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For all of you guys:

I have changed my E-mail address. My New E-mail Is!

I'll Enjoy Some Serious Reading!

- Orimono Shujin
my e-mail is [email][/email]

{Ally fixed email thing}

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sorry about that last one I thought it was going to stay lined up.... But anyway the arrow is supposed to be a bit farther to the right... Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to the Guild, faramir. Enjoy your stay. Big Smile Smilie
I'm sorry I'm so late on this, thank you Allyssa for your kind PM (many months ago, I know! Sad Smilie ) I have finally gotten myself a Tolkienmail adress, I'd love to be a reader. It is
I would also love to read everyone's work. My email is [email][/email]
I would also like to volunteer as a reader. I didn't know a thread like this existed...E-mail me at

I would love to be a reader E-mail me at (I know it’s a dorky E-mail but it’s what I have to use Wink Smilie
I'd like to address is!
Thank you, Gilrhofal and ElberethGilthoniel.

I love to read,sign me up!
Plz dont laugh at the e-mail adress,its true!
I haven't been around for a while.
Do you know if your brother, Tianeb, still wishes to receive stories too, Anilorak, and if his mail has changed too. I haven't seen anything from him for ages.
I would like to join in too. My e-mail is:
Um, my brother (Tioneb) want to keep reading and keep posting on this site, but he can't remember his password. He also says that he isn't getting an email with a confirmation code. I wonder what's wrong...
Have him email his real name and nick to Taz using a non-Planet-Tolkien email address. Also give Taz the email address Tioneb used to register originally.
Hey guys! I am, in a way, the reincarnation of Tionoeb. I can't remember my old e-mail, so I can't get my confirmation code and new password. I had to create a new account. It's been a while because I've been really busy. I would appreciate it if I could be reintruduced into the "loop."
Thank you
Welcome back Shinuin, ex-Tioneb. You've been missed. If you needed your old e-mail to keep your old nick, it's posted on page one of this thread.
Thanks Valedhelgwath. I know that was my old e-mail, but I forgot my password and unfortunately, my secret answer to the secret question, so there is no way of logging in again. i guess it's fine though. Shinuin might not be as good a name as Tioneb, but it will do.
Anyone write anything new? I would like to read it. My new e-mail is I am about to start my own novel. Does anyone else tend to spend ages on the outline? I keep writing and re-writing the outlines, that I never get anything done. It's a fantasy about... well, when I start writing the rough draft, I'll show you.
Hey, does anyone know why when I try to change my password, I can't post anything?

As of today my new email address is
Thanks, I'll try that. The problem though is that it doesen't let me post when I changed my password. When I post something, it tells me password incorrect. I heard that maybe I have to get permission first to change it...

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How come I can't change my password?
Hey, it's me again. Tioneb/Shinuin. I changed it again. Hey Alissa, I read your story you sent me and it was AWSOME! I loved it. Can anyone help me with changing my password so I don't keep forgetting?
Can anyone help me with changing my password so I don't keep forgetting?
I can tell you how to change it, but other than picking a real word that will be easier to remember I can't tell you how to keep forgetting it. (I have a steno pad in which I record all my plethora of passwords and login names so I don't forget them.)

1) Click on My Account from menu at upper left
2) Click on Change your info
3) Scroll down and making sure you can remember it, type your new pass word twice
4) Click the Save Changes button

Next time you login, use your new pass word and everything should be fine; however, a few people have had trouble logging in with a changed password: remember they are case sensitive.
Teacher Smilie
Ok, I'll be a reader too, mine's Big Smile Smilie
Sure, I'd love to read your work!
My mail is

I'm not sure how much of the site you have explored yet, bugyfeanor, but if you haven't already found them, there are quite a few stories already in the fan writings section on the left hand menu bar.

I hope you have fun reading them.
Is it too late for me to read your book??.....If not here's my email address
I'll be a reader
Email is:
I am not sure if it is still possible to join, but I will try anyway.
I will read with interest any original ideas from authors that share passion to the fantasy world, created by Tolkien. Please consider me a volunteer. I like to be a reader.

My e-mail:
We haven't had any submissions for quite a while Ammornel; in the meantime feel free to read the previous offerings in our Fan Fiction section. Read Smilie
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