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Grondy says Amari’ Orc Grinning Smilie posted on 5/2/2003 at 15:59
This is my homepage:

Here you can see pictures and drawings I've made. I've even put in a guestbook now! It'll keep on growing when I find the time for it. Go see! Hurry!!

Vedui’ il’er! Cormamin lindua ele lle! Greetings everyone! My heart sings to see thee!
Samwisegamgee then posted on 6/2/2003 at 00:50

Amarie, I love your site! I love the pictures. I signed your guestbook Big Smile Smilie. I just have one question: what do the words say on the top? (I speak only English) They sounded beautiful.
A vistor!! I'm so happy! Big Smile Smilie *hugs Sam*
"Hei alle sammen" = Hello everybody
"Her er vi= Here are we/this is us

(Pretend it's quenya and you'll have the correct pronaunciation! Wink Smilie )
UPDATED!!! Hurry hurry! Go see!!
Amarie, your artwork's amazing, and you look pretty cute too when you were young.... Tongue Smilie
I like your site, it's sweet. You being geeky, your mental cat and I like the new addition of you as a south park character! Big Laugh Smilie
Cool site there Amarie! I signed your guest book. Big Smile Smilie
Yes Amari’, yours is a nice site.

Re: your guest book: Look for me in there too.
I found you! Thanks! Big Smile Smilie

And for the record: I did not put the cat under the rug. She attacks it when she is bored. I left the room and she found her way under it herself. We adopted an insane cat, but we love her dearly. I Love You Smilie In Love Smilie
I've updated my site with some pictures from our local outdoor Viking play, "The Kings Ring". And yes, it's a magic ring. I wrote a bit about it in one of my journals, "Of Vikings and ADSL".

I didn't take the time to write texts to the photos, but I might later. But if you are wondering, I am the one wearing the white sheepskin, Celebrian is the pretty girl with all the loverly dark curls. Smile Smilie

We the vikings are wearing red, the local men, women and children are wearing green and grey, the legedary king Olav Haraldson (st Olav the Holy) and his men are wearing blue and armour.

Burn! BUUUURN!!! Wink Smilie]

(Grondy fixed the link?)

[Edited on 1/11/2003 by Grondmaster]
Amarie,I signed your guest book not too long ago.
The link didn't work for me,Amarie. Sad Smilie
I fixed Amari’'s link and it will work now. Happy Elf Smilie
Thank you Grondy, I didn't check the link after posting it.

Yes I knew you signed my guest book Fea, thank for the kind words! Big Smile Smilie
Sad Smilie The link didn't work for me today Amari’.
It worked for me.

But a good thing can not be said to often. Wink Smilie

Amaries site
Well now I have updated my site as well!! At least Art and PT-word. And the guestbook is easier to find on the main page. Smile Smilie
No, I've tried it again today with two different browsers and it wouldn't open.
Sorry, I have no idea what is wrong. Both Celebrian and can open it. Sad Smilie
Hooray, it worked today.
I signed your guestbook Smile Smilie
You're so sweet. Smile Smilie
I also signed your guestbook...hope it's in there. You do have amazing artwork, as someone else said, and you're quite talented with the computer! I love your cute little dragon baby hatching from its egg! Also, I liked the Egyptian pic-isn't that whole time period fascinating? By the way, you look great as an elf! Your South Park character is great, Wendy's older sis or something...boy, I'm sure Stan would have thrown up all over you because you're hot! Anyway, love the site. And if you can find a way to bring your male-elf drawing to life...hehehe... Elf Winking Smilie
Awww.. you're only saying that 'cause it's true. Orc Grinning Smilie
South Park me is really Kyle with long hair and eye lashes. I am sure piece of information would make Stan throw up even more. Wink Smilie
I actually look so great as an elf that I won a box set of all three Lord of the rings DVDs! Click Here and follow the link Grondy gives. Smile Smilie I'd rather have won the DVD player though, but how can one little elf beat all those nazguls? Very hard. But look whos picture is the biggest! And free DVDs, why complain about that? Wohoo!!
Amari’s site has finally gotten a well needed make-over! Come and see! Orc Grinning Smilie
I have changed the layout a lot and I have added text to the viking pictures which explains the story a lot better. I will add more pictures to the site and do more with the layout when I get time. Enjoy!
Simply Awesome Amarie. Now how is it possible that a cat can end up *under * a rug?
I have no idea. I had nothing to do with it, I swear. I did see her a little while earlier 'fighting' with the rug, so... I guess the rug won?
Blackie reminds me so much of our deceased cat. May he make you laugh and keep you busy with half alive pressies for many years!
Aww that's so sweet. I hope so too. Smile Smilie
(It takes a devoted cat 'parent' to appreciate dead mice on the carpet. Miaaaooo! Cat Smiling Smilie )
And if you can find a way to bring your male-elf drawing to life...hehehe...

Yeah, and say you just saved him from a horrible fate by doing so. That'll make him eternally grateful........Very Big Grin Smilie
Yes, Loni, I quite agree! Poor fellow...

Amarie has been one busy little bee with her site-I like the revamping you've done, Ama! And just so you know, Blackie is completely loopy, but I am convinced that is why you love her...maybe pets really are like their owners after all. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Great job!
Well, good work on your site. But then I think it looked better before. And where are the new pictures? I've seen the photos over and over again. I thought you had posted some new photos. And You should not have removed the Norwegian description of the photos. That looked good. But, oh well!
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie I knew you would complain. Wink Smilie

I said there were no new pictures in the post so if you had read it you would know, but there are actually three you haven't seen there before.

No the new version is a lot better, the old one used pre made themes from frontpage, complete with background and buttons and all. This site is made from scratch. This is my work, I have set up the frames, the settings, the colours, the banner (yes that is Blackie), the background, everything. I have spent so many hours on it and THEN I could start putting in pictures and text.

I may put in Norwegian text, we'll see. The important thing was to get version 1.0 out now since I will be very busy in times to come.
your site totaly rules amarie!! Orc Grinning Smilie I wish i had those great skills And your drawings WOW their beautiful I just love them Smile Smilie I'm signing your guestbook now see you soon,
ya that's a well done site, good job!
Nice site. Blackie looks exactly our first cat now some seventeen years gone. It's curious in this context because his name was Shaya Puma, the first of that name.
I knew you would complain.

Of course! Crib, crib, crib! That's what the little brothers are about after all, eh?

Enjoy and keep smiling!

That's what the little brothers are about after all, eh?

Aboslutly! Smile Smilie

Yey! Guestbook entries! *happy happy happy*

So you are really Shaya Puma II? We used to call our old housecat for The Linx (Gaupa) since the vet had to cut her tail short because of an injury that got infected.
So you are really Shaya Puma II?

Third, actually. There was a Dungeons and Dragons character, too. A Bard.
your site is very beautiful Amarie !!! it's full of funny photos and the cat is so sweet...... Cat Smilie

good job Amarie!!!!