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Can you now...
*taps foot impatiently*
this is so annoying. Maybe we can start without, then all ya'll will get mad at me cause ya'll in the other ones.
Nef if you wanna start go ahead it's your rpg people will play along once it started.
geez, what an animal. Wink Smilie lol. (I mean that in a loving way.)
Delandra grabbs her sword and turns around expectantly, her other hand on the knife. The rustling grew louder. Then a figure clad in chain mail with wild black hair and fanged teeth jumped out of the bushes and landed on Adam, his out turned sword flinging out just in time, spearing the orc.
" orcskabob." said Delandra. "Lets cook it and eat it for lunch." She made a gagging noise as she looked at it, then winked at Adam.
Yeah, come on and start, I wanna be a bad guy. Very Evil Smilie
Right will we start or will Nef.....I think its best it Nef starts it
So.........ok, I totally forgot everything I put on this post. give me a sec.
I would expect nothing less Nef hahahaa only kiddin' babe your okay.
*spits* Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Dar wipes the spit off his shoe.
I'll let you off with it this time but have some fudge instead and a biscuit.
OK, I wanna start. So, I reread all the other stuff, and We can start.
Are you sure you want me to start? Im bad at starting things. Really. I have no idea of what to say. ...
I'll start ye off babe if If I can.....
It was cold stormy night the wind howl through the trees...two lone figures sat beside a lowly fire.
"It's has been too long now Delandra...we have waited too long....soon the forces of Keldor and the Nazgul will be too strong for us to defeat." said Adam
"Plus the life of my father hangs in the balance. So if we our to strike I say we strike as soon as possilbe."
Adam grabs a leg from the boar roasting on the fire..."Plus I know of some who will help us on our journey if Elrond fails to give us any support."
Thankyou hun
Delandra arches a brow.
"Oh? Would you care to tell me whom this mysterious person is, Adam?"
Adam looks up as he munches on the boar...."Not who Delendra but whom. That is the qyestion you should ask..." as he continued to eat the leg.
Um, Dar? That was the question I asked.
grrrrr Im in character and I said whom as in many people.....Dar gets back into character....
"Delendra I speak off......." but suddenly crashing through the trees came to shapes..."Delendra your weapon quicklt as Adam reached for his sword.
"Hahahaha" roared Adam.....
"You know me all too well my friend....but we should ready ourselves and take leave of this place."
Adam looked around him...."where there is one there will be many more. I say we find an inn for the remainder of the night and then in the morning we can plan our journey ahead....and maybe find some allies."
"Hahahaha" roared Adam.....

theres that animal again.
Delandra nodded and pulled the orc off Adams' sword. She stepped on the fire to put it out and gathered the rest of the food. Then she stepped out of the clearing and into the woods around them.
The moon flickered between the clouds and the forest was all but quiet execpt for Adam and Delendra....
"Do you actually now where yer going Adam???"
"Of course I do Del" he said sheepisly
"If we just keep going this way we'll be at the inn in no time"
"That really fills me with confidence."
As Delandra and Adam walk through along, a slight rustle is heard not far off. Delandra and Adam continue to walk and keep their eyes open for any sign of what it could be. Suddenly a tall, beautiful, dark-haired Elf stood before them. She looked at them, curiously. Immediately recognizing Delandra (from an earlier RP hee hee) she smiles and begins to speak. "Delandra, my friend. It has been far too long. Who's this?" she asks pointing to Adam. Delandra laughed realizing who ot was. "This is my friend Adam. Adam, this is my good friend Mariesthrill." she told him. Mariesthrill inclined her head slightly in respect and Adam did the same. "So, where are you off to?" she asks.
"Were lookin' to find shelter in the form of an inn but I am not from these parts it could be a long night. You look like you know yer way around these parts so If you could assit us on our way it would be very we could tell you of a our journey if you wish it."
Mariesthrill smiles and nods. "I would be honored to show the way. I know the perfect little place just down the road a few miles. It should be just far enough for you to get into your story. It's called Dark Times Inn. Bit of a dreary name, but don't let that fool you. It's a really great place. Follow me," she says and begins walking down the road.
Delandra starts walking behind her then runs to catch up.
"I really apprieciate this, Mariesthrill. So, how have you been?"
Adam plods along behind when suddenley from the corner of his eye he notices a shadow darting in betwwen the trees.
So not too alarm the others he slowly falls back and melts into the shadows.
Mariesthrill smiles slightly. "I've been we..." she begins. A sharp cry comes from behind them in the shadows. Mariesthrill unsheaths her sword and spins around, running into the dark. She catches up with Adam who holds a struggling Elf in his grasp. She gasps. "Suko-Eru! What are you doing here?" she bends to the ground to look at him and watches as Adam lets him go. He rubs the back of his neck where Adam had latched his hands. "I was following you. Your father asked that I keep an eye out for you." he said. Mariesthrill sighs. "Father, again. Why does he not trust me?" she says aloud but more to herself then the others. Delandra looks confused and Mariesthrill introduces them to her friend Suko-Eru. "He's my childhood friend and evidently my keeper now that father has asked him to watch me. Argh! I swear my father treats me as though I am a child!" she screams.
Delandra resheathed her knife.
"Fathers. They tend to do that every once in a while." She folded her hands together and looked to Suko-Eru. "Would you like to join us or go back home?"
Suko-Eru looks at Delidia. "I'd actually like to stay, if that's all right with you, Mariesthrill," he looked at her, hopeful. She sighed and smiled. "Of course, Suko-Eru, you can come along. I have nothing against you, please understand that. Father just gets a bit on my nerves is all. So, shall we?" Mariesthrill looked at the others, waiting for them to be ready and prepared to head off once more.
I hopoe you don't mind if I sign up

Height: 6'4''
Weapons and equipment: Long sword, bow and arrows, dagger
Clothing: Green cloak, green shirt, brown skirt with brown pants underneath, black boots
Skills: Fighting, horseback riding, healing, tree-climbing
Other Info: A sociable person, very good with others. Sometimes prefers the company of her horses. Loves reading and writing. Enjoys helping others, but not others helping her.

I hope she's not too tacky Tongue Smilie
Sorry, Adreia, this story has been dead a while now and I see no point in resurrecting it as many of the other players have wndered off.

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