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I say those words about once a week myself. Lovely Brego.

Celeborn looked out over the land , miles and miles of it, from where he stood upon his exquisite flet. He thought of his life, his beginning in splendor and beauty, his journeys,and now Lothlorien , Galadriel, Arwen. He could not decide if he had walked in true wisdom. Too late.

Brego,, your knowlege and abilities to put them on paper puts me to shame.

Sam reverently ran his rough hands over the box that contained the seeds that Galadriel had given him to rebuild the flora in the Shire, ravaged by Sauron.  Golden seeds. The next mor ning he glanced out of the window and was stunned. Golden leaved trees were already a foot tall.

Mighty seeds, indeed. Fifty words or less, I recall posting here too. Should I perhaps give it another go; another spin? Smile Smilie

Anyway, I liked of it. Seeds with magical growth to replace something valuable that was destroyed by the hands of evil.

Oh trees.. Wonderful.

Hurray those words make me cry. I feel like Frodo telling Sam he was glad to be with his friend at the end of all time Thank you

I thought I'd give it a try.

Frodo breathed the salty see air and closed his eyes. He thought about everything he had seen. Hoping to heal the damage done by bearing the Ring he made his decision. To sail to the Undying Lands. He looked at his friends for one last time. Goodbye.

And here we go.

Like shadows, they treaded across an old marsh. Gollum leading the way. When suddenly, Frodo saw something in nearby waters. Elven faces. But upon going closer, a murky hand suddenly pulled him underneath. And as an answer to Sam's cries, they heard a shriek. The Nazgul had found them.

Not bad, Arwen. You should try these kind of things more often. Wink Smilie

I enjoyed reading that through, and hey, I remember that scene. I remember. Smile Smilie

Brego have you written any books, I should like to read them.


Pippin looked over and saw that Gandalf was deep in sleep. With great Hobbit stealth he crept over to him and placed something over his shoulder. He crept back to his blanket and smiled when the Wizard cried out in pain as someone kicked him.

Heh, funny Rachel. Pippin, that little joker. Big Smile Smilie

I could give fifty words another go tomorrow. I've already some good ideas.

Over red mountains, under dark rivers, across blue seas, through green trees, above shimmering clouds. Unstoppable, unlimited. The universe within a sphere, shrouded in secrecy, lost to time. Don't deny the apprehension, embrace your fear and behold the world. This is the past, present and future. Alas, the palantir awaits.

Balrogs I have missed you.  That  was simply fantastic.


Aeowyn stood up when she had spent herself crying for her uncle Theoden, motionless with his dead unseeing eyes on the battle field. She who had felt so inadequate upon seeing the  witch king, now felt herself come together in the hatred she felt toward him,, She was ready, Death.

Indeed. Balrogs, man, that was fun to read! How're ya anyway, I haven't seen you online in a while. Well, I hope to see you some of these days and get to chat a few words with ya! Keep posting, my friend. You too know how to make ol' Oerath enjoy reading some stuff. Smile Smilie

Thank you LeeLee! Coming from you that means a lot.  And I missed you too! Pretty much every time I come on here I wonder when I'll be hearing from you again. We need more LeeLee to bring this place back...

Same to you Oerath, coming from both of you I feel very honored. I'm good, been crazy busy though. I'm usually only able to pop in here and there, but hopefully I'll have more time soon. And I love how you say ol' Oerath, since I think you're roughly the same age as me LOL (I think). Though to be honest I'm starting to feel pretty old :X

Ok I'll try again, I do love this concept. It's challenging! I always end up with 51...


Fire brewing on a chill autumn night, offering its glow to the ragged survivors of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Refugees lost to a world of unnumbered tears. We follow the stars, and the stars lead south. Legends speak of a lonely island, wrought from the wrath of Ulmo. Whispers cry Eressëa.

Balrogs said:

And I love how you say ol' Oerath, since I think you're roughly the same age as me LOL (I think).

note: there's a difference of 715 days. lol


Glad to see you back again Balrogs

I do so cherish  you  two.  I am enamoured with your words  offered up its glow.'  how poetic.

Tauriel looks out at the vista before her. For the fist time she was out side of her King's realm and can see Anar the Golden in all her magnificence. The Orcs had fled leaving their filth behind them. Ahead a new quest. A twig breaks, she looks behind and there standing is the Elf she has loved for Centuries......

Thank you LeeLee I'm  so glad you enjoyed it!! It encourages me to get back into writing again...

Brego that was fantastic as well, wish you came more often! And thank you for the clarification Arwen hahaha I knew it was somewhere in the 2-3 year range....

Ok I'll try again. I like how the concept lets me use a different form of writing that I don't normally get to use but enjoy doing. This one will be a little darker.


Awake in the night. Eyes closed, mind wandering, blinded by black. Is this a dream? Nightmare? Will I wake or be consumed by thought? A hooded figure appears in the dark; he is staring at me. I'm dreaming. He's closer. Icy breath pierces my soul. Now begins the Morgul awakening.

Fabulous. Believe it or not I have had those moments.  Shiver


Pippen wondered at the battered bag Gandalf brought with him from a trip.He had to know the contents. He had to, Tiptoeing to the bag he pulled open the flap. His mouthed opened in horror. Then he felt a large hand on his shoulder. Gandalf.

Splendid posts everyone. Brego, Balrogs, Rachel. I'd like to give this one another go myself.


After so many deaths and shed tears, something had to be done. Something brave, yet foolish. And so, without an army of golden spears on his side, nor trumpets to sound his arrival to battlefield, High King Fingolfin marched alone to the iron gates of Angband.. To challenge Morgoth Bauglir.

well that made me cry/ All of you are so brilliant, each writes of  the world as he or she sees it. A tapestry that brings an  ache to the throat 

Blessings to all for the Holidays...



Eru looks upon his little globe. Tears in his eyes, shared by his chorus, they too look down at the embodiment of song sung long ago. Smiling through tears he grants Yavanna's wish. A final flower and fruit for her finest creations. "Great light will come again my Child."

Shadowfax looks out over the Swan ship's bow, Anar’s rays softly caress the last ship’s sails as she sails West of West towards Elvenhome. Looking to Mithrandir he says to his friend "What will I find there?" Mithrandir put his hand on the great Stallions head and simply say’s "Home..."

Arwen looks down upon her husbands face. In Kingly finery he lays, looking like the young Man she met an Age before. His spirit has left, gone to Mandos and to a place she can only follow in death. She kisses his brow and whispers one word. Namarie.......

Thranduil looks at his Son, standing tense with a tears in his eyes. He loves his son more than his immortal life itself. He Stands there looking at his Son's ageless face and says.

" Go North Son, and seek the Dunadain. There's a Ranger of the North, Son of Arathorn."

I noticed that none had commented on your many good posts yet, so I had to do something about it. Well written, all of 'em. Master Brego. Keep posting 'em, I might even give this thread yet another try myself. Smile Smilie

Thorin looked out at the tower that stood before him; and at his nephew Fili, in the hand of a pale orc. He knew it was inevitable, the fate of his sister son had bee sealed. It was not revenge that swelled up inside him, but liquid-less tears. As Azog drove his blade through FIli's heart, he felt his own tear asunder.

Thank you Master Winsoul. And Gror that was a tearful moment for me in the film.

Keep them coming....

Thranduil looks into Legolas's eyes. Always difficult for him, because they remind him of his Wife's, into which he'd looked for centuries. In Menegroth he'd met her, his love, his life. Taken from him too early in Elven years. She now abides in Valinor, awaiting her Loves arrival.

Galadriel doesn't fear them. She fears the darkness which rules them. Sauron, she remembers back to her long lost home. "I am not alone!" rising, allowing all her built up hatred explode in forms she has never manifested. The blessed light of Valinor focused through her vial sweeps the darkness away.

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