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I volunteer as a reader too.


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I would love to be a reader, Allyssa.
My e-mail is [email][/email]
Read Smilie

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me too!


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Hey sure! Let's read!


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hey sure!!!


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What the hell, why not?

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Well ok:

Smile Smilie
I am setting up a mailing list for you folks shorlty.
What would you like us to add, Allyssa?
Welcome sicyeti. Make yourself at home!
Hi, I like to read. I'm at [email][/email]

Regards - Chathol-linn the Sindarin

Also, "Elflocks - How Legolas Cured His Sister of Teasing" is ready to be reviewed. Thanks, Alyssa, for your posting instructions. I think I'm getting the hang of this!
Hi Anilorak and Welcome to The Writer's Guild.

If you would like some feed back on your work from the Guild, you can email to any or all of the above listed email addresses. All you have to do is double click on the link and then attatch your file. If you like, we will even start a thread on your work and hopefully initiate some helpful discussion. And / or we can email your work back to you with any suggestions or ideas.

Or, if your work is very short, you could even type it as a post as in the poetry threads.

When you are satisfied with your work, and if it is Tolkien related, you may ask Taz to post it in the Fan Writings section on the left there, under General.
Hey Allyssa!
I loved your story. I think that it's going to turn out to be a best-seller. In Love Smilie I wish I was that good. You had great details and are awsome at developing the characters. The dialect was ingenious, and you had no boring "information dumps", something I have found often lately. I loved Gull, he is such an interesting character.
Remember, this is only my opinion.
I think that Gaelldhen should start a revolt or something and try to take Addaun's throne from him. Arthaen should then side with Addaun, and try to convince everyone that Gull is not that bad of a guy, causing them to be driven out.
Then once outside on their own, they could do a number of things.
- Search for the true meaning of their existense.
- Set out on a journey for an ancient scroll that will tie up all the loose ends to the creation of the Changelings.
- Search for some kind of an artifact that will put Gull's soul in another body.
and so on...
It dosen't have to continue like this, and there are certainly many more ways you can go, but I just can't think of any at the moment.
I'll send you a copy of the starting of my Novel after I touch up on a few things.

Thanks for sending me... (Or my brother) Paranoid Smilie your story. It really helped me get over a problem i've been having. Pary Smilie

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Welcome to the Guild Tioneb. And glad to be of help, though I am not sure how Animated Wink Smilie

Would love to read your story as I am sure the rest of the Guild would too. That is what the above email addresses are for!

Thanks for the suggestions too, although there is a specific thread for "Throwback Expanded" where we can hopefully have some interactive discussion. Your ideas were certainly ones that I would not have come up with. This is what I hoped the potential of this Guild would be for everyone, that is to get some ideas and suggestions from others about their writing. Cool Smilie
I've recently had a few problem with my e-mails, but hopefully they are now sorted.
I'd like to become one of your readers. My address is [email][/email]

I've just written a short story about the defence of Osgiliath prior to the Battle of Pelinnor Field. I've sent Taz a copy incase he wants to put it anywhere. Failing that, anyone who wishes to read it, let me know.

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Hello Valedhelgwath.
I would love to read your story. My e-mail is [email][/email]

[Edited on 5/6/2002 by Allyssa]
re:email change

My old email was, but I recently changed it to [email][/email]. I didn't change my user name to awedan because that would just confuse me with the different passwords and whatnots. Awedan means go mad in old english if you're wondering. Thanx

[Edited on 10/6/2002 by Allyssa]
Valedhelgwath, I would like to read your story too.
Okay, I am going to try totally new at this internet
thing...not sure how it all works. But, I am a voracious reader
from a family of readers and would love to read anything that
needs reading. I also fancy myself a writer of sorts, though I've written virtually nothing in the last several years. Perhaps I'll manage with this forum. Please add me to your reader list at: [email][/email]
Thanks!! Am in eager anticipation.....

[Edited on 24/6/2002 by Allyssa]
Welcome Fion-el, and enjoy.

There are a few pieces circulating via email at the moment and some are posted in the Fan Writings section. Let us know if you would like copies of anything that isnt. Big Smile Smilie

Fion-el, welcome to the Forum. Smile Smilie

I remember when I was a newbie, (has it only been two years,) and had to ask questions all over the place. Gandalf and Plastic Squirrel taught me everything they know and I still know nothing. Well not really, they were very helpful.

If you have any questions just ask; however, unless they have to do with writing or the reading of this thread's writings, I suggest that you try ask them in one of our Taverns or under a topic a fits their subject. I'm sure someone will provide you with an answer, probably more than you wanted to know. Smile Smilie

Welcome indeed Fion-el. We'll help you out here, don't worry. Big Smile Smilie

Allyssa: what's been going round recently, actually? I only got your throwback expanded and plastic's dodgy Tolkien spoof. Very Big Grin Smilie Anything else going round, like Val's story?
Check the Fan Writings Tom I think Val's story is there.

If you see a thread in here about a particular piece and want a copy, the best thing to do would be to email the postAuthorID or post a request for it.
Read Smilie
Val has been so good to mail his story to me. Big Smile Smilie Thanks, I'm reading it now. Anyone else would like to mail stories to me?
*applauds spontaneously* Big Smile Smilie

Congratulations Val, I read your two stories and I must say I loved them. They're great! Super Wow Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie

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Val, would you e-mail your story to me again. I did not receive it the first time. (all lowercase)
Thanks Tom.
I've posted it again Rednell. Better luck this time.
You will have to teach Allyssa how to post in Fan Writings. Deal Smilie Read Smilie

Yes please, if at all possible. Big Smile Smilie
Thanks Val, I received the story, Balin's Folly. It is absolutely amazing. Definitely worthy enough to be published in a magazine. I look forward to reading more of your work. Read Smilie
Thanks Rednell, I'm pleased you liked it.
As it's not appeared in the fan writing section yet, I've sent it via e-mail to other members who have volunteered their services as readers. If any of you are in contact with other members who wish to have a copy, please feel free to send them it (the purpose of writing afterall is for the enjoyment of reading)
If any member wants a copy and hasn't yet received one, send me a postBody at and I'll send you one.
The next story I've started, by the way, is an orcish perspective of Middle Earth. I'm afraid I'm so busy at work at the moment though, that I've had to put it on hold for a short while. I'll let you know when it's complete.
Do you have "Balin's Folly" ready to post yet? I would be a lot easier then forwarding it in e-mail. You will have to teach Allyssa how to post in Fan Writings. Deal Smilie Read Smilie
I'm working on my novel and need some beta readers - thought this would be a good place to look for one or two (or three or four) - It is fantasy, of course. I have a tentative name for it, and if you have word - I can give you a URL where I store the chapters so my readers can download them to read. I need people who aren't afraid to actually say what they think is wrong (and who I can trust when they say "hey, this is good" that it actually is). I only have prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 posted (and chapter 2 may be subject to edit in the very near future) and if you don't mind the chapters coming VERY slow (at least it would be slow for me if I were reading it) I won't mind you reading it for me. This is a document I will be looking for publishers for, so you can feel free to be as critical as needed (I've worked as a journalist, and I have had my share of "rough" editors - so don't be easy on me). Send me an email at and I'll send you the URL if you are interested in reading.
I'm thinking of writing one story, writing isn't too good in English Sad Smilie. So I don't know if it would be good enough. It would be like reading a children's book for English folks among us Tongue Smilie.
Welcome to the Guild Misk. Big Smile Smilie

If you like, you could post a piece of your story in the guild (make a new topic for yourself) and we can help with some advice. If you are worried about your English, we can certainly help you out with any problems.

If you are too shy to post it in the Guild, you can always email it to any or all of the emails in this thread and we will be more than happy to provide some constructive criticism. This is the main reason we started the guild. Big Smile Smilie

Many of our writers do not speak english as their first language, so feel encouraged to "have a go" (as we say in Australia).

My email: [email][/email]

Here's a piece of the story:

Feel free to give critics if needed Elf Smilie.
I can't write, but I would love to be a reader. My email only works sometimes, and it takes me a while to check it. Here it is. I hope it works.

[Edited on 7/10/2002 by Allyssa]
Can I Be A Reader? Smoke Smilie

/\ May Be Changing Soon...../\

P.S.: How Exactly Does This Work?

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Hi Orimono.
At first it was a way that the members who were writers could share their work with other people. Over the past few months, however, with the formation of the Council, it is now possible to place our stories in the Fan Writing section on the left, so this particular section does not get used too often now.
If you write anything that you wish to be shared with others, however, feel free to send them to any of the addresses of the members you see in the previous posts within this thread. Likewise, if you put your name down as a reader, any stories doing the rounds will come your way too.

So what's your story, "Stonehenge" about, if that isn't asking the obvious?
well heres the link tell me what you think!
The link didn't take me anywhere, Orimono. I think there's an error in it somewhere.
HOW BOUT NOW &file=article&sid=1581
Greetings Orimono. Welcome Big Smile Smilie

We do still share stuff via email, for those of us who are too shy to post anything in the forums directly. We have also established a selection criteria for the Fan Writings Section, as some of he pieces submitted need editing or a little further work. I think we all like to have our best work for the world to read. Smile Smilie

Please feel free to email me anything. I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Smile Smilie
so i could post one of my stories here in the forum....?
Of course, Orimono. Feel free to start a thread for your self and if people would like to make suggestions or comments, they may do so underneath. Big Smile Smilie

I am a writer (of sorts) and would love to be a reader, but I do not want to post my e-mail adress can find it under my profile. Or could you PM?? Sorry, do not mean to sound nasty.
That's okay, Sam. But if someone wanted to harass you, they could just as easily look it up in your profile, as find it here.

If you like, you could email your email address to the above listed persons. That is the most private thing I can think of.

You could also use a hotmail address, or even use PT's mail service. Big Smile Smilie
I know, Allyssa, it's just me being stupid again...but my mom doesn't want me too...oh well. How do you use PT e-mail service? And can I start a thread about something I wrote and if so where should I put it? Thanks. Wink Smilie
Samwisegamgee: You can sign up for our email sevice at the very bottom right-hand corner of our home page. If you have any problems with this you can ask for help in our Information for Newbies! thread under help in the forum. Just remember to set your computer up so it sends your nickname instead of your real name and you should have amanimity.

I'll let Allyssa tell you how to post your writings.

Yes, by all means start a thread in the guild for your writings.

Just click on the New Topic button at the top right of the thread list. Depending on your computer and the speed of your modem, it could take a little while, so be patient. The main difference between posting a topic and posting a reply is that a topic is that you will have to fill in the Thread Title box. You might like to put the title of you r work or "Sams Stories" or whatever. You then just use your mouse to cut and paste what you want, so have a word window open with your work in it that you want to copy.

Easy Big Smile Smilie

Look forward to reading your work. Big Smile Smilie
I also would like to be a reader.

[email] E-mail me at[/email]

Thanks. I look forward to reading everyone's work.

(Allyssa> just made your addy hypertext Smile Smilie )

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