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Welcome to the forum, Enigma. I hope you visit often.
After seeing FOTR, did you then read the books?
I think the greatest result from PJ's films was the number of new Tolkien readers. It is a gift. Big Smile Smilie
I agree Rednell! I too feel that the greatest thing that has happened as a result of PJ's films has been the incredible amount of interest, and attention the movies have brought to Tolkien's work. Even for those of us that aren't completely happy with some of the things that PJ has done, the biggest positive by far is the amount of people who are reading, and finding Tolkien's world, and work for the first time.
Elf Smilie
The movies have definately been a blessing: before they came out it was almost impossible to find any of JRRT's other works in my local book stores, but due to a heightened interest in Tolkien because of the movies there is now a treasure trove of books and other LotR related items readily availabe.
Welcome to our site, Enigma. I hope you find your time here as enjoyable as you found watching the movies.