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It took us (my friend-ID: Lifehood- and I) nearly six months to finished up the story. Pary Smilie
how can I put this sto Deal Smilie ry into the fan writings corner??
You mention to us on the Council that you'd like it put up there, and eventually we'll get round to putting it up, once we've decided who's going to do it, and whether we like it enough. So who's going to put this one up guys?
Your story is currently under review by the council, Vala. We need to give some thought to a story that is likely to be controversial. A lot of people may not agree with your interpretation of Legolas.

We are also interested in some of your details (and those of your friend), like your age, nationality and where you live (if that is not the same as your nationality). We are thinking of dividing up the FanFiction into sections like: Comedy, Not strictly Tolkien, Childrens, Poetry, and so on. You don't have to post your details here, just email to:
or you can email any one of us individually if you prefer.
cant send e-mail to the given e-mail add. sorry

cant send e-mail to the given e-mail add. sorry

Try sending the information that Allyssa has requested to and I will pass the information on to the rest of the council.
Thanks Read Smilie
Your pardon Valar. We are most interested tohear from you. There seems to be a technical hitch somewhere.

If you wish to email me, you may use [email][/email]
I have copied the above story into word, and will give it a tweek here and there, and then I will email it to Vala. If Vala and friend approve of the editing, we will then consider the story more closely for the Young Writers section of Fan Fiction.

Big Smile Smilie
Allyssa: Try doing search for "asscii tables" where you can find the meaning of the junk numbers, if you can't figure out what the are by their context.
i've read the edited version of the story. it's good (great).. nice job! ;-)
Okay Vala, I will get some readers reading for you. It may take a few days, so hang in there. Big Smile Smilie