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Alyssa, I have a few questions.
Where do we leave the stories we want to share, under this topic or at the Fan Writings?
Do we write our comments on the stories in this topic?
Or should we open a new topic for the comments on a different story (this would mean we would open a third topic here named 'Throwback' with all the comments on your story).

I will not start about BELGIUM again, don't worry. Wink Smilie
We have been mailing about this story, but I will try to get this started.

I have a comment concerning the ending.
Like it is written now, I feel most of the tension is gone. Of course the reader still has some questions about Addaun's sister, who Gull exactly is or about all the books he has, but the climax has already gone. I think there is nothing wrong with that when this story is meant to exist alone, without any previous or following chapters. But if it is part of a bigger story, maybe you could add something (like peeking eyes or a sudden sound) that makes the reader curious about the next chapter.
This is only how I felt about it.

Anyone else has a comment?
About submitting stuff to work on:

At the moment the only options seem to be to email to me at the above address (let me know if it doesn't work) or mailing it to Taz and asking him to put it in the fan-ficiton section (especially if it is Tolkien related).

I think a good idea might be if we all sign up for a tolkien mail account and send work to each other that way. It means that it is not publically available so any new members will be a bit confused, but it seems to be the best way at least for the present. Will speak to Taz about any other ideas. Big Smile Smilie

New Members: Mail system is working Pary Smilie yay!!

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If I'm very good, can I join in too? Very Big Grin Smilie
BTW: If anyone else has a thread or topic to post, please feel free! As long as it is in some way related to writing! Read Smilie Deal Smilie
CAN I JOIN? Wink Smilie
Of course, Orimono. Make yourself at home Big Smile Smilie
Hey , Ahm sorry I think I am to stupid to understand and now I have a problem.
I have a short little poem (I dont can tell you that it is nice, i realy don't know;-) ) but it is realated (conectet) to Tolkien LotR. What do I know with this poem? I want that everybody can read it and give some intresting kritiks, especaly for the grammatic and some words.

Than you can see my english is bad (and on this day it is very bad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I am so sorry over this, please forgive me ;-))

BEy thanks for an answere.

Hello Nessa, and welcome. Big Smile Smilie

If you would like to post your poem in the Writers Guild forum, you may do so by starting a thread for yourself - that is click on New Topic at the top right.

You may then cut and paste your poem. If there is any specific issues you would like us to comment on, just mention them in the post.r If you would just like general criticism, post that too, so that people know what you are looking for.

Hopefully, you should recieve some helpful advice. Big Smile Smilie

Since your poem is Tolkien related, you might even want to submit it to the panel for inclusion in the Fan Writings section, but that is up to you. All the best!

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Thanks Allyssa !! I realy like the Writers Guild, fantastic work what you do!

Could we get this thing clear please? What are you going to write about? Is everybody allowed to join?
Is everybody allowed to join?
Yes, there are no special requirements for guild membership other than you should have an interest in reading or writing fantasy’I doubt if anyone has ever returned to this Website who doesn't enjoy the reading part. Cool Elf Smilie

I'll leave it to Allyssa to answer you other questions. Happy Elf Smilie
She doesn't seem to be around lately ,does she?