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Isidien runs and catches up w/ the rest of the group
Riniel stops Venganza and takes the pack off her saddle. Then she unsaddles and brushes her down. Then she begins to set up camp. She is a little distance from the others. She is still a little unsure how much to trust these strangers. She called Rungel to her shoulder. "Keep an eye on them Rungel. We aren't out of the woods yet and we don't know who is commanding these orcs. We should still be weary yet." With these words, Rungel took off once again. She smiled at him. She longed to fly herself but was bound to the ground and she still had to save her people....
Creilyn sighed as she thought about what she might have gotten herself into.

A soft breeze blows the mane of Venganza and Rungel peers about nervously. Riniel looks around and calls the party to a stop. A cloud moves over the night sky and blots out the final faling light. Suddenly in the distance a ravens call is heard and Rungel contiunes to stir worried for his mistress. A shadow coalesses into the corperal and a hooded figure stands before the champions. "Turn from this path for it leads only to shadow and death. There is more evil in this world than orcs and goblins. Do not presume that the thrulls of a master are the measure of their masters strength." With that shadows once again consume the figure in darkness. The call of the prophetic raven is heard again and the clouds move from the sky and reval the new moon, leaving the companions in total darkness.
Riniel looks at the others and isn't sure what to think. "Do any of you know who that was?" The others just look stunned. Rungel is still visibly upset and so is Venganza. Riniel turns her back to the others and speaks to Rungel,"Do you know who that was Rungel? I know that you might have some idea, will you share it with me?" The falcon considers his mistresses words then replies with a scream and shriek that made Venganza spook with fright. "All right, I thought so. He is a deadly enemy indeed. We cannot share this with the others," Riniel turns back to the others. "All right we should try to get some sleep tonight then be on our way to my capital city tomorrow at first light." With that , Riniel walks into the mists and makes camp by herself...
Creilyn looked at Isidien and lifted her eyebrows. "Is it just me, or was that odd? And did, did Riniel just have a conversation with a bird?" she asked.

"No, I saw it too...I was just about to ask you the same thing. How peculiar, I wonder how she does it, you?"
As you make camp you find a stone bearing the rune E on it and some odd squigle.
Riniel was heard through most of the night singing softly and beautifuly. She seems to be singing about her fellow warriors that have fallen in battle. It is a sad thing indeed. Her words are stricken with grief. The others hope that she does not die. It is true that elves are immortal but can die from battle or a broken heart. Sometimes she stops and speaks softly to Rungel. Sometimes he replies but other times he remains silent. Before she finally falls silent she is heard saying, "These are truly dark days Rungel. If we are not careful all that is good and beautiful in this world will be gone. I do not want to think about this but we must. Let's get some sleep tomorrow will be a long day." With this said to her falcon Riniel seems to have finally let her grief overcome her as she can be heard weeping in her sleep...
Nila, however, ends up spending the whole night worrying about Riniel and the strange man and trying to remember the spell to make a handkerchief appear out of thin air. She also starts wondering if Rufus actually can talk too and how many bones she would break if she tried to ride the full-sized dragon. Eventually she pulls out her flute and moves off into the woods to practice.
Creilyn sighs as she sits at by the fire, shoving ashes 'round with a stick. She glances around the campsite once more and spies an odd looking stone. Upon closer inspection she realizes that it is a rune. They haven't been around for years, she thought. Unless, unless it belongs to a mage... She walked quietly over to it, and called Isidien over. "Hey, Isidien, what do you make of this?"

"well, the weird squiggle looks like an E to me...maybe Etharion left it, not that it makes anysense unless he's been here before but...oh well"
(Hope it's okay to join in on this!)
Name: Adreia
Race: Half-elven
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Appearence: Long, light brown hair that's wavy, cold yet sparkling grey eyes, cloak of Lorien, brown somewhat baggy pants, green shirt, black boots
Weapons: Longsword, bow and arrows, a couple of hidden daggers, her grey mare Shadowdancer

Adreia appeared out of nowhere and hid behind a rock, keeping her horse Shadowdancer by her. She watched all the commotion around the area and debated joining in or not.
As soon as the first rays of the sun appeared, Riniel was awake. She feels better now that she has had time to mourn for her friends. She approached the others out of the mists that were still lingering near the ground. "We should head out now, if you are ready. I know that you have found something that mystifies you. I do not care to know what it is or what you think of it. I want to save as many of my people as possible. " She said this to the group and turned around. She walked back to where she had made camp. They could hear her talking to Venganza and Rungel. About 20 minutes later she rode back to where the rest of the grous still was and asked how many were ready to embark on thier dangerous journey. She turned Venganza toward the rising sun and nudged her sides and once bagan the journey to her capital city...
Creilyn, shocked at the slight coldness in Riniel's voice, shrugs as she realizes that Riniel just wants to save her people. Since Isidien's old horse looked more the worse for wear, Creilyn shook her head at the proffered ride. She puts her fingers to her lips and whistles, a shrill noise that is too high for human ears.

A beautiful black stallion comes running to her from nowhere. She mounts the horse and it turns its head to nuzzle her chest. She whispers softly to the horse in elven and it takes off after Venganza. "Run with all speed, Argyle, my friend" she whispers to pale black stallion.

The horse's muscles ripple under its shiny hide, the winds seems to not be able to catch it. Soon she is in sight of Venganza and Riniel, with Isidien coming up not far behind.

Adreia mounted Shadowdancer quickly and rode after Icefangs on her beautiful stallion, soon catching up.
"Hey, what's all the ruckus my friend? Whatever it is, I'm not going to be left out of it. My word, what a beautiful horse ye have there. Quite a magnificent creature. I hope you don't mind if I ride along."
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