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*Nef finds Darous's spirit form and hugs it; its all she has of the real Darous*
Right Nef I'll sign up.

Weapons:Power sword and sheild.
Background: A prince whose father has been kidnapped by
Keldor. So he sets out with the help of the sorceress to
save his father and there kingdom. On his journey he comes across Delandra after the death of her family and the two join forces to destroy the forces of darkness.

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OK, for some reason, my post was mesed up, so il repeat everything. The rules are the same as Arwen_RingBearers rules, which you can find in "Time To Play!!!" and i am well aware that there are 2 other RPGs going on right now, and we will start AFTER one of them ends. We can gain a lot of people if we wait. I am going to post my info again because i am afraid it will cut me off again, so have fun!
Ok, im back. Heres my info:
NameBig Smile Smilieelandra
Weapons:Thrydia(sword), Condra(knife) bow of Lothlorien and arrows of Imlandris
Description:Tall, long black hair, sharp black eyes, fair face, long sprinters legs.
Title:Little one/Gardeners daughter
You can see the rest on my first post

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[Edited on 24/3/2003 by Delidia]
Yuppsies. I am. Hey, you gave me that number, so you shouldnt be so surprised. We have to get more people!
OK! Big Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Wink Smilie Cool Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie Smoke Smilie yay. i am soooo happy!!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie anyway, tell some peoples!
I'll be a bad guy this time! Is that allowed?

Name: Ghash
Race: Uruk Hai
Age: He's a bit sensitive about that
Likes: Death! That's it. we have an Eeeeeeeeeevil Pere! Watch out! Come on, we gotta get more peoples!
Well its good to see alot of you are interested
Hey, i was told to save Princess Arwen for Arwen_RingBearer, so sry if you wanted to be Arwen!
So, Neffie asked me to play... so......

Name: Arwen
Age: 800 years old (but I look like I'm in my early 20s)
Race: Elf
Lives in: Imladris (Rivendell)
Title: Princess
Horse name: Asfaloth a beautiful white stallion.
Weapons: One silver sword, Hadhafang. Given to her by her father Elrond. One Elven Bow Of Lorien with poisoned Golden Arrows, Andun’ (sunset). Given to her by her grandmother Galadriel along with Nenya The Ring Of Adamant.
Details: Deeply in love with Aragorn, Man of Gondor, which will (hopefully) soon embrace his heritage and become new King Of Gondor and marry me (i get to be the queen !!!! !!!). Is one of the best she-elf fighters of her days. Known for her beauty and bravery. She will marry Aragorn and become queen of all the lands of Men and Elves.
I'm playing too! I just LOVE RPGing!
When do the other ones end? Big Smile Smilie
Name: Eglaviel (wife of Legolas)
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Lives is: Mirkwood
Title: Princess or Lady
Horse: A beautiful grey Arabian named Stormy, or Sudden Storms.
Eglaviel seems to appear in times of great need to give advice and perhaps to give someone the courage they need! She seems to come in a mist and often when someone by chance hears the soft beating of a horse hooves, they can be comforted knowing that the LadyofLegolas is near by.
Other notes: She is an excellent archer and swordsmen!

Welp. I dont exactly know... Serching Smilie
how soon will these other RPG end?
Okeydokkie then. I am a thinking we need more evil people. Come on, dont be shy! i can be evil once in a while.*cackles* Very Evil Smilie If i have to, il be 2 people, but...let it not come to that! Very Sad Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
i'm being as patient as possible!
I am twitching in anticipation!
We'll be all twitching for a while
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Yea...MORE PEOPLE! *cries* we hardly have anyone. ths RPG would be much funner if we had more PEOPLE. Big Smile Smilie
I'm twitching even more than ever! Hey Delida...I've got 1 more post than you do! Big Smile Smilie
Stinker Tongue Smilie Wink Smilie Mad Smilie Very Mad Smilie Very Evil Smilie
I prefer perfect... Big Smile Smilie btw, are u nef by any chance?
yes yes, of course! dang, why isnt anyone signing up! im sad *cries* So Angry Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Sign UP people! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What time do you chat at? *tari_over_legolas is getting lonely on her cloud
Just where have you taken that cloud? It was one of my personal supply. Wink Smilie
LOL, t’ri, im on all the time. Name a time when im NOT in chat!
Pere: That cloud is MINE! *whispers* and i have no clue where it is.
I've only chatted with you once though, and I'm a lot too! Sideshow_Bob thinks I'm making Nef up!
Excuse me? That is the cloud Nef gave me! And its mine alone! Big Smile Smilie
LOL, he does?!?! Omgosh! Well il prove it to him that im a real person, and not a fake.
OK, are we it? I guess we are it. We will just have to wait until one of the others ends, but if one doesnt end soon, we'll start anyway. And while you still can, can you pleeeaaaaasssee get people to sign up? Thanxyou!
I know! Course, maybe it's because your I'm all I'm talking about and I'm probably driving him crazy! Big Smile Smilie
I guess we are all of it, all alone in the great middle earth...
*pouts* i wont be in chat for a while, Aster. I am like a bird(hey...isnt that a song...?) and when im caged, i just cant be there. i flee. so yea, everybody could name a time when im not in chat. Good for them.
I know! Course, maybe it's because your all I'm talking about and I'm probably driving him crazy! Big Smile Smilie

(I edited a little bytheway) OMGosh! t’ri, you are sooooooooo sweet! *hugs t’ri* well, at least i know im not hated by EVERYone! Wink Smilie
Hey Delidia, I got an idea! How about you and I pm everyone on the other rpg threads and invite them to play! I'll pm on the green backgrounds and you could do everyone on the cream background! Waadya think?
Well that could work. let the people know that its here.
You know you could just start it anyway.i don't think anyone would minded.
Would anyone minded?
let us know.
*Nef is confused.
ok, explain?
ladyoflegolas: uh.....sure, we'll try. but i gotta warn you....
Why don't u and i pm people that have not signed up for this and invite them to do so! Big Smile Smilie
OKOK, but Nell was yelling at Arwen_RingBearer because she was hounding people to sign up- so lets not go toooo far!
LOL, ok yea.
Sorry babe my computer is ok it's chatrrom which ain't working and I can't do nought about that. I miss our conversations but I shall be there in spirit. So just look out for a cloud of a raven in the chatrrom and it might be me. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I was invited by the great Delidia herself, so how could I refuse? I am taking on my usual role, but...since the Title has been taken...I'll no longer be the wife of Legolas. I shall be....His sister-in-law. (I know it doesn't say he has a brother but....who cares?) Here's the 411 on my character:
Name: Mariesthrill
Race: Sindarian Elf
Age: Lost count at 2,977
Hails from: Lothlorien
Parents: Haldir and Maelana
Spouse: Thranistan, Son of Thranduil
Siblings: Lothirtan, Brother
Horse: Kanalin
Weapons: Norcanna, the blade of her father. Lothlorien Bow, Quiver, and Arrows. And a pair of small Elven Blades.
Description: Unrivaled archer, like her father. Said to be more in the likeness of Luthien than Arwen (sorry hun!) Blue-Silver eyes, Brown hair, and tall....the usual Elven stature. Learned everything she knows from her father, making her a powerful ally and a deadly enemy. For more 411: Write me.

There.....Now, c'mon guys finish an RPG so we can play....
*Delandra hugs Mariesthrill question. How do you pronounce that? Marie-s-thrill? heehee Wink Smilie I could never stick to the same name. My name doesnt fit me. I wish I had a different name.
But Delandra doesnt, an thats a pretty name, right?
loriene, why isnt YOUR nick here Mariesthrill?
Yea, Elbereth, i only read the first......5 lines? Wink Smilie
I didnt read The Silmarillion yet, but maybe YOU can help me! Ya think?
Hey Delandra
That is a really pretty name. Well the reason my nickname isnt Mariesthrill ( Mar-E-ss-thrill) is because when I joined, I had made up the name Loriene as my Elvish name. (Long story) My German Teacher, Mr. Maluvac (also a LOTR fan) gave me this name when he heard I was looking for a new one. Anyway, there's my life story in two minutes...hee hee...*Hugz you back* Bye Girlie
Well, they are both pretty!
*smiles* Thanks! I think Delandra is really pretty too! Anyways...Peace be with you!
Hehe, thanks. Yea, same to you!
So my dear when do you think this baby will be starting up then?
Hun, I really don't know.
Dar, the chatroom is so empty without you! Sad Smilie *cries* youd better get that computer fixed or else!
that will be in my spirit form don't you know that
its all we can do for now but take it easy nef and be cool
Il try
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