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Hmm I am in a competition to get a manuscript published.. made it to the final round with my orginal story .. and even if don't win the contract, I might get published in either a magazine or in a book that holds a nice collection of sf/fantasy stories.

My work consists partly of writing (for newsletters and making them), so hmm.
First off, what is a plot bunny?

Well, anyways Rhapsody, I know I'm a writer. And I panicked when I lost my family trees. ^^ turns out they were just in my other notebook. Last night, I thought my computer deleted the folder where I keep most of my writing in, and I was DEVASTED. I searched everywhere on my computer for the folder! It turns out, I accidentally sent it to the basement computer while I was moving my files from the c drive. ^^

Be that as it may, the only writing I've put in a contest in a single poem, and none of my other works have leaked out. I'm still hoping and praying that my poem will win, becuase it's one of my favorites.

Rhapsody, good luck with the contest! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
A plotbunny is...

1. A story idea, especially one that arrives at an inconvenient time.
2. A story idea that hits you and demands to be written, and then leads to a dozen other story ideas that'll drive you crazy until they're done (hence the name, the plot bunnies having a penchant for multiplying and 'breeding like rabbits'. In Tolkien fanfic they become real Nazgul Wink Smilie
3. Story ideas that the author has no plans on developing, and that the author is giving away to anyone who may wish to develop it. Once an author has given up on a story idea, it is referred to as a orphan plot bunny.

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