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Too true. But it's a wonderful story already. Why turn it into a novel if the story is already fantastic? Maybe making it longer would spoil it. Just a thought... Cool Smilie
When I started writing this piece I had certain ideas in my head, and wished to give some insight into how life would have been for Balin's followers, because Balin's story is an area of Tolkien's work just begging to be expanded upon. In particular I wanted to give a feel of how life in Moria would have been. Once I got started, however, I quickly realised as Allyssa noted, the subject deserves to be a novel in its own right.
Writing short stories is new territory for me, and as all my previous works have tended to waffle along to their natural conclusions, I was determined to keep this piece short. It did mean me missing out several of the ideas I had originally toyed with, however, such as Oin's death to the Watcher in the Water (which may become a story in it's own right given time), Balin's death, and also more of a "feel" of what it would be like to a dwarven miner or smith to use the smithies built by their forefathers.

Cathol-linn commented in an e-mail that she was a little disappointed that I'd dismissed the dwarven women to some extent. It is a valid point, but one that I thought about and did deliberately. Tolkien makes very little reference to the dwarven women, who the dwarves are said to guard jealously. This lack of information lends them a mystique that I did not wish to shatter. I made reference to them to highlight the fact that I believe Balin's expedition was not a small adventure, but would have been quite a large migration with the intention of creating a permenant settlement. Beyond that, I wished to keep the mystery that surrounds their lifestyle. Thanks for your comments though, Cathol, and to the others who have written to me. I find such comments useful and will try to bear them in mind when writing future stories.

As I mentioned in another thread somewhere, if anyone else wishes to read this story contact me at
Taz has enabled us to post stories into the fan fiction section now, so I've put Balin's Folly in there. Smile Smilie

Unfortunately, I haven't found out yet how to stop all my paragraphs coming together into one big clump. Sad Smilie

Hopefully, Allyssa or someone will be able to advise me on this one.
Val, I've added a helpful suggestion for you over in the council thread somewhere, hope it works..
Cheers, Plastic.
That did the job Big Smile Smilie
Each paragraph could be a chapter of writing or maybe you could just write some of the chapters as short stories if you dont have time for the novel.
And here's one of them, Allyssa. Smile Smilie
Watcher in the Water , which I've just added to the Fan Writing section is a story about Oin and the Watcher (obviously). Hope you enjoy it.