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Dark rose to his feet "I fail to see what your angry about" Dark said. "Not that really matters but I would like to know".
"Not that it matters" roared Turin
"Do you know who you trifle with young our lucky I do not kill you where you stand..." the blood roared through his viens and it cried for vengenace.
He jumped down from the roof and walked to the dark one...."You dare mock me young one I should kill you where you stand and feed yer guts to the nearest rat. Quite thy tongue or face my wrath I am death incarnate I am thy doom I am........"
Beleg runs to Turin......"calm yerself now is not the time and this is not the place Turin."

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"enough quarreling, lets get going back to see whats done of the child."
"I think the child needs time to grieve for her father....and not to be dragged over this land."
"If she wishes to come with us let her mourn first and we still have this business with Gilrhofal which needs resolving."
"Then let's get going, and we can all see about Gilrofal, then go back to the inn and attend to the girl. And Turin," he said, turning to Turin, "when and if we meet Gilrofal, keep your sword in its sheath, until it is needed."

Beleg stepped out of the ally onto the street. "There's the Silver Beech" he said, pointing to a ruddy-looking establishment.
"Right then my friend" said Turin
"I think it be best if you go first...incase I lose myself."
"Good idea," Beleg said. He crossed the street, and entered the Silver Beech Inn.
"This is quiet a nice area" thought Turin to himself as he waited for Beleg to return....but then he saw a lone figure standing at a corner....
"I know that face"
"who is it?" anatea said coming close to Turin
"After all these years of searching....and she is here....."
He left the others and ran to the figure.....
"It is I, Turin do you remember???"
But then startled figure turned to Turin and then ran off down a alley and vanished....
"Nooooo" roared Turin as he fell to his knees.....
"Da*n you...why to you do this to me..."
"you knew her from before as it seems, and it seems you have searched for her for a while, who is her? what does your past and her's got in common pray tell." anatea was concerned about him, he seemed really dissapointed and hurt.
"Hold thy tongue woman and ask not of matters which concern you nought...." growled Turin
anatea stepped back, but in her thought she said "I wish I could help him."
At that moment Beleg came back out of the inn. "It seems our friend Gilrofal has skipped town." he said. "Took off right after he stabbed the barkeeper, it seems."
"Da*n that cowardly fool" roared Turin as he drove his sword into the ground.....
"Very well then we shall take our leave of this den of flith and go where we our needed but I shall not forget Gilrofal and should he cross my path then he will feel the cold embrace of Lady Death."
"out of topic" I will not be logging in for I'm leaving my home for the next two weeks, on vacation, so anyone can add anything to my character if you'd like, please and thankyou! cya in two weeks!
karla (anatea)
Beleg looked back down the street. "We should be getting back to the inn. The others will wonder what has happened to us," he said with a laugh. With that he headed back toward the Blind Begger Inn.
Turin grabbed the hilt of his sword and yanked it from the ground...suddenley part of the stone went flying through the air and crashed through a window........
Then from out of a doorway shot a wee old woman who went straight to Turin
"What do you young scally wags think yer doin' comin' round these parts and causing trouble...." yapped the wee woman while she was waggin' her finger...."why back in my day we never had new trouble..the street were cleaner the air was colder and we got our milk fresh..."
Turin looked to Beleg.." I will kill her if she doesn't shut up I really will."
A smirk slowly formed on Beleg's face.
"Now what are you gonna do about my window...its near winter and the snow will be comin' plus that nasty chill always affects my cats toilet habit....."
Turin turned to Beleg..." Its Melkor in disguise it has to be...he is going to bore me to death with old wives tale..."
Turin stood as the old woman yapped at him.....
"crud we forgot about Amade...and I dont fancy another ear bashin, one is enough for today..."
Turin gave the old woman some gold pieces left her yapping....
"People lets get back to the bar"
They headed back to the bar, and found Amade there, The girl had stopped crying as it seemed. "Shall we take leave then and head our way? I have some things to deal with a "friend" of mine who seemes to be missing the company of my dear sword." anatea smiled at the thought of killing one who she hated most.
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