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Thanks all. I just wanted to make sure I didn't ruffle any important feathers....I'll start once I get the notebook home that has it in there. Byez Till then!
The Writing Guild is about writing, Loriene88. Anything creative is fine, it doesn't have to follow the book. I'll look forward to reading it.
Sounds very interesting, Loriene88. I would also love to read it.
I've decided on a name of my story:

Torn: The Final Decision
What do you do when you are torn between one life and another? One love and another? One choice and another???
The pack of Orcs raced through Mordor, dragging Sam and Frodo further and further from their destination. Neither the Orcs or their Uruk slave drivers had noticed they were Hobbits. They prayed their luck would hold. The Orcs seemed to be headed towards the Black Gate. The Hobbits didn't know that the Captains of the West had reached Mordor and were prepared to fight. They marched on for hour without rest. Frodo's strength was fading. He would not last much longer. Sam tried to keep Frodo strong, but it was no use. The weight of the Ring had become unbareably heavy and it drained what little strength Frodo had left. The thought of the unending road that they had yet to pass was no help. The wall of mountain loomed above and around them. They seemed to stretch out over the whole of Middle-Earth. And yet, they seemed an eternity away from where they were. The thought of marching to those cursed mountains made Sam's stomach turn. He knew Frodo would never make it there, and if he did, he would surely die of exhaustion once there. They continued on and did what they could to hold to their hope and strength....
(where ever there is a line of stars like above, it means I am switching from Frodo and Sam's story, to Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, and Mariesthrill's story. I will take the time to tell you of Mariesthrill now since she one of the most important characters...
Mariesthrill: For those of you who have seen my RPG posts, you should know at least a bit about her. She is the betrothed wife of Legolas Greenleaf, and the youngest child of Haldir and Maelana. She has one brother who's name is Lothirtan. Her father has trained her well in the skill of the bow and sword and she has yet to be rivaled by any aside from her father. When she was little, her father took her to Mirkwood. Haldir was a friend of Thranduil, King of Mirkwood. When Legolas and Mariesthrill met, they became fast friends. Upon seeing this, Thranduil suggested the betrothal and Haldir agreed. Legolas and Mariesthrill grew up together and after falling in love when they were yet teenagers, they were quite content with the betrothal. She wields the sword Norcanna of her father and bares a ring that was her mother's. For more information, e-mail me and I can tell you anything you need to know.)
Hey All!
I finally changed my e-mail and so I have registered under Mariesthrill now! I am SO glad I got to do that! Anyway, for all of you at home playing our home game, I WAS Loriene88. So if you see me posing as her, don't be alarmed!!!
The battle raged on. Legions of Orcs, Uruks, Southrons, and other evil creatures poured from the Black Gate. Legolas fought beside his wife, Mariesthrill. Gimli fought beside Pippin. Gandalf fought beside Aragorn against the army of Mordor. The fighting was relentless. All of Sauron's strength and will was bent towards protecting his land. The creatures under his reign were empowered by the increasing rage and fear of their master. It was all the Captains of the West and their soldiers could do to stay alive.
Mariesthrill, daughter of Captain Haldir of Lothlorien had never seen war. She fought with the Rohirrim in the Battle of Helm's Deep but had never seen fighting this intense. She had trained all her life for just such an occasion. Her fighting was graceful, almost dance-like. Legolas' was the same. Mariesthrill swung Norcanna, the blade given to her by her father. The side of the blade caught a nearby Orc, decapitating it and the one next to it. She continued to block and deal blows. As her sword began to slow her down, she sheathed it and drew the two small Elven Blades from their compartment in her back armor. She swung left and right simultaneously. Orcs beyond count fell beneath her blade. The fighting continued....
Legolas, son of Thranduil fought valiantly. Side-by-side with Mariesthrill, they cut through their enemies quickly and quite easily. He weilded his father's blade and did it no shame with the amount of Orcs he slew with it. Unlike Mariesthrill, Legolas found his sword more effective than his smaller blades. And, since he had no time to draw his bow, he relied heavily on his sword and it carried him well. The fighting continued....
Gimli, son of Gloin fought with little effort. His axe sent many Orcs to the pile of the dead. As more and more Orcs poured from that Black Land, more and more fell to the edge of his axe. Because he was smaller than the rest and was tainted with the blood of his enemies, his enemies would often take him as one of their own. He used this to his adventage whenever possible. His axe was lighter to him than to most and he wielded it better than could be expected. The fighting continued....
Pippin, the only Shireling there was lost and confused. He did his best to stay alive. His companion, Gimli protected him from a sad end. He still clung to the sword he retrieved in the Barrow-Downs and swung it when he saw it best. He, like Mariesthrill had neer seen war. However, being a Hobbit he had never prepared for it. He depended on GImli more than his sword. If Gimli was somehow separated from him, Pippin would surely die. The fighting continued....
Gandalf the White Wizard of Middle-Earth fought with all of his strength. He wielded FoeHammer along side his wizard staff. The combined strength of which made him a powerful ally and a deadly enemy. Keeping a close eye on Pippin, he fought to protect him as well as the group. The fighting continued....
Aragorn son of Arathorn fought better than the rest. He claimed many enemy lives, Orcs and Evil Men alike. He, by far was one of the most powerful Men there. For he was Isildur's Heir, the Light of Elessar. His enemies knew this and cowered before him. The Captains of the West followed him and were confindent that if they died, it would be a death worth rememberance. Still, the fighting continued without end.
Frodo and Sam pushed their legs onward. They didn't have far to go now. they wondered where they were marching to and whether or not they would ever escape. An hour had passed since they had started marching. They didn't know how much longer it would take before they reached their destination. The Uruks behind them slashed their whips and threatened against any amount of slowing in pace. Frodo's strength, and hope, and will was fading. The Ring had become terribly burdensome. He knew it was only a matter of time before he would no longer be able to carry it. Sam watched his master. He knew Frodo was weakening. He looked up to see how long it would be before they could stop. They had reached the Black Gate! They followed the company of Orcs through it and saw the battle outside. They scurried about as the Captains of the West slaughtered the Orcs around them with little effort. Sam clung to Frodo's side. If no one else, Sam would protect him....
I haven't been on in forever but I will try to be on more often. Thanks for the complement, Elbereth. I am glad you like it. I'll write some more soon.
P,L, and T!
Aragorn fought through the crowd.As he came upon two smaller Orcs, they just stared at him, fear stricken. He raised his sword, preared to kill. He swiftly struck his sword downward. The blow never fell. Aragorn looked up. He was surprised to see Mariesthrill's sword blocking his. "Mariesthrill!! What are you doing?! Why are you protecting the enemy?' he shouted. She looked up into his eyes. "Do you not see? These are no Orcs," she replied, tearing the cloaks from the creatures. "It is the Ring Bearer and his faithful servant," she said.Aragorn's eyes widened. He bent down to look at them. "You're right. Frodo, Sam what are you doing here?" he asked. Frodo and Sam were silent, just staring. They had no energy left within them. "They are far too weak. Their journey must have had a lasting effect on them. I will have to get them out of here or else they will not last long. Stay here, I'll be off in a moment. Pippin!" she called. Pippin turned in the direction of the voice calling him. She gestured for him to come over. He ducked and hobbled towards her, trying his best to avoid any stray blows or any direct hits. She looked at him. "We are leaving now. Your friends Frodo and Sam are in trouble and so I am taking them out of here, you are coming with me," she said. Pippin nodded. "Good. I am taking Frodo with me. Lead Sam and stay close. He'll be counting on you, so be careful. Come," she told him. She walked beside Frodo.
She tried to urge him on but he could do nothing. She knew she couldn't carry him, too big of a risk. Pippin didn't seem to be having nearly as much luck as she did. She spotted a clear area a bit further down the way. She decided to take the risk and carry Frodo. She took him in her arms and made her way through. Pippin struggled to keep up. Mariesthrill stopped when she had passed through the battle and set Frodo down. "Stay here and watch them both. I'll be right back," she told Pippin. She dissapeared int the crowd. Pippin watched Sam and Frodo worriedly. He feared they wouldn't remain alive much longer. Mariesthrill returned with two horses. She helped Pippin and Sam onto one and then mounted the other, Frodo placed in front of her. "Pippin come. We make for the City of Osgiliath. We should be safe in the fields there!" she called. She called out to the horses in her own tounge and they took off at top speed. They passed no one along the way. Hours passed, two at least when at last, Mariesthrill called the horses to halt. They were surrounded by nothing but clear field. The sun did not shine, but it was still light. Mariesthrill and Pippin dismounted and helped their friends off as well. For a moment, Sam and Frodo stood there, unmoving. Pippin looked at Mariesthrill with eyes full of pain and fear for what might happen. She smiled weakly. "Do not be afraid. They will be all right. I can heal their wounds, but I'm afraid that their journey has taken a large toll on them both, I may not be able to heal them as quickly as time would require. We need to get back as soon as possible, but I don't think either of them will be ready for it," she said. Pippin nodded a bit but still looked afraid and a bit confused. Mariesthrill walked over to the two jounrey-beaten Hobbits and inspected their packs. No food she thought. "Four days. My guess is that they haven't eaten in four days. Their water supply is depleted as well. I don't think they would've lasted through the rest of their journey," Mariesthrill said mostly to herself. Sam looked down at her. His eyes, as well as those of his master's where glazed over. She looked into them and then closed her eyes. Frodo collapsed beside her from exhaustion and then Sam fell as well. Mariesthrill sighed and Pippin became anxious. She placed her hands on Sam's chest and began to chant inaudibly. A white light shone from under her hands. Pippin watched, fascinated by it all. Sam opened his eyes arduously. He sat up and stretched as if from a very long and restless nap. He looked about him and was surprised to see Pippin and a strange, young-looking Elf Maiden. "Hullo, Pip! Who's your friend?" he asked. Pippin stared at him, unable to comprehend what he had seen. "I am Mariesthrill, Samwise Gamgee. I am an Elf of the Lorien Realm and the wife of Legolas Greenleaf. Do you remember him?" she asked. Sam scratched his head. "I remember the name, but me minds a bit toggled at the moment, if you catch my meanin'. So much has happened that I can scarsely recall what day it is," he replied. She smiled slightly and nodded. "Gandalf said you might be like that after all that's happened," Pippin chimed in. Sam stared at Pippin in wonder. "Gandalf? But...Gandalf's dead," he said bewildered. Pippin laughed. "Oh, that's right! You weren't there when he came back, were ya?" Pippin said. Sam shook his head.
Mariesthrill's story is interesting and I wonder what will happen next,; however, it would be tad bit easier to read were it broken into paragraphs. Happy Elf Smilie
Sorry all, Sad Smilie it's just I"ve never been good at knowing when a paragrah is appropriate. AT least I put the star thingies, right? Anyway, um I'll try to make it easier to read and all that. I"m really sorry, all. Farewell till next time!
That sounds cool.

Valedhelgwath, does anyone know how I can contact this guy buy email or something? Please tell me
Valedhelgwath, does anyone know how I can contact this guy buy email or something? Please tell me
If you are asking for Valedhelgwath's email address, it is: However, he is currently at sea, when he gets back he will be on vacation, and then moving into a new house. So his access to the internet will be spotty, if at all, until after mid August.

If "this guy" is some one else, then I know not.

If you know the person's nickname used here, you can send them a Private Message (PM) via "My Account" (in the menu at the upper left), The "Private Messages" link on that page, and the "Send" button at the bottom of the next page, which will get you to the PM form. All you do then is scroll to the persons name and fill in the other blanks and click the send button.

I hope this helps.

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I figured since I can't find my story, I might as well make conversation. Guess What? Today is my 15th birthday! Yippee! It is finally July 30th and I am now 15. I don't know if that's significant or not, but since I can't write anything till I find my story, I might as well say something. Farewell All!
Mariesthrill: Check out The Party Tree in The Forsaken Inn. Happy Elf Smilie

The rest of you: Please post your greetz there, rather than here. Elf Winking Smilie
Hey All!
Gosh, it's been what two three four months now? Well, I did end up finding my story and continuing it, I have a lot more to put here cuz I'm already on the 3rd or 4th chapter IRL and here I'm not even done with the first. But, anywho. I'm at my adopted sisters house and don't have it on me. Just wanted to leave a quick post as to what's going on. I'll try and put next bit of story ASAP. Namarie till then
Ok, I finally have time to write. I've been working on my paragraphing so it doesn't seem so long. Enjoy!********

"Ai, Gandalf has returned. He came to us just in time when we were to fight in the Battle for Helm's Deep. It has been many days since then, however," Mariesthrill said. "I'm just happy to hear he's alive. I know Mr Frodo will...Mr Frodo! Where is he? Is he okay?" Sam asked suddenly realizing he'd forgotten the single most important thing in his life at that moment. He looked at the figure at his side. "Oh, there you are, Mr. Frodo! Mr. Frodo? Oh, no. He isn' he?" he feared to speak the words, as if it would make it true if he did. Mariesthrill shook her head. "No, he's just overly exhausted. He'll be fine soon. But I must rest before I can revive him," she said. Sam looked confused. "Revive him?" he asked. "Yeah, Sam! That's what she did to you! She put her hands on ya, and you was all right!" Pippin piped in. "Yes, but what power I do have has been drained momentarilly. It will return in time, but it will be a bit. For now, we can rest and eat here," Mariesthrill said.

(Sadly, that's all I can write for now. Ironic that I said I've been working on my paragraphing but they didn't seem to show up here. I apologize for that. Namarie till next time!)
Ironic that I said I've been working on my paragraphing but they didn't seem to show up here. I apologize for that.
The problem with paragraphing not showing up in the forum, is it doesn't recognize the tabbed indent, nor even more than one space as it deletes them as extraneous fodder.

Therefore, to separate paragraphs here you should use two [Enters] (line breaks) which will result in a blank line showing the demarcation between paragraphs. This is especially necessary during conversation in order to delineate when the speaker changes.

Mariesthrill: Thanks for the story. Cool Elf Smilie You could click the edit button and add the extra [Enters] to separate the paragraphs in your previous post(s).
Marie, I've enjoyed reading your alternative ending to Return of the King,thank's for sharing & I hope to see you around. Happy Elf Smilie