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Meanwhile a lonely figure walks to the inn
"D*mn them accursed Elves and Thingol himself. They would not aid me and then shun me."
"I should have stayed among the men of Brethil Forest..but now I cannot...maybe I will find soltiude here for but a while."
He walks in and approaches the bar.."one ale barkeep"
Beleg had been silently watching the poor man as he talked with the inkeeper, and when a bag clinking with money was passed between them, his interest hightened. But only when the man turned and walked toward him did Beleg fully realize that they had been talking about him. It made him slightly uneasy.
Beleg eyed the stranger. "I just came in last week, if that's what you mean." He had seen this cloaked figure around, but had never realized it was a woman. She looked dangerous, and he was going to ask her who she was when he noticed another man talking to the barkeeper with a sour look of anger on his face. He wondered why the man had cursed the name of Thingol, and, more importantly, if there was any justice to it.
The traveller saw that the figure at the window was watching him...."Why does he stare...does he wish to talk or fight we will soon see."
And he finished his ale and approached the window gripping his hilt.
"Why do you stare stranger do you wish to talk or something else"
"Why do you curse the name of Thingol?" Beleg asked. He wasn't sure who or what this man was, but his hand was on his sword hilt, and that was enough.

Beleg continued, but not before placing a hand on his own dagger. "One would think they have done you harm, from the way you curse him and his kin."
"Do not approach situations which do not concern woman..." shouted the hooded one.
"My business is way this one...but if you need any particular help.." smiled the hooed one "well I'll see what I can do ..hahahahahahahaha.
"Do you honestly think you can treat a woman that way?" Beleg bellowed at the man. "Come back!" he shouted to the woman, who was now half way across the room. "Who are you? And for that matter," he said, rounding on the man in front of him, "Who are you?

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"You wish to know I am...i am the Master of Doom, Master of the Dark Shadows which follow me wherever I go." and he flung back his cloak and his armour shone with a pure white light..
"I am Turin son of Hurin and if you wish to battle then I swear you will fall." and then he grabbed Gurthang and prepared himself..." So my friend what do you wish death or a drink my friend."
"You'd like a Bacardi chere..." smiled Turin would that be wit' coca cola or diet...wha' I say chere you need no diet..." smiled Turin.
"Now you stranger who wish to try my patience..."Turin bent down and whisipered to the stranger..." The Red jewel or the blue jewel. You choose."

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"The Red." Beleg stated. He had been startled by this stranger. He didn't know what to make of him. Firstt he's almost killing everyone, then he's offering them a drink.
"I am glad my friend now I shall not kill you come let us drink and tell me of yourself"
"All right." Beleg agreed. The stranger seemed friendly, once he wanted to be. Beleg decided to carry his sword with him everywhere from now on. No telling who you might run into.

"My name is Beleg." He paused, waiting for the stranger to introduce himself, briefly wondering where the dark stranger who had been talking to the innkeeper had gone.
"Well I know of you already Beleg Strongbow...tales of your feats have even reached my ears..As for me well as I said I am Turin Turambar. Son of Hurin Thalion and that is all you are privvy to at the moment..." then Turin and Beleg sat and drank "uhmm so this is Beleg then" pondered Turin "if he is here then it is not a co-incedence...something is happening and my thoughts turn to Angband and my bane...."
"Come Beleg tell me more for the night draws near and soon I must hunt" spoke Turin

"Well then," Beleg replied, "if you must know I am here seeking a travelling partner. I'm heading northeast. That is all you are privy to at the moment." If this was Turin, then danger was not far off. And Beleg had all the danger he had a stomach for at the moment.

But it would be nice to have someone like Turin on the quest he thought to himself.

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"When evil stirs then they shall come together" thought Turin "That is what was written could it be after all these years that finally....somehow the offensive will begin" as Turin kept his thoughts to himself.
"I must watch this Beleg and and see what transpire"
"Then you shall have Turin by your side Beleg."
"But now Beleg if you want I am hunting orcs now if you'd wish to join only have to ask." as Tuirin waited for a reply.
From the back a cloaked figure watched all that was transpiring.
"how did they find me, d*mn these accursed orcs" and Turin fought the orcs with all his heart.
"Most interesting...I wonder how he will fair against these odds. and will the others help.
"Thank you friend" roared Turin as he lunged at a orc "Now we shall drive them back."
Beleg had bolted up to his room and come back down so fast that hardly anyone knew he had gone. He threw himself into the orcs by Turin and the stranger, smiling to know that his adventure had begun: he spotted Anglokh, leader of the Orcs of Angmar. "Save the one-eyed orc for me!" he cried to the others. "I need to question him!"
"Save your questions for another time we kill orcs....but I will try not to kill it."
Turin checked his belt and found what he was lookin' for. He grabbed his crossbow and aimed at at the leader and fired."
"What have you done" shout Beleg as the orc fell to the ground.
"Do not fear he is simply knocked out" shouted Turin as he continued to fight
"Just make sure the other orcs don't take him!" Beleg yelled to the others. "If they do, you'll pay for it, Turin!"

Turin fired a stare at Beleg.
"Oh trust me they won't take him....none of them will be left alive once I have finished with them...."
Then Gurthang gleamed as it swang threw the air...
"Who else wants some" roared Turin as he beheaded orc after orc...."Now Gurthang you shall have blood...but it will not be mine...."and Turin grabbed the fallen orc and locked it in a closet after kickin seven shades out of it...
"Hahahahaha....come now orcs let us dance"
"Yep," Beleg muttered under his breath "that's Turin."

Beleg then turned and faced the few orcs that remained.
"This is the best laugh I have had ina long time" shouted Turin as he grabbed a orc and fired it threw a window.
After beheading and/or gutting the last few orcs, Beleg ran over to Anglokh.

The orc was breathing. "I have to admit: you're pretty good, Turin."

Beleg checked around for Amade, and noticed a stranger in the corner. He hadn't moved through the whole attack.

"Thanks for the help" Beleg said.
"I'm the best at what I do Beleg remember that"
roared Turin as a orc came running at him....."Behind you" shouted the stranger and with the speed of lighting Turin swung round and the orc fell to the ground and its head rolled slowly over the floor with a just grin on its face.

Turin surveyed the area and saw no orcs remaining....."Well that was a good work out my friends..what say we all relax..anyways I'm feelin' a bit peckish"
"Well then, Turin, if we can find the barkeeper, and your offer for a drink is still open..."

"Stranger we have just fought a horde of orcs and now we shall have some ale...if you want I you make drink water no no no Barkeep bring this fellow some tea." roared Turin
"Now Beleg tell me why was this orc so important to you..."
Suddenly, a tall dark figure darted through the door, and made a line for the barkeep. Both Beleg & Turin leapt to their feet and drew blade, but none could withstand the dark figure's errand. With a fierce cry he drew a long knife and drove it into the barkeep's back. A high shriek came from the fat man, and he dropped the tea Wink Smilie , but lo! His shape was as nothing, and his clothes laid upon the floor.

"Good evening," said the stranger, and with a wink he walked out into the shadow of night. Turin and Beleg gave each other a smile and burst out into laughter.

"That crazy Gilrhofal," remarked Beleg, "always killing off barkeeps!"
Turin looked on..."Who was that fool hardy lad then...he be wise to watch who he draws his blade at. Otherwise he will have a very short life especially if he trys it with me."
Then from the back came a cry..."What has happened to my father...where is he !!!" from the back a young girl ran out.
"He is the keeper of this in..." I heard a commotion from out the back and I came to see if he was ok. Please I see you are of good fortiude and character, as you defeated these orcs. Where is my father???"
Turin turned to Amade " I knew this would happen"

Turin approached the girl..." I shall not beat around the bush young lady....your father is dead."
"What" said the girl as all colour drained from her face.."He can't be dead he just can't be." she fell to her knees "no no no no no" as she beat the floor with her fist.
"How did it happen who did it???" shouted the girl as grief turned to anger.
"Ah well one of the of the cowardly orcs slayed him as the battle ended and then he left.." Turin turned to Amade.
"Take over here please while I talk to Beleg." and Amade talked to the girl while Turin went to Beleg.
"Beleg do you know anything about this Gilrhofal but mainly his whereabouts....I would like to have a chat with him."
Beleg tried hard to remember what it was that Gilrhofal had said to him. It seemed so important at the time...

"I know nothing for certain," Beleg said to Turin. "I have only spoken with him once. He is staying at the the Silver Beech across the way."
"Well I say we pay this young fella a visit...I think this young girl deserves a reason why her father is now dead."
"Allright." said Beleg. "But first let me tie up this orc." Beleg bound the Anglokh's hands and feet, and, after checking him for knives and the like, tied him to a post. "How long will he stay out?" he asked Turin.
"Well he'll be out for as long as we need him to be"
Then the orc suddenly wakes..
"Turin he's awake" shouted Beleg
"Not for long" laughed Turin who then grabs the orc and throws it against the wall and gives it a good hiding.
"There its out again." laughed Turin
After making sure the orc wasn't going anywher, Beleg said, "Well then. Let's go see what Gilrhofal has to say for himself."
"Good cause I think this Gilrhofal needs a good seeing too"
Turin and Beleg left the inn and made there way down the street....."We our being followed Beleg!!!!" said Turin
"We are" replied Beleg
"Yes but lets not let him know that we know....we must find out if he's friend or foe"
The two walked down the street and then Turin spotted an alley breaking off to the side.
"Beleg in here and follow my lead."
Dark watched from above the three. "Hello! he yelled. Who is your alligance too?"
Beleg whirled and saw a figure watching them.

"I hold allegiance to all enemies of the Dark Enemy," Beleg answered.

"Who are you, and to whom do you hold allegiance?" Turin asked the figure.

"Answer briefly, and wisely," Beleg told the stranger. His hand was on his sword hilt. "My sword has just finished singing, and would delight to be drawn again, if you be a foe."
"We have no time for this" roared Turin as unsheathed Gurthang and leapt to where the figure was standing
"Speak now and tell no lie or you shall feel the cold steel of my sword!!!" as he held him in a sleeper with his sword hovering at the neck.
"Beleg" shoted Turin..."Watch the other one this could be a trap."
"I am allied with all who are not of evil"
Beleg walked over to the entrance of the ally, searching for their pursuer. He found nothing.

"Turin, I don't see them." Beleg turned back to the man Turin had at swordpoint. "And what is your name, stranger?"
it started to rain suddenly.
a voice came from behind Beleg as a whisper to his ear
"his name is Dark,"
beleg turned to meet nothing but a breeze of air.
a figure appeared as though risen from the drops on the ground. " I have met him once, just quick, and I've been following him, from the shores. Something told me he would take me to you Beren"
From her voice beren could tell that she was a girl but he wondered how she knew him. He couldnot recognize her, for she was cloaked and could only see her long golden hair peering out from her hood.
"You are very stealthy. I did not hear even once, and how do you know my name"?
"I have heard of you and I wanted to see if you could join me on my quest, for I need help to find the man that killed my friends who were journying with me. And the others too, I could use their help. I am going to the northeast also and I was wondering if I could travel with you for some days and then take my leave to where I must go. Where have you left Amade? I think the girl you left with her might be useful."
"Um, who is this person, what is his name, why did he kill your friends" Dark asked.
"Yes this is all well and true.." roared Turin as he held his sword..
"But be wise....if you try a stunt like this again then you will not have to worry about avenging no one as you would meet them so enough...once I am finished with you."
Then Turin released Dark and through him to the ground...
"We will talk of your plight later quiet one but first there is a young urchin who needs a good seeing too."
"Beleg shall we go and finish this business and then see what this cadre of vagabonds want."
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