee?

By all means, if so, I am going to open my 4-years old (shiny new version) of 'The Hobbit' and continue to read it!

By the way, any news about the movie or such? I haven't spent that much time to read about the progress of those films.

This section especially the description of the rock slide and the way the company makes its way down it shows Tolkiens ability to describe environments perfectly. I had a clear picture in my mind, in my first reading, of exactly what this slope of shale actually looked and sounded like. The fact that Tolkien a achieves this in very few words is another example of his genius. Now on to my very favourite adventure. Wolves, trees, orcs and fireworks! Again thanks for ongoing work Lee Lee.



Oerath, how funny you are, no not exactly that, but a brief summary of a couple of pages or so each day. That way someone can turn to page this or that , get the gist of it and if they want to delve into that section it will be easy. And also because in my heart I feel that many many will have watched The Hobbit next year without ever having cracked open a copy. At least this way they will have a little insight into what Tolkien actually had to tell us.

PAGES 94  95

Dreadful wolf sounds caused fear among the company and Gandalf ordered one and all up trees; up trees they scrambled , well all that is except Bilbo.. The poor hobbit ran from tree trunk to tree trunk like a terrified hunted rabbit and Nori looking down accused Dori of losing 'the burglar again -direct quote) Dori complained of being tired of carrying the burglar piggy back. Dori obeying Thorin climbed down in a not too happy mood and rescued the very short hobbit .Bilbo climbed from the dwarve's sturdy shoulders onto a branch and just as Dori lifted himself up on to the branches along came a pack of wolves howling and snarling into the clearing. A wolf snapped at Dori's clock but did not catch him. And now hundreds of baleful eyes stared up at the trapped travellers.

These wild wolves were named Wargs and were the only wolves that would travel this far. They spoke in the fearful Warg language of which noone but the wizard could understand. While most of the wargs sat about in a circle in the clearing , some were set as guards around any tree holding the hostages.

Gandalf listened as the Wargs spoke to one another. Although Goblins were reluctant to leave the mountains, they sometimes went on raiding parties with the Wargs to get provisions or slaves and after wards they would share the plunder.  Terrifyingly though it was, that very night a great Goblin party was expected to participate in a huge raiding. And now our heroes were trapped and more and more enemies were coming or on their way and now how would the company survive.

PAGES 96 97


So here sat the Wargs waiting for the Goblins and of course due to the death of the Great Goblin they were late. The thing was you see that now long before although this area was very dangerous very brave men from the south had begun making their way back. They cut down trees and secured for themselves land and built home. So very strong and brave and with such a cache of weapons even the Wargs did not wish to come against these men, especially if they banded together or it was daylight. So it just happened that the two teams of dread creatures had decided to band together this very night and strike while it was dark.

Indeed, if the raiding party had been successful most of the people including wives and children would have been murdered or taken as slaves and here was Gandalf listening to them knowing they were in trouble as well. It was quite natural at first for the Wargs to think the small company of dwarves, hobbit and Gandalf were friends of and spies for the woodsmen and meant to take a message to them to alert everyone down in the valley which would obviously result in a terrible dread war to have to be fought. Thus the sentries posted at the trunk of the trees to prevent any means of escape and Gandalf began to be afraid, yes even a wizard can know fear.

Fear or no fear though Gandalf the wizard refused to let the enemy have all the advantage. He began taking pine cones, lighting them and then pelting them down into the circle. Some struck the Wargs who started on fire and began yelping with dread voices. One lighted pine cone hit the nose of the leader of the Wargs and he leapt up and went about biting at the others from surprise and fright.

And oh how the dwarves cheered as the panicked Wargs ran in a frenzy for they hated and feared fire and this fire seemed magic for when one hit them it stuck and flickered in colored flame.

Will we hear the Wolves speak? I wonder....... I'm hoping for furry mountain possibly Grey wolves for the film.... Love this section. It shows that Gandalf although very powerful seems to only be able to fight enemy's with an equal measure of power to what they have. Otherwise he could have reigned lightning down onto the hoard.

Quite so. Honestly I would be surprised if the Wargs speak at all. I don't think Sir Peter is into that sort of thing somehow. Except for Treebeard I cannot see him treating this part of the movie in that manner. But who knows, perhaps he will wow us all.

PAGES 97 98 99


Now in the midst of  all this noise noise noise and the very atmosphere charged with evil and creeping violence The Lord of the Eagles had been resting on the very top of a pinnacle on the eastern edge of the mountains. He listened carefully and cried out that he heard both wargs as well and he guessed that the goblins were about to engage in terrible mischief.

The Lord of the Eagles was an amazing eagle. for he could look straight in to the burning sun without so much as a blink of the eye. he could also look down as far as a mile and with his almost magically keen eyes see a tiny rabbit running about He now soared high in the sky, immediately attended to by two of his guards and then many joined and they circled and came by increments down and down more and what they saw was hideous. A long line of armed goblins were coming now in to the clearing to join the wargs.

What a to do. The wargs burning still did not leave off guarding the trees and the dwarves in them. The wargs were furious now and their eyes glowed hideous red, their tongues hung out and they used them to shriek fowl words in their language, cursing those in the trees.  The goblins thought a fight to the death was happening at that moment between the wargs and the woodsmen. Imagine their astonishment at finding out the truth. I doublt if the wargs were amused at all when the goblins began to laugh as at a great joke. they themselves were not afraid of fire and at last they came to an idea they thought would be a good solution to the problem and very amusing for themselves.

A smartening up of the warg ranks was effected immediately and brushwood and fern was methodically pushed up to trees in which the poor hostages were hiding. All other fires were stamped out, only this fire was kept up and grew larger and larger until actual flames were great licks of fire upon that which was pushed up to the trees as fuel. Bilbo had acrid smoke in his eyes now and worst of all was the sight of the goblins dancing in abandonment singing a terrible song of the burning of the small company that were their enemies and how they would then eat them. The wargs stayed back watching and waiting.

And when things were outright desperate the goblins began to jeer and mock and tell the captives to fly away and then called them to come down like the little birds they called them or be roasted right in their nests. Cruel and they enjoyed tormenting them.

Now where was our hero Gandalf all this time? Well he was stuck just like the rest only now he taunted them right back and told them that such naughty creatures as they were sure to be punished. .How calm was Gandalf and how very frightened only the goblins did not know it.

Pages 100 101

Gandalf's jibes were unheeded as the goblins continued singing racuously about  the small company being burnt and eaten,crispy and tasty. And then just like that flames licked under Gandalf's tree and climbed up to the lower branches , crackling and burning.

Now in the desperation of the moment the wizard quickly mounted to the top of the tree and with his trust wand flashed it and the effect was like blinding lightning. He was about to then jump right down in the midst of the goblins and there spears which of course would have ended his life on middle earth. He however never jumped for at that precise moment in time the majestic Lord of the Eagles swooped down, grabbed the wizard and was gone from sight.

Naturally there arose a dark thunderous cry of anger from the enemies below but swiftly once more razor sharp talons of fellow eagles came down beating the goblins in the faces, terrorizing the wargs who rushed away from the meeting place.The attempts to throw spears at the eagles was hopeless and soon with another swoop of terror the dwarves were seized and borne away into the night sky.

Bilbo, as usual was nearly passed by and only when he grabbed on to Doris legs was he too catapulted heavenward, his legs flapping and his arms in terrible pain , dangerously near to being torn from his body.The hobbit had barely escaped with his life for no sooner had he lifted above the tree he was in than it sizzled and burnt to the very top and that was it.

Bilbo, mortally afraid of heights at the best of time was numb with fear as on and on they went until the peaks of the mountains seemed to be coming closer and closer. Still he did not know how much longer he could endure.

PAGES 102  104 105 (103 is a picture of the view from eyrie on mountain looking down toward Goblin Gate)


When our little heroe could not hang on any longer he simply let go of Dori's ankles and whoosh down he fell on to the landing platform of the eyrie. Feeling unreal and terrified to plunge off the narrow precipice Bilbo said quite out loud that he now understood how a piece of bacon felt when it is suddenly ripped from the pan and placed back on the shelf. dori contradicted him by explaining the bacon surely knew he would be once more in the pan and eagles were not in the least like forks. Bilbo came to himself then and wondered what other nonsensical things he had said and whether of not he had offended the eagles, but the one beside him took no notice. Like a flash another eagle came with the message that the 'prisoners' were to be brought to the Great Shelf and away went Dori in the claws of an enagle. Bilbo was quite alone for a moment or two until he was grabbed and off he went. The Great shelf was indeed wide and no path was attached, only by flying you could get down.

And there talking to the Lord of the eagles was the wizard Gandalf, the rest of the company sat with their backs to the wall of the mountain.

Bilbo Baggins of the shire was relieved to find out that not only were the eagle and the wizard aquaintances but that Gandalf had healed the Lord of the eagles from an arrow wound. What the two were discussing was plans to take the 'prisoners' of the goblins away from the now dreaded mountains.

The entire company, especially the hobbit were terribly hungry and very kindly the eagles brought to the shelf dry fuel to make fire with, rabbits and a small sheep which were prepared by the dwarves, Bilbo did not know how very well and he was so weak from starvation he could not help. Oin and Gloin had lost their tinder boxes and so Gandalf set the fire and the meal was prepared and hungrily eaten. Although the meal was good Bilbo, in his heart would have liked better a good loaf of bread and butter. Nonetheless he was full and content and fell asleep soundly on the hard rock, more so than he had ever done in his comfortable bed at home. He dreamt then of home, his own dear house and walked from one room to the other in serach of something he was unable to find or even remember what it looked like.

And so ended time in the misty mountains and this chapter.


Love the eagles. I love the way Tolkien gives them such pride and status that you know they are on the side of good, but there always seems to be a higher air about them. They help out, but not to the point where you think that they could simply defeat all enemies instantly if they wanted to. As Maia type spirits inhabiting the bodies of giant birds they are very complex, not just big powerful forces of good. They always seem to help if asked or if given orders from Manwe, but don't seem to help by their own choice.

I too love the eagles dear Brego. Where I live, in a condo near the oldest racetrack in our country and only three blocks from a small shopping mall, it is rather faerie . For the condo is nestled right against a small mountain of pine trees and sometimes i like to stand a little ways back from our home and look high high into the air just above a lone pine tree that guards like a lone sentinel the craggy top. And at the top there is a large rough nest for a mother eagle. She has been without her mate for a couple of years now, at least i do not notice him. But she likes to soar silently high above the nest each spring and I watch her in awe. Although hawks also fly above and falcons it is she alone in her exclusive majesty that is breathtaking. If you like eagles just for themselves you would probably love the animated movie The Guardians, it was I believe made in Australia. Hugo Weaving does the voice of a father eagle and it is magnificently animated, the story very much lke Lord of the rings type thing and once you start watching it is hard to walk away.

When I think that until page one hundred and fifty something I am not even half way through I feel rather tired sometimes.

Now who has borrowed my book yet again. With four members of the family die hard Tolkien fans, someone is always borrowing my books. We all have Tolkien books but different editions and for some reason everyone ends up reading mine while their perfectly lovely copies sit on their shelves Perhaps it is because their copies are terribly fancy and mine is just plain utilitarian black covered. Who knows. So I must find it first. Everyone is trying to take their minds off our pain by reading ten books at a time.

If it's alright, I would love to join this discussion! I adore the Hobbit and haven't read it again yet this year, so I'm going to read it soon anyway. I can read it at a very slow pace, and discuss. I love to hear others' thoughts and opinions. So, if that's fine, I'd enjoy this very much!

You are most welcome Rukain. Follow at your leasure and you may comment on any part that I have written about but no page beyond..I hope you enjoy the journey with us.   

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