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I would also add a second element to describe myself. For me the 2nd would be air as I bind air with the eternal wanderer. You never know from where it comes and where it goes, it can be a charming breeze or can be terrifying hurricane destroying everything in its path. More or less it is the description of water and the other elements. They all have 2 different sides, extremes I would rather say. The beautiful calm part of each one and also the darker devastating part. Returning to the "air", I am also a wanderer. I love moving, making new things even if I have no much courage, I cannot stand the idea of routine tasks and habits. It kills me!

It's great to see that we have some fire elements among us, congratulations Mellon and Amarie.

MELLON What a shock my dearest precious friend. How wonderful to have you visit, it is like clear clean air tumbling down upon us, how refreshing and lovely, I know you  have a million friends to be with, your family, so this is a privelege, thank you., I am shocked about your description of yourself, in all your messages to me I always thought of you as water, like Goldberry, cold, sparkling, full of energy and oxygen, someone who infused life and energy to her world and was someone to put out the fires of hurt or worry or pain for others. Very interesting description of yourself. Come back soon dearest.

I am learning more and more about you all and  it gives me so very much to think about, the depth of each mortal, elf, dwarf and man.

Thorin, you are so right about our Grondy, I remember so many things he said to me and it all confirms your and Am's description of our Leader, our mentor, our great friend, our father even. Your words brought tears to my eyes Thorin.

Am ARE YOU SERIOUS?,you our very own Cirdan, you fire? Wow I am pathetic at guessing which element a person is. You I saw as a quiet peaceful lake , a fjord steady unfathomable really because of the depth of you, always bringing peace and wisdom , clarity to every situation. wow. i am humbled.

Well that turned my cheeks firey red.

Water is definitively the element closest to my heart, I have grown up by the sea and think I would have become rather depressed if I lived somewhere where I couldn't see the sea or a lake. (Luckily I live where I can see two lakes AND the sea!)

Water soothes me and I would like to be water, but I feel water is more calculation in it's anger, the sea retracts before the wave rise up and hits. I am more... a swoosh and a bark and it's over.  And I sort of hope I am a warm person as well. 

I think all elements have their healing and destructive sides, and I think everybody has e bit of each in them. 

Fire isn't all about destuction and danger. It's also the Sun, light and warmth. I think I have been facinated by the maia Arien since I first read about her, she is the only fire spirit who refused to serve Morgoth. That's girl power! 

That certainly is girl power. And you are right about the sun, it is warmth and so are you. I cannot say I get upset if i cannot see water though I love it dearly. But once in a while I feel restless for closeness and a view to the sea, listen to the gulls crying so high above me, feel rain lashing against my face on a cool cloudy day, or the spray that comes up between the rocks. Still to me looking out on to the vineyards, the exquisite beauty of the hills, lush tall grasses or fresh mowed grass and roses and lilacs in abundance. The song of birds in the hundreds busy in the trees. Dew drenched meadows with carpets of flowers , and trees, every sort of tree, bending in the breezes like overtall ballerinas. The scent of flowers carried on the warm breezes. I am a child of the earth the most i guess.

I have been in places that were as close as the Gray Havens as I shall ever get and it was heaven Sitting on a choice patch of rich black earth with thick grass moss ferns and looking out into the placid water and dreaming. It was wonderful.

Hi! related to water I have to say that there are some therapies with that element because it is said that water is very linked to our emotions. Just try to listen to some relaxation music with water sounds, rain, waves of the sea, whatever... you will probably finish crying like a child!

This post is just for fun, a little note that can be interesting!

So far we have talked about which element we feel we are.


My second question to you is this; was there a time when you would have said you were a different element altogether, and if so, why?

Choosing a single element is difficult but I do believe the one that portrays my personality best is fire. I can be very rash at times, much like a flame that burns the ones who dare to venture too close. At other times I hope I can be that little warm spark that radiates heat like a warm hearth.


At the same time I dare say I have a little something from the wind within the depths of my soul. I have this desire of seeing the world which I can not satisfy. Where ever I travel I always look at the horizon and wonder if I have the time to find out what lies just out of my sight.


At other times I feel like I have the ocean bellowing inside me. It is perhaps most visible (Or audible) In my music. Like water there are always those little ripples that keep on expanding further and further.

Great to see someone posting here again.

And very good to see you again, Arath. Nice post! Smile Smilie

I believe once I would have called myself earth, though now I am ever the more sure that I am one of the wind. I've lost a bit of my stubbornness over the years (but not all of it) and I am not as sure of myself as I was in the past. But in certain core things my beliefs rest stable and sure, and I think a little bit of me still clings to the earth, but I have found that the wind is what I most clearly and closely relate to, more than anything else.

I love the words and questions which force you to think about yourself and the world around you on a deeper level, and that we feel safe enough to do so together here. This thread reminds me of that, and I want to thank PT, and apologize for not being able to post very much. The internet is very touchy nowadays, and I have been traveling a lot lately. Glad to be back!

I just accidentally stumbled upon this thread once more, read through the posts and realized that damn, this thread was a good one. And it gathered at lot of people back then - to individually - describe the elements they each so much favored and cherished.

And well, I wish to add something to my earlier posts. I came to the conclusion that fire isn't actually a part of me. Just like Leelee once said: 'Oerath and wind go hand in hand.' - I think that's how it still is and no other element has come as close to me as wind has.

But one thing has changed though. I no longer care about the winter winds being biting and harsh. I rather enjoy of them these days, last winter showed me that.

And oh boy, ain't wind ever so powerful. We had quite a few amazing snowstorms between December and January. I very much enjoyed of those and once again, the mother earth showed to me that she can still choose to break a few trees with the wind, if she wants to. I just hope she only took down a few dried and dying ones during those few snowstorms. Smile Smilie

But wind.. I couldn't choose anything else. It's a part of me and I'm a part of it. I'm very certain of it.

'A soul made of wind and harshest of all storms. A soul which won't wither and due to it's enduring nature, it won't ever be worn.'

Once someone told me I was a mix of Earth - because I am very stubborn and don't move from my opinions, plus rarely change, but when I move EVERYONE does - and Water - I'll wear someone down after a while.  So what does that make me, mud?  ;-D

But I think I'm just Earth.  (And what a coincidence, my initials spell DiRT; no 'I' but I added it).  I really don't like  changing, and prefer to stick to a schedule.  I am very stubborn, and like training animals, because I will always win (also patient.  Stubborn and patient means the same thingSmile Smilie.  Also I hate changing my mind, and I like to figure out what is right before I stick to it.  I don't like being wrong.

Well, that doesn't Wink Smilie about sum me up, but I've never written about my personality before, so I don't know what else to add.  Thanks for starting this, Leelee!  I loved reading about everyone's elements!

I think  the description of you is that you are time and rock. You are decisive, and that you can't change your opinions, which is a good thing. If you are not  able to be abrupt, in a good manner, then, earth is what you are than, firm, and unerring. And that is something Tolkien would admire in a person.

This is a very interesting thread. Having to describe oneself in a single word is as futile as it is revealing, and when people have to justify this choice it becomes less futile and more revealing.

Fire. Air, water, and earth are all substances. A solid, a liquid, and a gas. Yet fire is not a substance, fire is a reaction. Once I realized that distinction between the elements I knew which I was. I am extremely reactionary in all situations. Furthermore, I am fairly predictable in many situations. Air, water, and earth can react to each other and their situations in many ways. Fire, on the other hand, just burns. Whatever you give it, it tries to eat. I don't destroy things in my life like fire does, but I am both predictable and extremely reactionary. Perhaps most important of all, fire cannot exist in a vacuum.

Hopefully that revealed some things about me and was as true as I think it is.

Thanks, Amras!  Your ideas on my personality is correct, now that I think about it ;-)

Very interesting view on fire, Curufinwe.  I never thought of it that way.  And I am not a very reactionary person (at least I don't think so), but I know that most of my siblings are.  I've never thought of fire as predictable, but you're right.  Unless the wind blows it, or water or earth smothers it, it will burn on, or burn out.  AND it is completely dependent on the other elements.  I will keep in mind not to smother any fire-people out there with my earthiness (would you believe it, that's an actual word!)

Btw, I love this thread! ^^

We call these threads and I see us as tapestry, wpven from threads of love, despair, lack, joy, wonder etc. It is magical.

Thorin the the other dy I was watching the Maltese Falcon and for some reason I thought of you and your mother and brother and sister so far away in Ireland was it. I looked up Mauritius and could not imagine living in that story book place. Surely water must mean a lot to you.

I just read back what I posted here some time ago. I still think the same about it.

I love this thread, it's so interesting.


I might give it another go somewhere this week and post a little update. (The same as my first post, just different (maybe better) wordsWink Smilie )

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