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I think that is only because he got tired of the underclassmen snickering at his mis-matched pairs. To solve that problem, he merely eliminated the common denominator; thus, arriving at the simplest solution

I never understood the purpose of matching socks. Freaky rule, if you ask me - try finding a matching pair in your sock drawer on a cold winter morning when you're late for class/work.

My rule is: if it's hot outside, don't wear 'em, and use sandals instead. If it's cold, then who cares if they are mismatched?
Yay! I like your philosophy Ungoliant! Big Smile Smilie I propose odd socks as the unnofficial uniform of the Writer's Guild Big Smile Smilie

And that we call ourselves the "Children of Tolkien" (kinda like mariners being called the Sons of Earendil).

I do so detest being called a "Tolkie" or worse yet - a "Ringer"! Shaking Head Smilie

Ha Ha Ha Smilie Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 25/5/2002 by Allyssa]
Wow Allyssa. Apart from the bit about cats and wrist watches, that list about sums me up. I cannot sit still for more than a few minutes without having something to read, and the bit about pens and stationary. I once had a friend describe my room as a fire hazard because there was so much of it lying around. My jokes are never funny.
I thought the paper fetish was just me... Thanks, you've just cheered me up no end.
Wow, I'm no longer strange... Baggins's, I hates them. They steal my paper. Wow, I'm normal.

Whenever I come across a particularly long word somewhere, I feel an unnatural urge to count how many letters it contains. Is this another symptom, or still me just being strange?
More symptoms of being a writer:

11) Fascination with the number of letters in very long and interesting words.

12) You carry around a little note book and scribble down notes everywhere you go. Even in public places, like shopping centres.

13) Your house is habitually unpostThreadIDy, since you are too busy with all of the above to clean up. Smile Smilie

Anyone with any of the above 13 symptoms should join the Writer's Guild immediately! Which is to say, come on in and make youreslf at home.Read Smilie

[Edited on 18/5/2002 by Allyssa]
Okay, a lot of these don't apply to me at all. I like taking my PC apart and fidling about with it, I can never ever find a pen when I need one, so no collection of them at all. I have a dog (who I claim I'm talking to when I am accused of talking to nobody.) and hate cats. Stationary gets on my nerves, and I have as little of it as possible. But other than that, oh, and the fact that I freak out completely when I don't wear a watch, then yeah, not far off.
I thought it was just me who kept a notebook everywhere, and unnerves his friends by writing down notes in the middle of a pub crawl. Maybe this is why I never get any writing done?
I think you may find that never paying any attention to anything anyone else says to you ever is another symptom, as well as grinning to yourself and laughing out loud in public for no apparent reason.
How very funny!
MY symptopms ar 1. 1a. 2. 3. 4. 7. 8, 9, 10, 12, 13,
I do not have 5, 6, 11. I am simply mad without a watch!!!
Additional symptoms:
14. Keeping papers unpostThreadIDy, but getting furious when unable to find something, even if it is not really important.
15. Drawing faces of my heroes & maps of my imaginary world during professional meetings and congresses
16. Keeping a lot of my belongings in neat cartoon boxes with clear and precise labels (once my friends almost died of laughter when they saw a small box with a label "Less freqeuntly worn pants")
17. Preferring a shabby flat with a beautiful view friom the window to a nice flat with an ugly window view.
18. Contacts with friends via Internet exchanges and/or phone talks provide almost as much pleasure as "real life" meetings.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Yes, I definately suffer from 14. I have finally organised my novel into one folder, with the hand drawn map pinned to the notice board so that I will not loose it. Can you imagine loosing the one and only map to your world? Davastating, since I can never quite reproduce it exactly and am quite pleased with the latest version. Loosing it would make me scream and cry hysterically.

I am not obliged to attend meetings, but do classes count? I have been known to be doing almost anything other than editing in my editing class. Smile Smilie Including doodling, and homework for other subjects. Almost have 15 then.

16. I keep a lot of my childrens toys sorted with plastic boxes, but my wardrobe is a complete mess.

17 My house almost has a view. It is on top of a hill, but all I can see are more houses and rooves. It is quite a pretty cottage, seriously overgardened (more than 30 roses), but is quite small. So it almost falls into the shabby but pretty catagory.

18. Am totally adicted to the internet. Disturbed Smilie

Good ones Eryan!

19) Grinning foolishly to yourself for no apparent reason, and even suddenly laughing out loud.

Definately a symptom! I notice a lot of my writer friends do it and I occasionally do it myself. I have tried to curb this habbit since I giggled when a friend told a group of us that her husband had severe emphysima (not sure about spelling). Serious social blunder!

[Edited on 20/5/2002 by Allyssa]
Yes! I have Number 19, too!!!
Almost scary isn't it? That there could be so many of us who have these little eccentricities? Smile Smilie
Man, I live in a scabby damp-ridden flat that has a fantastic view! And keeps me away from civilisation as well, woohoo!
But I've never organised anything into boxes, in fact I've never organised anything in my life, which is why I can never find anything and getting a computer saved my writing career as it's a lot harder to lose than a pile of scabby, coffee-stained, fag burned papers.
Less Frequently worn Pants? ROFLMFAO!!
It is my love for really detailed detaisl I think!
*pops head in* - You freaky writing types you ;p
Ha Ha Ha Smilie

"Eccentricity is close to genius" - have no ideawho said that, but it makes me feel better!

I have heard that many of the truly brilliant people in the world are considered a little eccentric. Even Einstien refused to wear socks!
Even Einstein refused to wear socks!
I think that is only because he got tired of the underclassmen snickering at his mis-matched pairs. To solve that problem, he merely eliminated the common denominator; thus, arriving at the simplest solution. Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, but you got to admit that it is just a little bit odd - err I mean eccentric - isn't it Grondy? Smile Smilie
add to the list: a superhuman ego (this stems from the fact that writers actually think that people are interested in their opinions, etc.)

add to the list: the ability to hide that ego while being stepped on by HOllywood execs, publishing execs and everyone else who isn't a writer....
I'm not sure why Einstein didn't wear socks. Whether it was mis-matching pairs, laziness, smelly feet, whatever, but he was once quoted as saying,
When I was young, I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in a sock. So I stopped wearing socks.

A little strange but who's going to argue with the man?
A Ringer?!?!?!? I'm not touching that one with a barge pole, it's just way too easy.....
Nor am I wearing sandals Golly, already way too much of a hippy to add to it.
Is it any wonder that I suffer from most of the symptoms above? Very Big Grin Smilie

Did you know that Einstein couldn't speak properly until the age of nine? Add that to the socks thing, and he's definetely not your ordinary man! Big Smile Smilie

I like wearing colourful socks. I even wore a blue and a red sock to school one day. Not that anyone noticed... So totally with you here, Golly! (been a while since we've met here, innit?) Big Smile Smilie
All my socks are black so it is impossible to mismatch them!
Must be so boring! Boring Smilie
My mum always buys me white or grey socks, and always the same ones. It's so dull! I like variation, even in my socks! Very Big Grin Smilie
Buy your own then.Big Smile Smilie
my socks all have pink in them to deter my boys from wearing them...... but it hasn't worked yet. I'm considering lacy socks next....
Very Big Grin Smilie
Val: I do buy my own socks, but whenever I come home with them I always get those silly comments. I love Winnie the Pooh, so I bough some Pooh, Tigger and Eeyor socks, but then I get these comments like: Grow up! or I though you were 18? Exploding Head Smilie
Parents have always tried to be the fashion police, usually failing. Kids will always wear what they deem is "in", especially if they have the where-with-all to purchase their own apparel. What is sad, is when parents trying to regain their youth, adopt those same clothing fads, much to the chagrin of their children.

Nothing wrong with wearing Pooh socks, as long as your young or tying to make a statement. Thirty-somethings and grandmothers should probably find a different way of making it, so as not to appear foolish. Animated Wink Smilie
my favorite socks ever are giraffe printed...I've worn a hole into the heel tragic...hehe - instead of buying me a car for my 17th birthday, my parents got me socks with cars on them...

other symptom of being a writer: you notice weird things about words. For example, awkward is a very awkward looking word...and ineffable cancels itself out (it's a word that describes the condition of being unable to be described by words)...
I agree Chicka, noticing things like that about words is something I do all the time

Like: There is no other english word that rhymes with "orange"

"stupid" really looks stupid when written (I hardly ever use the word)

"insipid" sounds insipid (dull, colourless, uninteresting).

And lots of others. Maybe we could start a thread for this? like a game?

Isn't onomatopoeic the word for this?
onomatopoeic just means that a word sounds like the action it when you say sizzle, it sounds the same way something does when it sizzles...

what would be the rules to the game, Allyssa?
I thought that since we all enjoy words, we could just have a thread to post interesting words and what we like about them or think of them. Or am I getting too bookish again?

[Edited on 5/6/2002 by Allyssa]
A funny thing about words for a multilingual person is that some languages do not have at all a particular word in their vocabulary!
When I read Tolkien in English I was stricken by the word (and notion!) of "foolhardy" ("captain foolhardy"...).
There is no such simple expression in Polish - you must use several words!
The funniest thing about it is that many Poles use to be very foolhardy!
Foolhardiness is one of the endearing traits of the human race. We elves would never dream of doing such a wozname thing, as doing so might result in a shortened lifespan. I don't even know if we have a word for wozname. Very Big Grin Smilie
English is a language with a lot of funny words in it. A very large vocabulary too. I just can't come up with any silly words right now. Can't be that hard, can it... Disturbed Smilie
Wow! Took me some time to find this thread again. Smile Smilie

I just wanted to add another possible symptom of being a writer:

- A fetish for Christmas decorations. I love them! I have way too many of them! And, I think that it is somehow related to my stationary fetish.

Anyone else? Big Laugh Smilie
In my neighborhood we tar-and-feather anyone who mentions Christmas before Halloween is over; we boycott all businesses that put up displays before Labor Day (first Monday in September); we ban Christmas carols until after Thanksgiving (third Thursday in November); and we steal all the bulbs out of the strings of light that are left hang on a house or tree past St. Patty's day, thank you very much. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

(All of the above is so much hog wash, but I wish it was true.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
In Australia, we very sensibly do not celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, SO THERE!! Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie
Oddly enough, we Brits don't celebrate Thanksgiving either.... Smile Smilie

Though funnily enough, a lot of pubs do huge parties for the 4th of July, I do try and explain that historically we really shouldn't. but does anybody listen? Do they ****.
Halloween in Australia is a complete farce.

Thanksgiving has no meaning what-so-ever, yet many Americans still seem puzzled by this - "WHAT? You don't celebrate Thanksgiving? You ungreatful heathen!"

No one has celebrated July 4 or Guy Fawkes Night (sp??) for many years, since fireworks were banned to the general public.

That leaves us with Easter and Christmas, and I hear that some Australian environmental groups find the Easter Bunny offensive...
Halloween - yuck, hate it. Just a night for all those bored fools to burn old tires in the middle of the highways and impede traffic. Not many children go door to door anymore because sickos put bad things in the apples, do they have big community parties instead. House decorating is getting gaudy with lights stuff.

Thanksgiving - What can I say, I love turkey! This is not as big a celebration in Canada as it is in the US. Just a nice day off work with the family. Yeah, I'm thankful for this one.

July 4th, nope it is July 1st for us, Canada Day. The day Canada became an independent (sort of ) country. Outdoor concerts, picnics, fireworks, parades, car rallies and all that good stuff. Haven't been to any parties at the pub, though.

Easter, hmmm. Spring. I love Easter chocolate. It tastes better at Easter than any other time of the year. I wonder if they use a different recipe for Easter Chocolate?

Christmas, ah, my favorite. I don't like the commercialism that goes with it but manage to ignore all that, for the most part. I love Christmas movies and have a really large collection. My favorites are Allister Simms in Scrooge ,the original Miracle on 34th Street and Ernest Saves Christmas. Oh, and the Christmas tree.....I love the Christmas tree. Well, I could go on forever about Christmas.
My favorites are Allister Simms in Scrooge ,the original Miracle on 34th Street and Ernest Saves Christmas. Oh, and the Christmas tree.....I love the Christmas tree. Well, I could go on forever about Christmas.

Yay! Go Ernest! I love those movies...
Ahhhh, I'm a writer! Dangerous! Big Laugh Smilie
I have many symptoms of being a writer:

1. I'm computer addicted.
2. I carry several notebooks with me EVERYWHERE.
3. I get emotional at parts of movies, like at the end of the matrix. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE?
4. I'm moved by simple songs.
5. My room is a disaster area.
6. I can't see the top of my desk.
7. If I clean my room I can't find anything.
8. I laugh at inappropriate moments because I think of other things.

Why does Nickelodeon have a Canada obsession? They're like, REALLY obsessed and sometimes it's REALLY scary. I can quote just about anything from the Fairly Odd Parents (From the older episodes): Like "And now I'm off to destroy Canada. They've had it too good for too long." Or "I've turned us into dodos! The extinct flightless bird of Canada."

9. Words are awesome, and I pick out favorite words, like now, my favorite words are: "Rifling" to look through something, "irk" to get on someone's nerves, and "porous".
10. I procrastinate and I'm lazy. I leave projects undone until a few days before, and I try to cram to study. :P But that just comes with being a writer so consumed in reading and writing, that it seems as if you have little time for much else (except taking walks in the lightly drizzling rain).
Just to let you know... you are a writer or not. Step out of the shadows Diniel! You are one.

Last night I was calculating my work in progress (too many) and my completed work, where my orginal fiction is slightly a bit more then fan fic work (but then, I am not calculating my drabbles).

Hmmm, another sympthom... Wink Smilie
11. a plotbunny nibbles at your toes and start to follow you everywhere. You only know for sure how to shake it off by just writing that plot bunny...
Where is the first part of the list? I have several of the later symptoms, such as carrying a notebook with me everywhere and the fascination with how many letters are in long words... but I can't find the first... looks like 10.
ooo... being a writer... always writing thoughts down everywhere and forgetting where they are, or coming up with yet a better idea and forgetting the really good one you just had... yes... always carrying a notebook, reading, disorganized... it's kinda cool
Where is the first part of the list? I have several of the later symptoms, such as carrying a notebook with me everywhere and the fascination with how many letters are in long words... but I can't find the first... looks like 10.

Sorry Eva, when Taz changed the site to this new one a year and a half ago all of the opening posts got left behind on the old site. We managed to salvage quite a few of them, but it looks like this is one we missed. The first ten symptoms must have all been in the lost post. When I get a bit of spare time, I'll see if I can find it in the old database.
Sorry Val and all others, we are not able to access the old database anymore. Orc Sad Smilie
It's gone?... Dead Smilie

It was always a bit of a pain getting in there, and I only went when I had to, but it was nice knowing we could always salvage bits and pieces when we needed them. Oh well.... I just wish I had pulled more of those lost posts across when I had the chance. At least we got a good few of them.
Oh, well... the responding posts have a lot of them, and apparently, so do I. If they are really symptoms of being a writer, then that is reassuring, as I generally have problems really considering myself as one, even though I'd like to.
I had similar views, Eva. Because I have not had anything published, and had never been paid to write anything, I did not consider myself to be a writer. It took quite a lot of convincing from others before I accepted that I could call myself a writer.

Unfortunately, I seldom now have enough time to write anything.
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