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Bottom of Page    Message Board > Advertisements > "CHILDREN OF HURIN" CONTEST is giving away 5 sets of Christopher Tolkien's forth coming book ’The Children of Hurin’ deluxe edition! (The books have been donated by Harper Collins.)

All you need to do is to tell us: Why you want to read ’The Children of Hurin’ in 200 words or less.

RULES (Yes we must have rules):
1) The contest will end Tuesday 17th of April 2007. Eligible entries must be received prior to midnight(GMT) on that date.
2) One entry per contestant.
3) You must be a member of Planet-Tolkien. Be sure to add your username to your entry.
4) Your entry is to be e-mailed to
5) The Planet Tolkien Council will pick 5 winners, who each will win one of the 5 sets. Our decision is final.
6) Winning entries and names/usernames may be published at
7) The Planet Tolkien Council may at any time cancel or delay the contest.
8) The winners will be contacted via e-mail or PM.
9) No one but the site owner Ant (Anthony) will ask you for your address.
10) All charges for sending and receiving of the award, taxes and so on will be charged to the winner. If you cannot pay, you cannot win.
11) If a winner doesn’t reply within 5 days, he/she will not be given the prize.
12), it’s owner, or Council members are not responsible for any lost packages.
Cool...about how much are these receiving taxes if you do win a set?

P.S. Umm..i see there are 2 Children of Hurin contest that on purpose or..? Just wanted to point it out if it isnt..
Yes it was on purpose, but I have now locked the other one and linked it to this thread. There is also a news item on the home page with rules identical to this one.

Concerning Rule 10): The taxes mentioned would be any applicable local taxes that your juridiction might levy on goods and services won. Mine levies none other than counting it towards income tax which would in this case probably be too small to worry about; though if it was gambling winnings or if I won the lottery, they would want it right away. We are trying to get a ruling from Grep about whether he might be able to cover the cost of shipping so the winners won't be saddled with that.