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Congratulations dear Thorin twice as much as me, i feel tired thinking about it.

And, might i add you are without a doubt the handsomest of your people, i know it personally, i was terribly impressed when i first beheld your dear face.

earendil, sea friend. sounds romantic and mysterious.

Anduin. Beautiful name for a river, it sounds cheerful. It makes me imagine a river running down a cliff and landing into a valley where the stunning sound of the falling water against the stony soil quietens and gets babbling all the way towards the sea.

I always feel comfortable near to a river or stream. The sound of water is so relaxing....

Beautiful Elbereth. Ulmo's power running through the arteries and veins of the world. His music is ever present and is a constant reminder of the balance of nature and the shared power of the Elemental Valar. Love to just sit and listen to the first thing that the Elves sensed upon awakening, the sound of water.

True, dear Brego. When I lie down next to a river or stream, the sound of water is like music that invites me to daydream and lose the sense of reality. It's fantastic!

Lately I've been listening to birds singing, it's great to get up in the morning and have this feeling of being welcome by Mother earth. At home, thankfully I live in the countryside, I can listen to them too. Only that the birds from here have nothing to do with the ones I am used to live with. The whistle is completely different but birds like water's sound also have harmony in their "music".

Sorry if I seem a bit fussy but I feel part of nature. Nowadays as I have felt never before.. I am pretty touched!

It's funny isn't it. We have (in our cities) in Australia a lot of non native birds from Europe. Sparrows, Starling, Thrush, Minor, Black birds. We hear these all the time. But a friend from Britain told me after staying in Melbourne, that these birds sing in a different dialect. Perhaps it's because of the time passed and different climate. I find this very interesting. Once in the county the native birds abound. Rosallas, magpie, Kookaburra, currajong, gallaha, cockatoo etc etc. These sound so different and are a true blessing.

Oh Brego, nature is wise! Even the birds have adapted to its new place. Maybe they "talk" another dialect because they must be in harmony with other animals, you know they not only communicate among themselves but also make sounds to escape from others.

Beautiful tale that one, I didn't know it!

How endearing you both sound to an Elve's ears.

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