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Well I jus got bored waiting around for somebody to do sum'thing so I did sum'thing and well Rawien played along.
The game had never ended. We were just waiting for someone to do something. But no one did...what our we supposed to do wait around for something to happen. we our only human here.
I look for the one called Darous..we have many things to discuss.
Hopefully people will get back to the corresponding game playing section of this thread in another week or so, after their final exams are completed. Happy Elf Smilie
you know, it's strange. during the school term, i'm so busy it's scary. yet i always manage to make time for PT. yet now that i'm off and have nothing to do, i find that i don't even visit PT once every three days, let alone every day. i really enjoyed doing this with everyone but i think i'm going to have to fade out of this for now. but i'll be back in no time. meanwhile, enjoy!
Asteroth we continue fighting that is what. Still plenty of orcs and Balrogs out there that need killin'
none left Rawien.
Okay, Guys, i've changed my username to Rawien (thank you Taz! Smile Smilie )
Okay, Guys, i've changed my username to Rawien (thank you Taz! Smile Smilie )
That's just fine-and-dandy Rawien, but who the heck were you before; you didn't say in your journal entry either.
'Programs! Programs! Get your programs here!' yelled the vendor, 'You've got to have a program to know the players!'.
Ah, okay, by the process of elimination and the fact that ElberethGilthoniel is no longer registered, leads me to believe Rawien used to be ElberethGilthoniel. Happy Elf Smilie

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Yep yep. That was me.

What? Did i not put my old name in the journal? Oops.. Sorry
Lol hey you guys, how are you doin? Bet you missed me, well i did post sometimes, but you see, for the ones who didn't know, i moved back to Italy, and moving form one continent to another, can take a little time! Well you know I love you and i didn't abbandon you, but I needed sometime, so that when I retsarted everything, it wouldn't like blow up or something. so lets get going and play along! Get everyone back! Darous, Rawien, Gorwarth, Legolas, Elda, and everyone else! Call them, email them I don't care how we'll be all back on track, just lets do it! This role play is what made me get through my last school year, I'd know I could come here and be who ever I wanted, and I know it's like that for many people, so lets do it!
hello lass how ya been good I hope well we tried ta keep up all the rpgs but with peeps going here and there we tried r best but we'll see in the upcomin' weels what happens but welcome bacl lass and see yah in the funny pages
I see that the game kinda lost it's spunk there for a while, But I was on my hiatus, so I never knew.

I have a question. Nuldanqu’ didn't get killed off, has she? I only ask because I was gone for so long, and I haven't been able to read the 15(!!!) pages of posts. If Nuldanqu’/me is still alive, I'll get back into the game even though I'll have to catch up. Thanks!

Don't think so..we have just been playin by ear the last ween of months its been quiet so we have experinmented so drop back in anytime add a bit
No no character can be killed without his player's permission, so if you didn't give permission to be kille, you should still be alive cano! Please come back soon! Darous that goes for you toooooo!
I love you all, peace out!

Which characters are needed? I could have a go. Not very good at these role play things though. Maybe I need practice.

You can be anyone you want to be your character, or a real one... I think that for women we are missing Eowyn and Galadriel, but for men we are missing Faramir, Aragorn Gilmi and most of the other 2nd level characters, otherwise you can create your own, and to start playing, once you have signed in a character, say you just were one of the people left alive after Sauron's first attack, I'll take care of getting you going Smile Smilie

Come on in Vee and pick a fight with some bad guy theres always plenty around.

Im not gonna be here for a while Arwen...gonna be testing the game so you can continue on or wait till I return up ta you lass.
Hey can i join in?
My info:
equipment:staff,robes(blue),long sword,backpack

Um...can you fill me up on whats been going around lately? Happy Elf Smilie
If i cant fit in with the story, i would at least like to go along with the party for a while. Please
sorry! i wasn't around... hi i'm the one who started the game as you probably realized and Darous the guy who posted just above you is our best player! heheheheh he's the best to me! anyhow, sure you can play, you can do anything you want! go ahead and join the fellowship!! welcome! have you taken a look at the story itslef? do you know what happened up until now? if you haven't, just take 5 minutes out and send me a message i'll be glad to answer and explain everything to you!

Well im not gona just drop out of the story like some do Mad Smilie . so LETS GET THIS THING STARTED !!! Arwen , ignore the others, just start the game!!! Tell us where we are now,what are we doing ??? And then will go on from there...ITS THAT SIMPLE
well we are fighting uruks and im half dead and i have the ring and that's all!!!!!

oooooo...that sounds nasty. I like it !!!
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