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Aeowyn took a deep breath and held it before blowing out slowly. This was it, this was her moment to make a name for herself, to stand proudly in history with uncle Theoden, brother Aeomer. Face covered, horse beneath her, heart pounding she waited for the signal. Time to go!

Pippin  saw that Merry was deep in sleep so he crept up beside him. Reaching down into a pocket the hobbit pulled out some pipe weed and smiled in ecstasy. He filled his pipe and smoked and laughed til he looked up.  Gandalf, frowning. The fun was over.

Come on my darling Elves, Men, Dwarves , Hobbits , and the rest, come on practice, it truly sharpens your writing skills to have to have a beginning , middle and ending in only fifty words. Give it a try, it is great fun. On one site i used to be on some of the grade twelves could make it in about twenty five words. I never managed but once.

Silently, a great pear shaped tear fell from the corner of her eye. it rolled slowly down her porcelain cheek,then slipped off her chin and splashed to the highly polished wood block floor below.  "I hate onions she said."

Gimli stood below a great willow. His grey hair brushed back and braided into rope which hung to the back of his knees. Legolas stood by, watching the Dwarf's face intently as his expression exploded from dread to elation as he beheld a transformed Fangorn. The trees who stood by in silence were witness alone......


Now come along the rest of you , try. Being able to do this so sharpens the mind that those in sales, office work and many other trades and skillls find they can answer questions or come up with ideas in a flash because of this practice.


It is surely a good idea. I guess I could contribute as well, but mainly I recommend this for those, who wish to learn the basics. But besides that, it's quite fun to come up with a short tale that has fifty words.

I am glad I finally got to post this. For some days, I haven't got past the main page. There has been some really windy days and little snowstorms, and because of that, 3G connections have been very unstable. (Mobile network system)

So, once I get the time and the day for this thread, I shall post something.

Shadow Fax stood in the grand stables of Minas Tirith.  His mind drifted off to a land he had never been, but that he longed to see.  He saw a white ship, a white lady, his great friend Mithrandir and a handful of halflings.  To the West his great heart yearned, to see his grand sires and kin of old.

The storm drifted over, creating a vast darkness beneath. Fangorn. The sound of the wind whipping through the branches, causing noises that were beyond mystic, howling ensued, whether from the wind or the trees, who could tell. The Shepherds mourned. Sadness, issued from the shadowed forest.

Brego and Wen, i was transported away to the time and place of your creation within a few words of each of your story. When I was a women's editor before I chose free lance, we were told in no uncertain terms, we writers, that in order to keep the client reading we had to be brief, each word had to be hand picked and the word had to fit the other words like a glove. People in this time , in these circumstances simply don't for the most part wish to read a single word that does not interest them. I:n this fast food culture books that stirred the soul fifty years ago, Crime And Punishment, Pride and Prejudice, Farewell to Arms, Anne of Green Gables, Huckleberry Finn and hundreds of others, books that took time to read, that were overflowing with descriptions and feelings, are now largely left to gather dust on the shelves. So writers, well in my mind ones of quality, must find a way to say the same things as their ancestors in many many fewer words. i promise you if you practice from time to time it will also help you to quickly find the right words to use in business, in personal relationships, in many areas of your lives. Both of you told me a story that leaves me yearning for the next installation. Thank you.

Leelee, thank you so much for the encouragement! Yes, very true, even though I am only fourteen, I love those long, detailed books that are so jam packed with description that I can barely suppress my joy...but sadly people will not sit down and read those types of books anymore. Anyway, I love words, I love writing, and I love a good story! So I will try to write in a way that all people will appreciate!

Here is my next story:

The contrast between the dark hair and pale skin of Luthien was more than he could bear.  Tinuviel, blue robed beauty, out of grasp. Hidden, he watched, as she danced, sang to him, or bathed in moonlight that encircled her perfect breast, and shone in her eyes. Love had Beren.

Wen that brought tears to my eyes. I knew you were quite young because of how you describe yourself, well your character, in A Journey That Never Ends,  You describe yourself and your actions with the passionate freedom of youth that is yet not jaded nor tired of the world. As a matter of fact you might want to hop over to Do you have a poem, for I mentioned you to Oerath, our resident prince of poems and suggested something concerning you.

Also  just yesterday Arwen Undomiel, a dear friend to me was wondering if I knew anyone her age or close to that love Tolkien and his canon and now here you are. She is someone also very passionate about life, very gifted and a treasure like I am sure you are. Perhaps you can discuss the works of Tolkien or how you see the world at your age together on one of the threads, or make up a thread of your very own for teens to share their unique take on these wonderful stories.


The first arrow pierced his chest and in dismay Boromir felt grief for the Hobbits. But determination surged through that heart and he rose up again and fought for their freedom from the orcs. Redemption and peace, then death.

Beautiful Wen and Lee Lee.  Wen I cannot believe that you are under 20!! Amazing young person.....

Ar Feiniel rode as hard as she could.  The putrid Dragon stench all around her, her steed mad with terror and bolting uncontrollably.  She fell and landed lightly on a mound of grass above the stench.  All was quiet now, not a breath could be heard and there he was, prostrate and huge, father of Dragons, Glaurung.............

Ah Brego, the next thing you know we will all be holding hands, dancing on the grave of all evils in Middle Earthblush Very well done Brego, and i remember thinking that often when evil is trying us, instead of staying where we ought to think things out and allow right to be done, we , in our restless fear and terror go blindly into the very thing that was our enemy and all is lost. How strange we often are, but really, evil can and does call people who allow it to destruction. I have witnessed that so many times and all my pleadings were simply thrown away and that was that. shiver.

I wonder is it a 'must' to be about Tolkien/Middle-Earth, but anyway, I'll still do it.


And as the gates of Angband finally opened, Morgoth stepped forth. With Grond in his hands, he was ready to face The High King. And there Fingolfin stood, cursing The Dark Lord, and though he knew that this battle could be his last, he also knew it wouldn't be forgotten.


I just thought about the battle of morgoth and fingolfin, and that's what I came up with. Fifty words used.

Wonderful! I can feel the thumping of my heart, dreading to look up the scene, but mesmerized just the same.

I think I shall make a small book and put all your words in. I like to do that because stuff happens in life and in an instant a site can be down and all lost.

My little one and I play a game I made up, a word game. We can be taking our health walk or at a restaurant or whatever and I will say here are three words, now make me a story.  She is eight. Just now I gave her train, soup and cloud. This is what she said while playing:

One day a big train was sad because he can't eat soup like the people on him. There were big rain clouds and the rain fell down from the sky and made a pool on the ground. The train had some of the water and he said"I am happy to be who I am. The End.


So For the next couple of days we will play this game BUT IN ONLY FIFTY WORDS OR LESS.


Once you write down your story you can give three words  and the next person must use them for his or her story. We will do that just for a few days, but it will give your brain a challange in another direction. You can't sift around and think on it though, you must IMMEDIATELY upon reading the one you are supposed to do to just quickly do your fifty word story. Give it a try

This is the one we shall start with. The child gave me these words; love, wedding, butterfly

Not a sound marred the holy silence of this moment. Bride beautiful, luminous eyes moist under her veil. Groom heart pounding , his own wedding , not a best man this time ,true love. Just as the slim girl said 'I do' a tiny butterfly lighted on her shoulder.

These are the three words for the next person; don't forget to give your three words to the person coming after. :

library  mountain  nurse.

Thorondor stood high upon the jaggard peak of the high look out of Durin. Looking at Mithrandir, who lay gazing up at the twilight sky as the first stars twinkled, reflected in his eyes. The great eagle awaited instructions from the King of Arda and wondered at the new Magesty written on Gandalfs face.
Suddenly sillence enveloped the whole of Numenor. Thrown to the ground by a convulsion of the Earth, Tar M’riel lay dazed. To her feet she sprang and like a deer she ran to the blessed Meneltarma. A feeling of terror and utter doom overtook all, a wave of heart break and finality, Eru's rath.

Brego do you write for any publications? You have,in my opinion a delicate insight that others might miss in daily life and you apply it well to your writing. I love these


The elven newlyweds walked quietly, whispering ,smiling. Nine orcs rushed from the trees and with a stricken look at one another the elfs drew closer.. When their kin found them later they lamented and laid them to rest together still holding one another,eternal embrace.

Thank you for your kind comments Dear Lee Lee. And no, no experience in writing other than for copy on boring things.

Miriel heard the sound of gentle water. The first sound ever to grace her ears, eyes still closed as the waking hour approached, for the fist time in Blessed Cuivienen. A gentle breeze from the West kept her warm. Openning her eyes for the first time, Varda's stars kindled her heart.

That needed to be read almost in a holy silence. Very compelling, emotional and something i know I will always remember. I have a relative with a version of that name, Mirielle, very pretty.

Sauron's once beautiful now hideous countenance lit up with such pride and triumph the orcs in attendance cowed and stepped back in fear. "Mine!' shouted the Necromancer, My Ring  has come home, I rule forever all beings of Middle-Earth!  Shattering noise. What's happening?, no, no, NO!!!"

His black hand, if hand you could call it, clutched at his hard fought palantir. This time he would torture the White Wizard with words of such hatred, conquest and promise so powerful they would melt the heart of a Valarauka. This Maia must be made to obey.
Long she waited by the blessed quay, the gulls cried as they landed by the chrystal shores. Celebrian stood and gazed towards the last white ship. On the prow stood Lord Elrond, alone and forlorn, tears in his eyes. But she looked beyond her beloved yet failed to find her heart.
Celeborn glanced beyond the wide doors of Menegroth. He hid in the shadows and watched Melian hosting festivities held for her maidens and a visiting Nolder princess from the West. Hair dazzling, reflecting Ariens light like a kaleidoscope full of flecks of gold. His heart stopped as he held his breath.....

I can see this thread has been somewhat abandoned, but it is new and interesting to me, so I thought I'd give it a shot.


The red and gold of the setting sun pervades the entire kingdom, the slopes and dells. A thousand thundering hooves shake the earth. Hundreds of spears seem to pierce the sky. Armor rattles, shields gleam, and banners fly as the riders sweep across the land. They are the proud Rohirrim.

Fifty words, I believe.

Rukain, Namarie. This thread has been abandoned due to my being away.

Faithful Brego, thankyou for trying to keep this going. I am thrilled at your genius for saying so very much in so very few words which is the whole point of this thread. You are a dear.

I will try perhaps to participate tomorrow, I feel too weak and emotional today and would probably pen something stupid.

Dearest lady Lee Lee welcome back!  I hope that you trials have not bee to horrendous.  We have missed you.

Nice work Rukain, in another life I am related to the Rihirum (I could actually be one now...... but I am an Elf....). You know Nordic, tall, love horses....

'You know is tall , Nordic, loves horses........has beautiful red hair and the heart of all the purest and kindest and gentlest elves there ever were combined.'

I have missed you so much dear Brego and hoped all was well with you and all in Middle-Earth.

In truth, grief has attended me and my family by day and tears have been our food and drink. But we fight on to the end and trust Eru's wisdom. I have felt like we were the children of Hurin for the last two weeks.


The sun danced crazily across the blue sky and the wind shrieked and bullied the tallest sturdiest wild grasses until their heads touched the ground. Aeowyn,  long hair flying,  stood still watching the back of Aragorn's noble head.When he was out of sight she fell silently to the ground.

Aiya Lee Lee vanima. Sorry to hear that doom has visited and remember that their blessed spirit will be free in the end. I have missed you greatly as well. Welcome back vendë vanya.

The body of Ellesar the blessed laid in state. His beautiful wife stood by veiled in black. His grey hair brushed back from his beautiful face. His goodbyes now etched in her heart for ever. She would never see him again, there's no ship to now bear her hence. Arwen Undomiel.

That was lovely Brego, it made me cry.

I feel deeply for you in you hardships and struggles. I am praying for you. This one is for you.

Turin, after a life of hardships, suffering, darkness and pain, laid down to rest. His last journey would carry him past the halls of Mandos, on to the place where the spirits of men go. Turin joined Eru, his maker and keeper. And then, all the strife was worth it.

I personally think that Eru took the men straight to him when they died. Just a thought.

Thank you from the depths of my heart dear Wen. I will print this out and treasure it forever. And that would be a lovely thing if the men did go straight to Eru. Cradled in his arms , healed and whole. That makes me cry too.


Merry lay still,and could feel nothing of his body;only numbed pain and fear in his mind. The Witch-King, he had helped kill him. He heard Aoewyn moaning, she was alive. A tear slid from his eye for her and for the longing of seeing Pippin before death.

The high airs are particularly bright this morning thought Earendil as he stood on the bow of Vingilot.  The Silmaril blazed fourth, as it has done for millennia, warm and cool at the same time against the skin of his high, proud brow.

Towards the light is all she thought as she flew towards blessed Vingilot, flying back to her heart. Long it seemed, but Elwing's time was limited. Her wings of woven gosimar hair beat to the rhythm of her heart. There he stood, the first Half Elven, her beloved.

That was lovely Brego; I like the feeling of deep pure undefiled love in Elwing's heart.

With no more weight than a swans feather, her delicate feet touched the white timbers of Vingilot. Even after a thousand lives of men she never tires of greeting her love, above the shores, west of West. His proud face welcolmed her with a glance filled wih longing.

I would love to find out about your parents how came they to have a son almost not mortal, with good manners and a gentle way of seeing things.


Elrond took one last look at his daughter, now laughing with her husband. She had clung to him, said her goodbyes and did not look back. He stood , proud, royally robed, a small crown in his hair. He walked away and she did not see the grief, the tears. Farewell.

Saruman could not believe his senses. All his and Sauron's careful planning, their might and power over even orcs and Urukai, their cunning. Now availing nothing. Ruin. Curse the wizard Gandalf, curse the hobbits-nobodies. And curse that pretender Aragorn and the elves. Curse them all!

Good work Lee Lee.  Saruman!!!!

Thorondor looked down upon the Middle Land.  His mind passed back  to when forests held dominion over most of the land.  His heart forebode reporting back to Yavanna, as she always asked him how her trees were surviving in the land of the younger children. Ever lately, bad news to report.... 

Brego, your understanding of the Sil and Unfinished Tales, the minutia is staggering to me. I have to look up the material you bring to the table, I have only read both twice maybe and forgot much. You so dwell in the primordial place, the beginning that i quite think of you sometimes as one of the first made, one of the ones intimate in knowledge from the beginning in the presence of Eru.

Theoden, King, now returning from such dark dreams, looked down at his fingernails-long, curled, hideous. He shivered. How terrible to have his mind stolen from him and horrors and lies put in place of his own thoughts. Gandalf, friend, saviour. He was free.


Lee Lee and all, I truly love the Sil beyond all of Tolkiens other works.  To me it is truly an exercise of mind and heart, as it is not an easy read.  As mentioned in other threads, once you have read it one or twice in entirety, you can simply go back to it and read sections out of order.  Each time you pick up on something new and more unexpected.  For me it actually is the closest thing to a holy book, as I am not a religious person. Book reviewers, whether they love or Loath Tolkien, all usually mention that upon reading this work you feel as though Tolkien was actually there during the time of the Silmarils and his ability to describe anything and everything with very few words is simply effortless and wonderful.

Darkness was falling, or at least growing.  The sound of wailing grew from Eastern shore, as Elves from each kindred joined a chorus of horror as the mingled light was eaten away.  Ungolient's venom, killing more than the two blessed trees, It was devouring life itself.

The great Eagle Soared and glided with the Westerly breeze. The little halfling could hardly be felt on his back, that is until Bilbo almost pulled a handful of feathers from the middle of his shoulders. " Dont Pinch! " exclaimed the eagle as he gently drifter to his eyrie and safety.
What yer lookin at Bert? That mutton is ready! Get it off tha fire I'm starving. The trolls sat by their fire in the middle of the forest, safe from prying eyes. Or so they thought, as the Hobbit krept in silent and invisible creeping behind the great trees.....
The view of Baradur hit Frodo like a kick to the chest. Looking towards the massive black tower, as dark as the void, Frodo could hardly believe his eyes. The Eye of Sauron pearced cloud, smoke and life itself as its focus wandered North, desperately searching for the threat unknown.

Sam put his arm on Frodo's shoulder as the two stared at Barudor. Sam saw despair in the master's face and staring eyes. 'He trembled until he saw the Gaffer in his mind frowning in disapproval. There was nothing for it but to go on.

Frodo looked deep into Queen Arwens Elven grey eyes. She then kissed him lightly on the forehead. Tears rolling down her smiling face she delivered her speach, long prepared, for she gave away her life for Frodo of the Shire.
Daeron's sweet song ceased abruptly. The silence only added to his unbelievable grief at seeing his only love in the arms of another. With Elven sight he could see them, standing still as cold stone warmed be the Sun, just as The King and Queen had down ages before.

That made me feel heart sick Brego, well done.


The orc stood still watching the friendship between the two elves. He raised his axe and screamed in rage and excitement and ended their lives. He turned the elves over and saw their lifeless eyes still open and a trace of love still there. The orc screamed again, defeated.

Yes Dear Lee Lee. Love conquers all.

Laying flat to the ground in the cavernous, putrid, dehydrated and freezing pit, the hobbits were edging closer to their goal. The air, thick and acrid had to be drunk rather than inhaled and was bitter and dry. But amid the surrounding stench, another could be discerned by Samwise "Gollum".

The everlasting whiteness of Taniquetil blinded all but Manwe and Varda. Glorious thrones look ever East, glistennig in unhindered rays of Arian. Manwe's keen eyes focus beyond the polluted blanket which now covers Arda to the ruined land beneath. "Father.We have failed." he whispered under his breath.
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