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You are in small mountians you walk down a small gully and there you so an elf, with his sword drawn swinging it about, and fighting a small red dragon...You rush to asist.

Race-Dark Elf
apperance-looks pretty much like an elf...with a sword, and a spear. Gaia only wears dark clothing

ooc-yes there is gonig to be a story besides us killing this one dragon, which will be told shortyl after this dragon id dead.
My profile for now:
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Name: ангел (angel)
Weapons: Sword, for slicing up orc and the sort :P
Appearance: Somewhat short for an elf,thin from long journeys and work. Black gypsy eyes and short,wavey black hair,and dark skin. An interesting looking she-elf. Wink Smilie
Allegance: Good (for now)
Race: Elf
Hey! Cyrillic! Me wants also! How did you do that?
Pleased that he actually has some help to win this battle Gaia lays another hit on the dragon. Seeing that has no effect on the dragon he picks up his spear and hurls it at the dragon. The spear makes good hard square hit into the chest of the dragon. The impact of the spear makes suck a loud noise it echos. The noise of the blast is followed by a very loud and painful cry.
Halbarad rushes to help Gaia the elf.
He is a man, race and gender. He comes from the North, one of the Dunedian rangers, he is. He has black hair to his shoulders and grave grey eyes.
Halbarad wears much leather, as all rangers do.
Atop his back hangs a rough black cloak, perfect for disguising.
His sword, Estelnen, hangs at his side.
He draws closer to the Elf and draws Estelnen.
He manages to lay a hit upon the dragon, but is quite perplexed why it is not effective.
Observing the fight from behind a rock is a elf. She is waiting for the oppurtune moment to lend her help.

Race/gender: (look up)
Weapon: quarterstaff, shortsword, and mace
Appearance: copper hair, emerald green eyes w/ gold flecks, slender, worn clothing
sorry, i'm sure u don't need another elf, so if u want me to be another race, let me know.
Looks:normal for a elf
equipment:has some heavy warm looking clothes on him.Looks like he has been somewhere cold. Has two longswords named Shard and Frostmourne.

the elf comes behind isidien and pokes her gently. "Come on!!! Dont just stand there, lets go and get us a pieace of that dragon!!!"
Giving a sigh of defeat, Isidien puts her quarterstaff on the ground and runs after Etharion, mace whistling through the air.
Etharion runs up to the dragon and screaming his battle cry whacks the dragon on the forehead with his sword and says " Oy you!! Yes you hothead. You oughta calm down right this second. Look at this! Youv burned the whole place down to cinder. I wont have it. Sit down right now while i see if we can clean up some of this." The dragon never seeinganything like this in his entire long life sat down and thought about what just happened. Some pointy eared guy comes up and starts yelling at him. He tried to remember what his mother told him about these situations, but couldnt really grip it.
Isidien stumbles to a halt next to Ethy, completely suprised by what she is hearing. She figures that she might as well go along, so she puts on a stern face, shkaing with all the laughter she is holding in.
race-human from Rohan
allegiance-mostly good
age-13-often acts older and all who dare call here a little girl recieve a punch in the nose.
weapons-one large, long sword and a couple of concealed knives
apperance-long golden-brown hair pulled back in a braid, blue eyes, tall, slight suntan, wears a wide variety of clothing that never includes dresses or skirts.

Nila, after observing the battle for some time decides to join in. She walks towards the dragon and produces a large bucket of water which she promptly dumps over the dragons head. The dragon shrinks to the size of a small kitten. "That's the only way to deal with them when they get like that." she said and put him in her pocket. "I think he will make a very charming fire lighter."
(If you do not like what I wrote just let me know and I will delete it.)
"Aye they dont make dragons like the usd too! Oy what ar you doen here little lassy?" says Etharion when he sees the young one aproach and soak the dragon." I saw this dragon first, so dont abuse em." Whats your name girl?"
"My name, elf, is Nila and I am no more abusing the dragon than the person who stuck a spear into it. If you would rather have it back to its normal, fire-breathing state, just let it warm up a bit and it will grow back to normal size. Oh, and don't call me "little" unless you enjoy having a broken nose."
Isidien walks up and taps Ethy on the shoulder.
"now might be a good time to apologize Etharion. He can use rather inappropriate words to describe lass. I"m Isidien. What's ur name?"

isidien put away her whip, and stuck out her hand.
"Ah right right youm are lassy..upss! Never mind that. its just an old custom of my, human. You said your name was Nila, right? Nice to meet you. Im Etharion. Put that whip away, your gona hurt someone. Just kidding. Your rather good with it now."
"i've already put it away! Not to mention that ur the only person i would hurt w/ it. btw, Nila.. that is ur name isn't it? Don't mind Ethy. He has a hard time breaking habits."

Isidien walked over, retrieved her quarterstaff and walked back over to Ehty and Nila.
"Nice to meet you! Oh, by the way, I don't mind that much if you call me lassy, I hate it when people use the word little when discribing me. Say, does anyone have an idea as to what we should do now that the dragon has been er... dealt with?"
Name: Riniel
Race: Wood Elf
Age: can only be guessed due to the depths of her eyes
Sex: Female
Weapons: Large jet black horse named Venganza and a rather evil looking falcon that sits on her shoulder whose name is Rungel. She carries 2 elven short swords and a curious looking staff in her left hand. She is wearing chain mail and much more leather than any elf has ever cared to put on. It seems that she isn't the typical wood elf. She has light brown skin with bright emerald green eyes. Her hair is brown with a red tint in the sun.

A fierce looking female warrior rides up to the group and tries to shout, "We need help, we've been attacked without warning! Help us please!" Just then she falls off her horse in a dead faint. Her falcon lands next to her and looks ready to defend her from any person who wishes to do his master any harm. The warrior has many wounds and seems to ridden her horse hard to get to someone. The group now seems to found something to do for now.......
hitting Ethy on the arm with her staff, Isidien rushes to the side of the young warrior, eyeing the hawk carefully.

"we'd better go do something Ethy. Um, Nila, would u mind looking after the dragon and the unconsious elf on the ground? And it doesn't have anything to do with ur age or experience, i promise."

with that, Isidien grabs Ehty's arm and begins dragging him toward the direction the elf and horse had come from.
Name: Creilyn
Age: 22
Race: Half-elf, half-human, perhaps, from Lothlorien
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has rather short, dark brown hair, brushed back behind her ears. She has grey eyes, and the pointed ears of most elves can barely be seen on her. She carries blueish-colored short sword, and a jeweled dagger. A bow is strapped to her back, and a quiver of black-shafted arrows hangs from her shoulder. She wears a dark green cloak, a light blue shirt, black pants, and black boots.

Creilyn wanders curiously up the human girl kneeling beside the downed elf. "Hello, young master. My name is Creilyn and I was wondering what was wrong with your friend here. I am a healer where I come from, so I thought I might be of some service."

"Oy! But some cute elf chick just came! Cant we stay even for a moment? No? Darn it!" he starts running fiercly remembering how he is still eager for combat."Aye lassy, were gona chop them all up!! And then well maybe even take a look who they are!!"
Amari’ was here
laughing at Ehty's infatuation with nearly everything that's female and walks on two legs, Isidien quickens her pace as she and Ethy continue.
Whats infatuation? sounds like inflation. Is it bad? So Angry Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Riniel begins to stir on the ground. Creilyn calls the others and they come running back. Etharion quickly comes over and attempts to help her to her feet. Just then the falcon hops up on her shoulder. Etharion backs up quickly watching the falcon out of the corner of his eye. "It's ok Rungel I'm not badly hurt. Who is this? You haven't attacked him have you, Rungel?" She askes the falcon with a look of seriousness. She picks up her staff and appears to break it in half. A liquid as fluid and as dark as the night flows out of it. She drinks some of it and slowly seems to regain full health. She quickly looks up to see all the others looking at her oddly. "What, I'm fine now." She places the staff pieces back together and mumbles some strange words and with a flash of light the pieces are reunited. With a quick look around she calls for her horse. "Venganza, where are you?" As soon as she says her name the large mare comes direcly to her master and nuzzles her in the chest. "Now, I believe that before I fell off Venganza, I was telling you about what has happened to my people and fellow warriors. I will tell you the rest of the story if you wish but I must be quick I haven't much time....."
hey Ethy!
if ur infatuated w/ something, it means u like it to the point of obsessiveness...
no harm meant i swear. :P
Creilyn looks over the girl once again, and satisfied with what she sees, backs up and away from the glaring falcon. She turns and is startled to see other people standing there. "Did you just call me cute, elf? What wouldst thou name be, who chooses to gawk at me? And you, too, lady elf, what is your name?"

"Well, my name is Nila, and this is Isidien, and he is Ethy. Ethy is very infatuated with females, but don't worry, if he gets out of hand I have a dragon in my pocket you can borrow. Now, I believe the formerly unconscious elf with beautiful mare was saying something important. Would you please continue?"
"Well our troops were doing patrols when out of nowhere this large group of orcs somes running at us out of nowhere. I do not understand how we did bot hear of sense them in some way. I belive that there was an air of dark magic about them." With that the some of the group's eyes flick to the staff Riniel is holding. "Oh don't worry this isn't dark magic," she said as she gestures to the staff. "This was given to me by me father. He had to do a lot to get me to be able to fight with the other men. Anyway we killed all of them but as soon as we got the wounded and dead back to main camp we found out that another even larger group of orcs had attacked our capital city and many were dead. We need help and I barely got out before they all but overrun the city. We need help and quickly. If you know of other warriors and soldiers that can help can you reach them?" Her eyes have taken a grave light now and they look desperate like this is killing her ton talk about this."Please I need your help." Now she just looks desperate and totally lost......
Creilyn steps foward. "I'll help you," she says, slinging the bow off her shoulder. She turns and looks at the others, "Well, what are you waiting for? There are innocent lived in danger, or am I the only one who cares about that?" Creilyn said, her voice turning to a slightly condescending tone. She fitted a black-shafted arrow to the white oak bow, and stared at the others.

"I'm coming to! Orc-bashing is one of my favorite things to do. Ethy, Isidien, you might as well come willingly because if you don't, we'll just drag you along with us. Let's go!"
"Yes, Ethy, come and help me fight these orcs. You seemed most eager to fight before, or are you now afraid?" Riniel asks Ethy with a wink and a small grin. She steps up to Venganza and tightens the girth strap. "Alright Venganza are you ready to do this again? Rungel let's go now." The falcon lands on her shoulder and looks at the others eagerly. "Don't any of you have horses?" Riniel asks them, "It is a long way to my kingdom and even there will still be a lot of travelling to do. I thank you for being to eager to help me and my people on so short a notice. However we will need to leave now if we plan to get there as soon as possible." She turns her mount in the direction that she came from and set Venganza off at a canter. Rungel left her shoulder and flew ahead into the sunset...
"Oy, wait up!" Nila whistles loudy and a large roan stallion comes running. "Come on, everybody, I think old Rufus can carry us all. We can't let her get too far ahead. Unless your not coming? If your not I'll just let Rufus give you a little nudge in the right direction." (Which happens to be the same direction Riniel just went)
"I'll take a ride! No needing wasting energy before a fight."
Isidien got up behind Nila, still holding her quarterstaff defensively.
Creilyn jumps up behind Isidien, and laughs as Eth tries to do the same, but misses, because Rufus decides then is a good time to go. Rufus goes after Venganza and Eth finally catches up. He jumps up behind Creilyn, and off they ride after Riniel.

Riniel looks over her shoulder and laughs. To see 4 people on the same horse is funny, no doubt about that. "Let's go Venganza we can't let them beat us!" Riniel says with a little giggle. Rungel is flying ahead when all of a sudden he returns to Riniel's shoulder. He looks agitated and upset. Riniel looks ahead and sees a dark spot on the horizon. "We seem to have company, not unexpected though, I knew that someone was bound to see me and follow me. Ethy you'll get to fight sooner than I thought." Riniel reigns Venganza in and trots along side Rufus. "We'll have to fight smart to win. These orcs are much smarter and stronger than your average orcs. But don't worry about me I'm ready to do battle again." Riniel kicks Venganza toward the dark spot and readies for battle. The others were left in the dust.........
"Riniel, wait for us!" Isidien cried, but her words were lost in the clouds of dust as Riniel rode on.
"No thank you. Its to crowdy on this horse!" Etharion pulled a large tome out of his cloak and listed through it."Aha,yes" with a few gestures a shadowy silluethe of a horse appears, he mounts it and starts riding as well."This is better. I always keep this handy for these events. and Nooo im not afraid of a bunch of yrch!! Inm fact its weird how im sorounded with women all the time."
Eth is a ladies' man...

"Yes, well, now that Mr. Ladies Man has helped lighten the load a little for poor Rufus we can finally catch up with Riniel, I hope. Oh, and I think now might be a good time to put our pocket dragon to use. The orcs are getting pretty close." Nila pulls the mini-dragon out of her pocket and points it towards the oncoming orcs. "Ok dragon, listen closely. We are good. We have food. They are bad. They don't like dragons. Go kill them!" Nila then strikes a match on the dragon and gives it a kick in the right direction. The rapidly growing beast heads for the very freaked out orcs. "Come on, everyone, let's get the party started! Its have fun killing the orcs day!"
"Yeah! Orc killing time! Let's go kick some orc butts!" Isidien said, getting her whip out.
"Arggghh!!!!!! yells Etharion in no elf manner at all. More likely some crazed irish demon slayer...
And them of course is the obvious orc bashing that takes place now .....not for children under 11........
Riniel now puts her short swords to work. After being so weak a few moments before, she is an enviable fighter. She becomes surrounded by orcs, suddenly she pulls out her strange looking staff. She swings it over her head and chants some strange words in a strange and dead sounding language. All the orgs within a 10 foot radius drop dead. As soon as they are dead she returns to using her swords once again.
"Ah yes . I ordered one of those "Snufs all orcs close by" staff from Magics Illustrated but mine worked only on cochroaches!" yelled Etharion over the clamour of the battle. He then resumed reapeatingly to swing his two swords on the poor orcs until they were a sad bunch indeed.
It took about 30 solid minutes but all of the orcs were killed. Riniel put her short swords away and looked around for any signs of living orcs. "Well that was easier than I thought it would be. Venganza, Rungel, where are you?" Her mare trotted up to her with a small, but deep looking, cut on her right front shoulder. Rungel flew up from the now bloody and mangled head of and orc and landed on Riniel's shoulder. "I hate it when you do that Rungel. Can't you just blind them and not eat them? Oh well Venganza how are you girl? Let me look at that." She looked at the wound and them got out her strange staff again. He broke it and this time instead of drinking the liquid she rubbed it on the wound and said and pressed her hand on it while she said a strange incantation. There was a soft glowing from under her hand and then when she moved her hand the wound has gone. Riniel looked at the others that were not battle worn, "Do any of you want some of this?"
Creilyn shook her head, sliding her blue sword and dagger into their respective sheathes. She picked through the orcs, and plucked a few of her arrows from their foreheads or necks. She hooked the bow back over her shoulder and looked at Riniel, saying, "Where to next, Riniel, my friend?"

Etharion set fire to the fould bodies of the orcs and walked over to the others with the glow of the fire behind him and the expanding shadows that came with nightfall. "My work here is done. I now leave all you ladies here. Maybe i come again soon to check on you all." he winked at them and walked off down the hill towards a small clump of trees and some hills.
Creilyn waved him off and turned back to Riniel. "Like a stated a second ago, where are we off to now, Riniel?" she asks. She looks all about them, and seeing nothing of interest, turns back to Riniel and notices that Rungel is staring at her. She holds up her hand, like a white flag, and turns around to see if she can see what Rungel is staring at, if it's not her. She doesn't see anything, and sits down on a rock to wait for Riniel's response.

"Night is falling so we will head out for my city's capital at sunrise. I suggest that we all get a good night's rest. Fighting is tiring work and I do not believe that none of you are weary." With that she walked Venganza down the hill after Etharion. Rungel took off from her shoulder and flew above her head into the sunset
Some time later, Etharion was on some of his buissnes when he saw the shadow of a bird.He knew it was Rungel and he smiled.
Crielyn jumped up, stretched her legs, and followed riniel without a word.

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