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Hi there, ery’v’. Welcome to Planet Tolkien. I hope you are able to enjoy yourself here, and find us useful and informative.

As far as languages go, they are an area we do not cover on this site, but if you click on Web Links on the menu bar on your left, you will find links to three sites that specialise in teaching Middle Earth languages.

Also on the menu bar, clicking Alphabet will bring up three sets of runes, one of which is tengwar.

I hope this is of some use to you, and that we will continue to see you around here.
My welcome to you also Ery’v’. Happy Elf Smilie

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eeeej thnx for your help. I'm sure I will find it now.

much love ery’v’
Tengwar and other fonts can be found at:

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I dount you will see this post ery’v’...but I can give it a shot right!
So if you want to learn elvish(Quenya not Sindarin) you are welcome to join us in the chat.Every monday at 8:30 GMT time.You can download Quenya lessons from
I think that is all and I hope I will see you soon in there.(if you get to see this post that is)
Hmmmmm, I should go there sometime.
I do know some language from Return of the King during Aragorns coronation. Aragorn:Et Earello Endorenna utu'lein. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta! Meaning-Out of the Great Sea to Middle-Earth I am come.In this place will I abide to my heirs, unto the ending of the world.
Everyone knows that one. CLick here if you want to broaden your knowledge, everyone: Ardalambion
Well not speaking from experience, it shouldn't take too long if you find a fluent mentor, give up going to school, eating, sleeping, and the like. However, as Quenya is a more formal language and is almost dead like Latin and ancient Greek, and as Sindarin is more useful in day to day conversation with (I think) a much bigger vocabulary, maybe learning that language first would be time better spent. But don't take my word for it; for I know nothink!
It'll take you ages. Learning Quenya is no mean feat. It's like Latin... no Latin is worse. But seriously, you should only try to learn Quenya is you're really really really determined. And it helps if you brush up on the finer points of grammar first.
Where is this web links button? I can't seem to find it
Where is this web links button? I can't seem to find it
This was lost in our move over a year ago, so you will have to use the URLs in the above posts. Also look around for other threads with Elvish and/or language in their titles, especially Writing in Elvish. I hope this helps.
this is a nice link Tolkien speaking Quenya.

i think it is the only recording of Tolkien speaking Quenya. it is the poem Namareia by Galadriel in the Fellwoship of the ring

he spoke it before published threre are slight differences

(Grondy merely turned the url into a link.)
thank you Grondy, i tried and failed to do that
Thanks for yhe link Elrose, it was nice to hear Tolkien read Smile Smilie
Wow! That was very interesting, hearing Professor Tolkien read. That's the most fluent Elvish you will ever hear, coming straight from the creator himself! Fascinating...
That was amazing. It sounded so cool. I never imagined Elvish sounding like that. It was beautiful! I'll have to listen more closely to actually understand it though. Wow... Super Wow Smilie
That is so beautiful. It would be cool to just be able to talk so fluently in Elvish like I can in English! Or at least memorize a poem like that. Smile Smilie
its is incredibly amazing hearing the master speaking hehe, well to whoever asked how long it would take to learn to speak/read/write elvish, well how long is a piece of string, it depends on your linguistic ability

i definatly recomend learning Quenya first tho, firstly sindarin in derived from Quenya so maybe the words be easier to learn, secondly theres alot of conconant and vowel mutation in sindaring, tha compleatly changes the shapes of words, and for a beginer can be quite daughnting
Thanks for information!I always had problems in finding a good site where you can learn Elvish Cool Elf Smilie