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And you may also try to guess who of us wrote which part!
I feel that I must also Acknowledge Gnampie's input into this story as well. She made many great suggestions that helped us keep the story rolling for as long as it did.

Thanks Gnampie.

and ditto of Eryan's post:

"What? You can't tell which parts were mine and which were the Dunedan's?...They're as different as peas and apples!" - Bilbo at Rivendel

Ha Ha Ha Smilie Read Smilie
Yes, the contribution of Gnampie was priceless, in particular in respect to the part which is still not written in detail.
We discussed many possible plots and remain still not wholy decided how the story should develop and end.
We decided to submit it in its present, unfinished version because we are curious about yet other suggestions...
And you may also guess what was Gnampie's part!
Gosh, thank you Eryan and allyssa!
But I didn't actually write anything, I only made some suggestions about what could happen. I'm very glad you liked them!
Now I've got my tolkienmail working would it be possible to have a copy of the expanded version of Throwback please.
My e-mail server was down for a week so I just received your story last night. I started it before bed and so far I really like the changes. This has good potential for publication in a Fantasy SS collection. I will finish reading it tonight.
Rednell :read
Finally got round to reading it now. I like what you've done, very good. I thought a good ending would be for all of Addaun's mates to form a kind of Lynch mob and do in him and his changeling friend, while the girly (forgotten her name, sorry) comes round to Gull and tries to stop them, so you get a kind of "oh the humanity" feel to it.
In the original story I was upset that Gull was killed and thought there was a lot of scope in keeping him alive. When you said you were working on this version where Gull lived, I thought it'd be a great tale of an unlikely duo travelling the land, perhaps learning from each other, with Gull just being a strange changeling with a human side.
Well done, the pair of you. You have written the "reality" version, where the fundamental differences and prejudices between the two races are not that easy to overcome. Addaun may have overcome the mental barriers, but Gull's odour still makes him ill... Gull cannot abide sunlight... The relationship creates tension between Addaun and his family and friends. This was a route I did not expect the story to go down, and it is so much better than I imagined it would be for doing so. I really hope you continue with this one because I am intrigued to know what happens next.
Again, well done. Excellant work.
Anilorak, I have a new story up in the Fan Writings if you are interested.
I want to read!! Please pick me! Pick me!!
On the off chance you hadn't noticed the dates Anilorak, this thread hadn't had any action in the last 51 weeks, so if you want to be a reviewer a better place to ask would have been the thread Readers - anyone please!. Or maybe I misinterpreted your request, in which case please excuse my butting in. Happy Elf Smilie
Have you not already read this story, Anilorak? The Throwback story circulated about a year ago and was then in the fan fiction section for quite a while. According to the records in my address book, you were one of the "readers" back then when this story was being circulated.

If you haven't read it, I'm sure Allyssa has a copy on disc that she could forward to you.

Is your email address still the same, by the way? If it has changed in the past year, could you go to the first page of the thread, Readers - Anyone please and edit your post accordingly if you wish to receive further stories.
I believe that I do still have a copy of Throwback expanded and yes, I could email it to you if you like Anilorak or I could post it here.

It was never actually finished, however, so I hope that it won't be too dissapointing. I have since moved on to other projects. I am hoping to get the sequel to Demons Within finished soon.