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I will be starting my new guild,The War In the north might need some help so all fans of tolkien are welcome

The Tramp of mailed feet echoed through the Encircling Mountains.The host that had come through the Mountains three days before had been well stocked and provisioned and full of the valiant people of Gondolin The seven walled city.Now the army had lost a quarter of it's strength due to Morgoth's demon army that had clashed with The banner of Fingon and the Seven sons of Feanor.What resulted was the Nirnaeth Arnoediad,The Middle earth's worst battle ever,and ecthelion knew it too

Gildor received Tugions summons, and hastened to his halls. "I have a quest, which only a few valiant warriors who work in secret can accomplish. It shall make the city of seven names (not walls) forever remembered as the chief foe of Morgoth. You will be a part of that quest." GIldor looked up grim-faced, "yes my lord."

"With you shall be the captain of the guard, Ecthelion.He is brave and true,gifted in foresight and in many virtues .Also  Nalchar, Floi,and a few others who showed  their strength in the Nirnaeth.The quest is this:The pass of Anach is holding now a large host from Dorthonion. The orcs have joined with the cursed brood of Ungoliant,and yes from the Ered Gorgoroth .You shall waylay a large company of these. Their plan:to find and map out our dwellings. You my trusted servant must stop them with Ecthelion and the select others,or we will be in peril!"

"I shall go, but first we must find the others. I shall scour the city for them, and spread the word that they might come to you and aid us."

"I should be not hard to find," said a voice behind Gildor.It was Ecthelion. I will break the news to the guard,then i will find Floi and Nalchar so  we can get started."       Gildor  was silent for a moment then spoke up:"Lord Turgon needs this to be done and it shall be done,Ecthelion my captain and kinsman i shall be at your side wherever you face danger."

Footsteps were heard from the hall of Turgon.There two brown haired Elvess walked stately into the room."Floi and Nalchar at your service," they said." We have heard of the quest and will take part,our homeland must be safe from the fell beasts of Morgoth.The others have been ordered to take part,but they did not need to be pushed into coming."     "Good,"said Ecthelion," We depart as soon as the provisions and stock a packed." Gildor Inglorion was ready for the most perilous adventure of his long lifetime.

That night,as Gildor was wandering in the dreams of Lorien,Ecthelion and Turgon were having  a council of war. Sothey talked deep into the night until they decided what would be done with the probing fell beasts of Morgoth."My lord Turgon we must go in secrecy or our strength shall be found out,we must employ our ways of victory through swift arrows and bright swords,but only in secrecy shall we be able to beat the dark lord,maybe."                                                                                                                                                      "Yet you say maybe,but you are my captain of the guard,and you know best in matters of arms,we shall beset our foes with the steel of Gondolin!"  Ecthelion looked thoughtful as he headed through the doors of the hall.

That  dawn,Ecthelion and the others,were taken on the backs of Eagles and flew for a moment out of the beautiful city of Gondolin.They were going light carrying nothing but the weapons that they had intended to bring.All carried bows but each had their own specialty.Gildor's was a spear.Not a flimsy piece of wood that men made,but it was out of the ore of the earth,forged in the armory of Gondolin.Ecthelion was expert on every kind of weapon,Floi wielded a axe,Nalchar a great bow of Mallorn.The Eagles set them down but said:" Tis the order of the king,if any of you bring peril on your heels,Gondolin will be shut to you,and you will die in the barren peaks of the Encircling Mountains.But farewell and may the light of Varda and the Air of Manwe delight in your company." With that the eagles flew in their graceful and majestic forms of wing.  Ecthelion raised his hand and said:" First we shall ambush a host of spiders come from the Ered Gorgoroth,then our band will come from behind and split the cursed wretches apart." That is it,move down this peak before it becomes impassable with snow."

"We shall never ambush spiders, for their webs will already be about the land, and they shall ensnare any who venture to close." Spoke Gildor.

"Then what would you have us do?" Replied Ecthelion.

"We may make a loose ring about them, and thusly encircle them with fire. None would move towards the flames, and the circle would close tighter as the fire grew. None would be unscathed, and the survivors slain before help could come. First, however, we must search the lands about them that no foe, orc or spider, could come upon us from the outside. For if any report to Morgoth we will share the fate of the Mormegil."

Suddenly Nalchar stood fast, and his face was grim  "You council for the burning of an entire countryside, which is hardly more than that host shall itself shall do? How then can we call ourselves the protectors of Middle Earth?" 

Ecthelion looked at the elf with a face bright and terrible. "A pasture is worth a chance to smite our foes. We are no longer the protectors of Middle Earth, we are now the lone survivors."

"I remeber what Huor had spoke of before he was slain:From our peoples shall the fate of Middle earth become fate. We must burn out these foul creatures so that the simple Men,our kindred the Eldar not enslaved by this malice of Morgoth Bauglir may not choke out the light of the children of The One."     We will track the  paths of the spiders and destroy them,for then if they join the orcs they shall befuddle our senses.Don not let them bite you for they will spring upon you with sudden strength," said Gildor.  Ecthelion lifted his voice above Gildor's: " Let's be off,we tarried here to long.Nalchar lead the way if you may."

"You are not going anywhere without us," called a voice from behind." I bring news from Glorfindel,who was worried that too few had been sent.Eight score he commanded us to go in,and we shall be needed before the end i deem."                                                                                                                                                              "Your warriors might endanger our mission,but i do not grudge you to come with us.We have many leagues to travel yet,and we are going light,so come,quick and fear no darkness," said Ecthelion. They picked up their weapons and followed Floi,who knew the lay of the land better than any.Soon they darkness was laid upon Arda like a thick heavy fog and the elves even with their eyes could find it hard to see three feet in front of them.They made camp that night in a hollow next to a twisted old beech tree.They did not use a fire for Gildor said it would attract the very creatures they were hunting for.Days and nights followed and still Floi read the path.With out notice,he raised his hand for a stop and said:" We have picked up their trail,for we have turned around to their flank soon we will be upon them,and they will rue the moment the spread their hideous webs in our Mountains!"    " I can even smell spider from this distance," said Gildor.  "Oh but their is no distance,i have keener hearing than any of you and can hear their foul sounds here," murmered Ecthelion." Their close."

"Too close. Hush, or we shall soon be flies." After a long while Gildor spoke again. "Swiftly, make a ring about them."

They made a wide circle about the spiders, and then each piled dry wood in a line, such that each joined with the neighboring piles. Then fire was kindled, and the sound of flames drowned out all else. The ring drew close, and the spiders hissed, the orcs made a great clamor of noise. Then they moved outward, and the black tide of foes drew close to the fire. Even as the nearest spiders came burning-close to the fire, something dark reared high above them. They were cast aside, and a shadow, huge and horrible, neared the flames. They flickered, and then flowed from the wood towards the shadow. Gildor gasped, for behold, a Balrog was among them!

The spiders and orcs ran as a wave of the sea, and crashed into the elves. Ecthelion gathered together as many as were near, and they fled.

" Run for your lives,try to backtrack behind them!" yelled Ecthelion.The elves faltered and glanced behind,some shooting ill marked arrows and then ran off.Some the orcs and spiders overtook,leaving the body's of foes and friends alike.The balrog caught more than a few with it's large scimitar,incinerating them into ashes.The orcs next to the demon went mad around it,and they became fiercer than ever.Gildor swung around behind a slag of a rock,and hurried off a few missiles.They found their mark in the eyes of a spider and it screeched and then crumpelled to the ground,dead.The Elves were soon outdistancing their enemy's and they hid in the Lair of Ecthelion.So named because he found it outside of Gondolin for hunting parties.They pulled a large rock over the entrance and laid down to  recover.Gildor looke around,the company had lost a fourth of it's strength,and many others were hurt.All ready the company seemed ready for disaster.

The rocks crashed. The ground shook. The whole of the cave was as a war drum. Then laughter boomed harsh as stone.

"We must fight him here!" cried Gildor.

"Make ready your weapons, and hide the wounded!" Shouted Ecthelion.

A score stood ready. Rock split. The mouth-stone burst asunder, and the Balrog stood alone before them. Flame poured from his hands, and the cave was filled with smoke. Amidst the choking darkness nothing could be seen save the flames growing ever brighter. Gildor crawled out of the cave, turning he found elves stumbling out, or crawling as he had. A noise like thunder came from inside. They ran. 

After rushing far from the cave they came to the forest where they had been hardly more than an hour ago. The sound of battle was heard within. Only Ecthelion had still the courage to look. He pushed through the forest till he came to the battle. Men stood many and strong, axe-wielding, they rallied around a captain tall. He wore a helmet of gleaming metal, a dragon atop it. In his hands was a huge black sword which smoked in the blood of his enemies.

A soldier at the back spied Ecthelion in the brush. As he approached Ecthelion ran. Being still weary he was overtaken quickly, and the man drew a sword.

"Stay your running, craven, for deserters are to be slain!"

Ecthelion turned wordlessly and drew his sword lightning-quick. Its point found the mans throat, but he stayed his hand. No words were spoken. Frozen, the man looked upon the grim-faced elf and dropped to one knee. Ecthelion raised his sword and cleaved the mans head from his shoulders. He wiped his blade on the grass and returned to the survivors.

Ecthelion glanced behind himself after slaying this man:The Balrog was tossing Elves left and right with it's scimitar,and his company were fleeing in all directions.Except a few.Floi was hewing many orcs down with his battle ax and Nalchar was coolly shooting down spiders.Other Elvesrallied around these two and the enemy started to flee except the Balrog.It roared and Gildor quailed and wonderd where Ecthelion was when he crashed out of the forest,breathless."Lord", said Gildor:" Flee for your life we can hold them here,for a little while longer,go back to Turgon so it can be known to him that a Balrog is in the mountains."        Ecthelion replied." May Mandos bring you back Gildor Inglorian,for you have just performed a noble deed.I am off," he said,and took running out of the forest like a rock out of a sling

Gildor returned to the battle, fending of the Balrog with his massive spear. His friends died one by one. The orcs streamed off, joining the battle with the men in the forest, and leaving the Balrog with Gildor.

"I fight thee, that my lord may escape, and in time return."

A voice spoke, as harsh as stone, and whispering  with cruelty, "Your leader is gone, never will he show himself to me, for he is a craven, and a fool."

The Balrog drove Gildor back, until he stumbled and fell. He strove to rise, but the Balrog drove him down to one knee with a blow. He looked up, and shouted his last words.

"You shall never win. For there is a light in the west which does not dim. All the malice of your master can never again darken it. Aurë Entuluva!"

Then the Balrog swung its scimitar.

Ecthelion,paused from running,looking out from behind him.Then he felt the pang of conscience,of killing that man.It had to be done,he thought.He would have given away my position to the Balrog.Ecthelion thought of Gildor and his sacrifice,and he thanked him.                                                                                                  The scimitar swung down.And the mangled and deformed head of Gildor rolled down the barren hill of rock.The Balrog kept swinging it's cruel sword,mashing Gildor into the quagmire of blood.The sound of the orcs died away and the Balrog rumbled it's hideous laugh."The Eldar have no hope,for the Mighty Lord shall crush thy Gods.If they are kings.He kicked the carcass of Gildor off the hill with his foot and watched it's fall.

Running. That was all he knew. Pounding of breath, legs like jelly. Finally, he found some half-decent tracks. The elf had run, and left his comrade to die. Now, there was a Balrog on the loose, and he needed the help of an elf lord in order to stop it. After an eternity, he saw a gleam of armor ahead. Then a sword was at his throat.

Then slash!He knew no more. Meanwhile,not all the elves had been slain.Floi,Nalchar,and a handful of others had descended off the hill down the pass,and the Balrog heeded them not.Instead he sent orcs under his command,nearly 400.The elves were weary and hurt,but the orcs were fresh and agile.They fell upon them during the chase.The company shot their arrows till their arrows werre dry.More orcs came.They broke upon the elves like the sea against the rocks.Floi hewed the feet off one and smote another to the ground.Slowly the elves died. "There are too many," screamed Floi.     "Fight on Floi," cried Nalchar.They were finally overwhelmed with a pile of dead orcs at their feet,and they went to join their kin in the Halls of Mandos.

The Balrog snorted in it's victory and it's footsteps echoed through the Mountains as it departed. Ecthelion camped that night at the foot of a low lying shrub that had taken hold of the mountainside. He thought of his companions, Gildor and his heroic sacrifice, of Floi and the others too. They were all slain. And what more could they have done? For against a Balrog of great power none could defeat, save a warrior of great skill. He thought of Gondolin and his king Turgon, of his chief champion Glorfindel and dark and smug Maeglin. The man Tuor and his wife Idril, no Gondolin will not fall, it shall be the only havens outside of the West for the Eldar of Valinor.

"You must not run from your fears Ecthelion."

Ecthelion turned slowly to find a man before him. Bleeding, he barley stood. Ecthelion knew by his face and by his wound that he was the one who acosted him before. "How can you stand?"

"I cannot" So saying he fell before the feat of Ecthelion, who looked with sudden pity upon him.

Good job , guys !

It's a pleasure reading this.

Oh, thanks, we will welcome you if you want to join, the more the merrier.

I wish my English was good as yours so I could contribute.  I will cheer from the sides on this one.

Oh well, if you ever feel like joining in, go right ahead. So what if your English is bad, I am sure it will be ok enough for you to make good contributions. Whatever you want to do is fine, but it would be nice if you could join in.

I will start it it up again.   "Woodwose," said Ecthelion, i do not rue that i pricked thy course hide of your skin, such as you were chasing me. I do not take those words lightly that i turned and bolted from my companions, my kin gave me the duty. Against the power of Morgoth men have no hope, only Gondolin."

"You have dealt me my death blow, unless fate be otherwise. But you must not allow this Balrog to escape, for not even the blacksword can prevail over such a foe."

"Not even the son of Hurin, even if he is held in esteem by the king, will not defeat the Dark King. In secrecy must Gondolin survive the storm of evil, so go on your way, man of  Brethil, and die in a way that seems most fit for youself." The man stared back and said:" I followed you to help us beat the demon of fire, and you almost  had me slain, yet now i understand. For the foul creature shall find Gondolin, and many shall perish in the fall." the elf commanded the man to depart under pain of death, so, the man picked himself up from his spot and prepared to leave.

"You will find your courage before the end, Ecthelion, and then none shall stand before you."

So saying he stood fully and in his eyes was a strange spark, which had not been there before. Then he took a step forward, stumbled, and fell.

The man groaned, then fell silent. The elf stared up at the sky and then checked behind himself. Once again he left for days on the trail they had started out in the beginning. Forty days and 40 nights he treked across the barren mountains until he reached the landmark of the tree. Ecthelion sniffed the air with his fine nose and smelt:he was not alone.

"What news do you bring to Gondolin, Ecthelion of the fountain?" Said the Eagle

"I bring news for Tugon, and he, first and alone, shall hear it."

"A shadow has crossed your heart, Ecthelion, I shall fly you to Gondolin, but you would be less of a burden without it."

The eyes of the eagle seamed to pierce into Ecthelion's very soul, and he felt as a looking glass. Always looked through, but seldom looked at.

Ecthelion wearily clambered onto the eagles back, pressed his face to the eagles mane and spoke softly, 

"Thank you"

END of part one

We will see if any would like to show up for the second part. Maeglin, Tuor, Glorfindel, more of Turgon, and a new secret character whom we will be revealing today. Thank you Curufinwe for the help, and hopefully more will come to join in  the adventure! Thank you!

                                                                    MALICE OF MAEGLIN:PROLOGUE


Morgoth Bauglir,the  CURSED Vala of Angband was brooding on his dark throne. It had been a fortnight since the Battle of the Unumbered Tears, Nirnaeth Arnoediad,in which the flower of the Eldar withered. Morgoth had a few thoughts that troubled him severly. Turgon's host had escaped destruction from the battle,but how? He needed to find Gondolin at once In anger Morgoth stomped his scarred legs on the black coal floor. Angband rumbled,his monsters quailed and the sleeping werewolves at his side howled. The big black scars opened and the floor was coated in his evil blood. He began to think again. Nargothrond  he knew was also a menace,but Glaurung the golden dragon would destroy it. OH yes,he would. Doriath could nothing but defend its northern marches,but he feared Doriath for Melian the Maiar dwelt there. The Sons of Feanor were all still alive but there power was broken,and there people scattered or slain. Still he deemed that an assault on the Eldar would be to risky considering the wounds his armies had taken. Morgoth shifted painfully,the crown with the duo silmarils weighted down heavily on his head. The claw marks on his face started bleeding,"curse Thorondor," he said. The walls of Angband rumbled again. He remembered the day in which he fought Fingolfin high king of the Noldor.Fingolfin had given him seven great wounds on his legs. But Grond,his war mace had filled the earth with craters and Fingolfin had stumbled into one.The scene shifted back.Morgoth put his foot on the elf.With the last dying stroke Fingolfin stabbed him in the foot, crippling Morgoth for life. In wrath Melkor was about to smote him into the dust when Thorondor lord of the eagles clawed him in the face,bearing Fingolfin to his people. Morgoth wanted to crush the Eldar into the earth,but another thought came into his dark mind.He would assemble a large host of 80000 orcs,werewolves and one of his greatest servAnts, the dreaded fire demons."I will crush the hole hiders,i will decree this. I am the Master of Fates in Arda."His voice was terrible,like thousands of swords being broken and volcanoes erupting. His thirty foot frame stood up,and he thought once more.opposed him would be swept away by the easterlings. Morgoth got up,came through his dark black door,and went up a winding stair.At the end of the stair,at the base,he issued his host. On the plains of the Augfaulith,his army was gathered.600000 orcs,not to mention hundreds of dragons,Balrogs,and nameless things. Pointing to Gothmog captain and lord of Balrogs to get him one who would lead his troops.Gothmog yelled to another demon near him in a harsh powerful language.Then the Balrog gathered around him 100000 orcs and werewolves.Then with a great clamor of horns and trumpets they tramped out of the hideous gates of Angband.Morgoth watched as they turned towards the unkown direction to find the last hope of the Eldar in Beleriand:Gondolin.

As a seemingly infinite number of foul creatures emerged from the darkness, the earth shook beneath their march of fire and steel. Each step echoing its death throughout Arda, even stretching  beyond the distant regions of Beleriand. Slumped low in his wooden chair and half asleep, an old merchant sat at his usual crossroad in the forests, where each path was reliable, all leading somewhere eventually, unless Melian deemed otherwise..

"Father! Come quickly!"

The merchant jerked up in his chair and had to consider a moment what he heard, yet without hesitation shouted, "I'm coming, Naya!" He heard another shout and ran to the small pond behind their camp, where his daughter would often play. As he pushed the brush aside he saw her standing rigid next to the pond, blankly staring into the dark water.

As the Merchant approached her side he reached out and put a hand on her shoulder, yet she didn't release her look from the pond, but simply held out a hand and pointed.


Staring into the motionless darkness with great anticipation, he waited. He had no idea what to expect. The seconds passed like hours. Until he saw it. A small ripple in the center of the pond. It started small but spread out quickly, reaching up to the grassy shore. Standing straight up with curiosity he looked all around for a cause, a falling berry from the canopy, a water insect just taking a dip, a misdirected gust of wind; but there was nothing. Nothing but silence. The world was completely still. Where normally there were the songs of birds, there was nothing. His daughter's hand remained pointing, frozen in place. It would seem like time itself had come to a stop, if it weren't for the unbecoming ripple in the center of the pond.

He could feel the waves stretching into his heart, a feeling of terror he hasn't known since his time in The Wars. The merchant knew the local stories, he heard the hushed secrets. The Dark Lord was looking for something. Or, perhaps...he has found something.

Thee old merchant thought of the legend elven city called Gondolin. He remembered how they came to the aid of Maedhros, Son of Feanor. This city was one of the only known cities left of these wodrous folk. The Dark Lord was extending all his thought towards it, yet like at Doriath, could not pierce the mystery shrouding these hidden fortresses." We must go now, come my daughter, and this is too terrible of a answer to answer if you had a question why we must go."

"What was that?" uttered Meaglin.

"My lord, it was likely one of our outermost tunnels caving, for we have not used the supports in recent journeys."

"No, those tunnels were solid rock, hard as iron, it would take another to collapse them. Go forth, my servant, and find the one who seeks our city unhindered."

"It shall be done."

Duilin hasted to his task, and before long came racing back. The tramp of mailed feet followed him.

"Stay, stay yourself! Who pursues you such that you will not heed your master? Be he friend, or foe?"

"If he is friend or foe is not for me to judge, but he is rash!"

"What race is he, and how has he come upon our tunnels and so destroyed one?"

"I shall tell you how I came upon your tunnels! You mole-elf."

The two elves turned, and saw before them a most shocking guest.

Ecthelion breathed the sweet airs of his home, Gondolin. Glorfindel his second in command was in the halls of the King answering questions. The expedition had been a disaster. He the only one who was still alive, had come past terrible horrors. But most of all Maeglin troubled him deeply. The prideful elf had been a subject of esteem since his arrival, but since the coming of Tuor, he had been jealous of this fateful man ever since. Maelin was moody, often sticking to his tunnels, often of late too. "It's good to be back here," Ecthelion spoke aloud.

Ecthelion thought about the men he had killed. What shadow had passed over him? They had done no wrong worthy of death. Surly given another chance he would not kill men. Good men, who made war on orcs ceaselessly. Suddenly, he heard a great clamor at the door.

"Who attempts to enter the high halls of Turgon?"

"It is I, Duilin, there is a problem in the tunnels, we need your help!"

"Of what nature is this problem?"

"There is a...guest...who does not wish to follow our laws, he may escape and report our location."

Ecthelion raced to the doors and flung them wide. A strange and unwelcome light was in his eyes. His hand was on his sword.

"Take me there, swiftly!"

Ecthelion met on the way his Officer, Glorfindel, who noticed something was up. He wore a silver coat of armor. His helm was in the shape of a sickle with a large iron eagle on the top. He was carrying a large steel shod rod with a double curved blade at both ends. He caught up with his sprinting captain and talked as he ran. " My lord, Lord Turgon has felt the presence of another being in the district. And the Lady Idril's  escape shaft is finished, in secret. No one knows but you my lord, myself, and the Lady Idril and The Lord Tuor. The tunnel is as you know just under the guards' quarters and Maeglin will not be pawing around there hopefully. The time might be near for departing this great abode, and at least we have a secret route that the mole Maeglin does not know about. Have i done well my Lord?"                                          "Yes, thank you for the information on the tunnel, about Maeglin, well, i know that he is a dark and moody and curious elf. And yes, this miner of Maeglin's company has just brought those new's to, so  come and keep your weapon ready!"

Ecthelion, Glorfindel, and Duilin finnaly reached the tunnels. They stood weary for a moment, before Ecthelion spoke.

"Hurry, for we can not allow any to escape, for the betrayal of our city shall cause it to fall.'

Once more they ran, and so came upon Meaglin and a strange dwarf. Meaglins sword lay on the floor of the tunnel, and the dwarf held a dagger to his throat. A strange malice was in the voice of Meaglin.

"Our guest wishes to be free of our tunnels, but I told him of our laws."

"He knows not where he is, and the honor of the dwarves is as stone. If he promises to leave our tunnels and not betray us, then I deem that he may leave unhindered."

All turned to look at Duilin as he spoke.

"My father was put to death, this dwarf must die also."

So saying he grasped the knife, sudden strength of wrath coming upon him. He tossed the dwarf aside and reached for his sword. But the dwarf landed steadily, and drew his pickaxe from his belt. He opened his mouth, and then Ecthelions sword found his throat. He uttered one word


Glorfindel was Ecthelion's questioner. "What were you doing in our tunnels, our secret shafts in which only our people know about. Speak or be slain!"                       

     "Patience Glorfindel," said Ecthelion." Now, Dwarf, where did you come from and where are you going? Be ye spy of Morgoth or escaped thrall? Or are you a refuge from some kingdom hidden from our eyes?" The dwarf spoke in the language of Quenya, though it sounded course and  cumbersome to the Elves."I was in the land the Elves call Hithlum, and when it was overrun our people were forced to flee from their deep mines and seek new dwellings in the Ered Luin. I was separted by a sudden ambush of orcs near these Mountains and stumbled across the works of this elf." He pointed to Maeglin. So Ecthelion still had his throat under cover by his sword but he released it after a while." Take him to the king, he will know what to do. And Maeglin, you have no right to act on your own accord for justice, that is my job."

Duilin sat before the king, the dwarf stood, answering questions. After a long while Turgon asked forth Meaglin to come forward.

"How did this dwarf present himself?"

"First I heard a crashing sound, for he collapsed one of our outer tunnels. Duilin sought out the source, and returned soon. Following behind him was the dwarf. He shouted names at us, and was uncouth.

"How did you respond?"

Duilin went to get help. We stood facing each other, and he provoked me, and sought to leave. I tried to persuade him otherwise peacefully, for even dwarves do not deserve death. He raced, but I overtook him swiftly. We fought, but his pickaxe was of iron, and he wore armor. I could not wound him, and after a long while I wearied, and he struck my sword from my hands. He thrust a dagger upon my throat, I was untroubled, as I even now wear an iron collar"

"Then Duilin returned with Ecthelion and Glorfindel?"

"Indeed. They sought still for peace, but I felt the dwarf press upon my neck. See! the iron is pitted here."

He drew down the front of his shirt and a collar of iron was revealed. There was a small divot. The dwarf's dagger was brought forth, but was unchipped.

"The dagger of a dwarf will not bend on such iron, for we are the best at forging steel hard and sharp."

"After that what did you do?"

"I grabbed his hand and swung with all my strength. He swung around me and a short distance before me, but landed fast. He reached for his pick, and maliciousness was in his eyes. But Ecthelion was far too fast for him, and put a sword at his throat. He asked for peace, and so was brought here."

Turgon wrote upon a small pad for a long time, then looked up.

"Meaglin, I no longer require you here. You may stay if you wish. Ecthelion, come forward!"

Ecthelion stately walked to the front of the throne of Turgon, king of Gondolin. "What do you desire, my lord?" 

    "Ecthelion, my captain of the guard, why did you not slay this intruder, i will not sya that he deserved it, but the sanctity and secrecy of this guarded realm should not be disturbed."

     "i did not slay him because i thought back on the rule about dispatching anyone who is not a citizen. But this poor creature even though he is a dwarf, and a irritable at that, was fleeing from his land like our people. He may even be talented in the skill of the forge or tunneling." Maeglin gave a look of hate to Ecthelion then snorted his rage and left the hall. " He should under second thought be put under a small close watch at all times, if that is fine with my lords," said Glorfindel.

"You are wise, Glorfindel, that is what i was going to do, first put him in the cells, first. Ecthelion you will question him further," spoke Turgon.

"Now lead dim to the  cells, Glorfindel."

Duilin left the halls of Turgon and sat upon a bench. Waiting for his master to finish answering questions. Even as he thought that it would be a long while, he saw Maeglin burst through the doors, malice and wrath etched in his face. He followed him, saying no word. They hastened to his home, and through to the forge.

"Duilin, come, you shall help me remove my collar."

"My lord, surely you jest, for danger is there. Today should be as proof for you, not reason to suddenly remove your protection."

"No more am I a slave to fear of death."

He paused, and fell light entered his eyes.

"Kingly I shall now be, for If Morgoth finds Gondolin the blazing bright then I shall stand longest. For no servant of Morgoth would dare strike one such as me. Not if Tuor lives shall that happen, however. As his light is blinding to those such as mine enemies. Fetch me that hammer!"

"Yes my lord"

Ecthelion sat on a stool before the dungeons of king Turgon."Whence did you come and why, dwarf? I saved your life out of a rare pity and you are speechless?"

 "I give thee rare thanks for not slaying me, for that cub of a miner almost got me beyond furious. Thankyou indeed! As i said i come from Hithlum, and i took refuge in these mountains."

Ecthelion took off his helmet and spoke once more:"I spared thee out of pity, and and you might be of some help to us. Even our miners are better than you, but always we are ready for more. We must guard you and if you gain our trust you may join Maeglin and his diggers. The king is wise and do not take his sentence of execution so strongly, for if it was not for me and Glorfindel that Maelin would of cleaved your small body in two. Also do not trust Maeglin, but rather in the man Tuor and Glorfindel."

     "I have found one person to trust  greatly too," said the dwarf gruffly. "You are like a dwarf king of old, and i will listen to thy counsel."

Suddenly a red light came into the dwarfs face, and he slurred his speech, his lips contorting and his body shuddering with every word. His voice seemed to grow louder, and darkened greatly.

"Turgon is looking for you"

"How do you know?"

"Because it is happening."

With those words he fell on the floor and writhed in pain.

Ecthelion hasted to the tower, as he came close to the steps he saw Glorfindel approaching. His face was grim, and set. No words passed between them, they strode up the steps and to the tower.

"My lord, the horizon is red"

"The dwarf has spoken, saying you looked for me"

"Indeed, summon the lords of the city. Morgoth is coming"

Guards raced out of the hall and to the 5 other lords of the city. Within half an hour they were gathered in the tower of the king.

"We are faced with utter annihilation, we shall run to the hills and survive, and perhaps the girdle of Melian will shield us, for Morgoth cannot be overcome with force."

Maeglins face was afire, and he seemed for the first time to smile truly.

"Nay, my lord, for Thingol is dead, the dwarves killed him not long ago, and I have just received word myself. But be not afraid, for this is a chance for victory. Our high walls will foil their soldiers, and our countless arrows shall be death."

"If Melian has fallen then none can stand. We shall die with glory! To arms!"

The lords all left his hall, Maeglin hastened to the tower of Tuor. He waited until the men had left, and then walked to the door.

Idril stood from her chair.

"Stay still Ëarendil, I will be back soon"

She walked into the armory, and put on a shirt of mail. It was heavy, and she stood with effort. She grabbed a short sword and walked to Ëarendil. The door was open and Maeglin stood before her. The sky glowed red.

Maeglin cornered Idril to the window and said:"You denied my love when that cursed Aftercomer Tuor came, and now you must pay the price of your misdeeds!" He advanced, mace in hand. But at that moment Duilin passed through and was suprised to see that his master had at his hands  to kill the princess of Gondolin. Duilin stepped in the way.

"Get out of the way, or you will be slayed with this wife of the house of Usurpers!" Duilin did not budge. Instead he lifted his sword."Master, i renounce my allegiance to you!" He lifted his sword. But Maeglin was too fast for him. 

Duilin was crushed in the side, flinging him to the wall of the tower,senseless. But Idril, at that moment had rushed towards Maeglin and swung her sword on his throat guard. The guard held, but Maeglin lost his balance, and fell into the open window. He landed on a tree far below before the guards were alerted  by Idril.

             The Forces of Gondolin passed through the path of the Dry River, with the king and the princes of Great power. With them were the knights on horseback, and behind were many thousands of Elven foot soldiers and archers. Already a secret company of archers had placed themselves at the entrance of the secret way. And they waited. Still Turgon road on, his Golden armor and Helm glittering in the dying sun. Ecthelion beside him wore a silver breastplate, and at his side was his sword, Romnaur. Glorfindel, his cohort behind him wore the armor of the guard, with the helm of the Eagle King. Then the archers forerunning the host were alerted, and a cry passed up.

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