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Thread: Parallel between Middle-earth and the present world (Part 1)

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OK so you basically put the whole of Middle-Earth on a map of Europe. So Numenor has to be Atlantis, and Aman should be America... and basically the Taniquetil should be the White House or something. (heh)

Harad is Africa, Rhun (without an accent circonflexe for once because i use a qwerty keyboard) is Siberia. And as the Elves awoke in the far east, Cuivenienen should be China or something. (so in LoTR movies Legolamb should have been played by Jackie Chan or Jet Li instead of Dorklando Bloom).

If i am not much mistaken i remember i saw a map sometime ago in which someone also compared Europe with Middle-Earth. I don't know if your list is close to that one.

I believe Tolkien himself compared his map of ME to Europe, or at least based his map on old maps of the region.

The action of the story takes place in the North-west of Middle Earth, equivalent in latitude to the coastlands of Europe and the north shores of the Mediterranean. But this is not a purely 'Nordic' area in any sense. If Hobbiton and Rivendell are taken (as intended) to be at about the latitude of Oxford, then Minas Tirith, 600 miles south, is at about the latitude of Florence. The Mouths of anduin and the ancient city of Pelargir are at about the latitude of ancient Troy.
- Letter 294, The Letters of JRR Tolkien.

You are certainly on the right track, bugyfeanor. Big Smile Smilie

That's really neat! Does anyone know what Michigan would be?
Cool idea, but I wonder what Iowa would be...
Mae govannen!

First of all, I would like to thank u for reading this post and I hardly wait for other opinions!

I'm working on the rest of this parallel and I'll post it as soon as I finish it. (btw, virumor, you'll see then that u weren't far from it!) Oh, and the map u talk about ... I've seen it too: it's Middle-earth over Europe, all right!

Thanks, Allyssa! It may be so, who knows?

Andrea, LadyFeawen - as soon as I find out where they are, I'll let u know! Though ... that may take a while!

Andrea and LadyFeawen: If Bugyfeanor's comparison holds, that portion of Arda which lies west of Aman was unexplored in those days and once Varda left the sphere of the world, (so that men could never again assail it) Aman and its adjoining territories remained doubly unexplored for ages to come.

Thus the New World still remained undiscovered until the Renaissance, excepting of course for the indigenous natives, who knew their lands well.

(Everyone please be careful not to get political here. This topic is studying the geographical aspects of this parallelism, not the political.)
I couldn't agree more, Grondy! This is not to be a political debate! Strictly geographical!