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Truly sorry Amras, I'll try my best to finish, but I am overcommited at school and at home, and don't have anywhere close to as much time as I want. However, this should definitely be taking priority over some stuff I think I have time for, so I should be able to squeeze in a post every day or two.

Arwen I think it would be wonderful if you joined. It isn't terrifyingly long is it? I think it would be great if you had the time to read through the whole thing but I understand having a jammed schedule. I'm not the best at giving synopses but I will try my best.

Set in Gondolin after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, there are three parts. Part one, Turgon sends a few score of warriors out to find some way to defeat a large army of orcs and spiders. It turns out there is a Balrog, and everyone except for Ecthelion dies (including my character up to that point). Ecthelion also kills a few innocent men (not elves), and a small army of axemen with a leader who has a black sword and a dragon helm kill the orcs and spiders while the Balrog is dealing with the elves. Ecthelion then gets a ride back to Gondolin on an eagle for part two.

Part two was mainly about the corruption of Maeglin and the fall of Gondolin. I ended up being a character I named Duilin, though not like the character in Lost Tales except in name, who was Maeglin's servant and turned out to be Turgon's personal retainer put in that position to keep an eye on Maeglin. This part was largely concerned with the actual fall of Gondolin.

Part three was after the fall. Duilin was nearly killed on the day Gondolin was attacked, but ended up unconscious and alive until a short while after the battle. He then attempts to escape Gondolin with the help of some prisoners he finds in the city while the Balrogs and a fair number of orcs have gone to the Eagles Cleft and a number of others have departed to Angband. Duilin decides instead of escaping to try to free the trapped elves, and is successfully until the Balrogs return. In the end, Thorondor flies him away and takes him to the Grave of Fingolfin, where he retrieved Ringil before returning to the survivors. They together went to join up with the survivors of Doriath, before they were swept away by the sons of Feanor. A few of them, including Tuor, Idril, Ëarendil, Elwing and Duilin escape to Círidan's havens, and Duilin realizes he has fallen in love with Idril.

I encourage you to read the whole story, there are a few plot holes, though a bit of justification makes them acceptable. Overall I feel like with a few weeks more work it could be finished rather well.

As for what character can you be, be whoever you want! If you want to be one of the characters already set out somewhat by our story or by Tolkien (though we have only been loosely following the story) then go ahead, or you can create a completely new character and have them do whatever they want. Seriously, if you want to be a 135 kilo human who drinks 6 pints of ale a day or a dainty little elf princess who turns out to be a Mair spy for Morgoth, you can (though I am not saying you would be either of them), or you can be anything in between.

thanks Cur, you are great man, so yes Arwen, you could be anyone, although i am going to say that Idril would be a suitable character for you,(i can't do women characters) so yes please, all help would be very much rewarded. And Cur, i have been a jerk not to be thanking you more, you have had larger posts, and have been a faithful, or shall i say very awesome companion, you are the boss. Thanks Curufinwe. there is nothing more to say,

Well, I did just stop posting on this thread for like two weeks, so I am not really as awesome as you say, but thanks anyway. I can't really do female characters either, and Idril is central to the plot. That being said, Arwen, you can still be whoever you want.

Duilin could not tell if the Lady Idril replied, for her traveling hood covered her beautiful countenance. She called her child Earendil to saddle the horses and get ready to depart once more. Duilin did not see the face of promise from Idril as she walked off. They rode in complete silence, as Earendil led the way, then Idril, then Duilin. The familiar towers of the Havens fell into view, Duilin squinted as the orb of Arien darted amongst and below the hills before the sea. "Ah," said Duilin, for it had been great since the day he had seen Cirdan, or his good friend Erestor. Erestor had been always Duilin's deep companion, and the duo shared their deepest and most desperate secrets. Erestor's sire had been one who had been killed in the Kin slaying of Alqualonde, and Erestor had kept this knowledge from Cirdan, even though Erestor had taken no part in killing the Teleri. Erestor's Mother was of the noble Vanyar, hence the beauty and wisdom in his face. He was a mariner of great fame, for when Osse rose in wrath, he handled one ship of the House of Finrod's so finely, although he prayed to Ulmo, for he had taken no part with slaying the Elves. Duilin respected Erestor, and saw his running to him as he came unto the Havens of the Elves of Light.

Duilin drew beside Idril and spoke in a voice that neither the elves behind nor Ëarendil in front could hear.

"I love you, yet for the love I bear to you I shall no longer accost you as I have, and I shall not speak of this if you desire it to be so. I never wished to sunder your heart from the heart of Tuor, who you are joined to, I did but wish to cleave to it mine."

Even as the word mine passed Duilin's lips, Erestor cried out,

"Hail, princess Idril and prince Ëarendil, and hail Duilin my friend. Princess Idril, your husband looks for you."

"This I know, where does he wait for me, and why is he so urgent to see me once more?"

“The lord Tuor is awaiting you my queen, although the Cirdan of the havens is against such a rash onslaught.”

“Many thanks to thee Erestor, for you have always had great devotion to the king of the sea, and for this, I the queen must kindly ask for you to accompany me on this perilous crossing.”

 “Yes, thy words are golden and firm. As i have already said, the Lord Tuor, is awaiting on the vessel  and is rising in haste for his departure. He has given his command, and mind this Captain Duilin, he has ordered firmly for you not to come aboard the ship. ” Duilin's noble features dropped as he heard these words, he wouldn't even be there when is beloved died. “I disagree, and not only to that but also to Tuor,” said Duilin. “My friend and trusted companion, i have known that this ill deemed attempt will um... not achieve it's goal,” Erestor had stuttered when he had glanced upon the queen's dark, glittering eyes. More beautiful than any other creature of Arda at that era was Idril, but now her eyes were weary and downcast, and the sparkle and vivacity and life had gone out of her spirit and body. She sighed mournfully, and gazed at Duilin, who to, was despairing. “Come,” she said to Earendil,“ Lead the pathway to the city and now let us hasten to the port. "

Duilin followed the company inside the city. He then hasted forward to Tuor, who waited on the very pier from which his ship was to depart. He sat downcast and alone on a small bench. Duilin approached him unheard and spoke first.

"Tuor, you are sad, that at least is plain, though why I cannot say."

"I am old. my bones are weary even from sitting still, and I can but watch as all the world crumbles before the onslaught of Morgoth. Even Idril slips from my grasp. I know not whether she loves me as she did many years ago, though I know that she loves me in a different way now. Yet now the greatest of my troubles is that I am mortal. I shall die soon, and leave this troubled world."

Then he lapsed into a long silence. Duilin stood for a long while, gazing at him. Then he said,

"Tuor, such has always been your fate, to die and pass forever from the circles of the world. Your decree has been made, that I shall not follow you to the blessed lands. I say this now before I depart to seek my fortunes elsewhere: you cannot arrive at the blessed lands, and you, being mortal, must die."

Duilin was about to leave when Tuor spoke.

"Where will you go my friend?"

"I know not. East, I suppose, and North. Goodbye forever."

With that Duilin left, not to be seen ever again in Beleriand.

After much shaking of his head Cirdan cut loose the ropes that held the ship in place to the harbor. The mariners looked aggravated and sad, for they would have to face the terrible shadows of darkness. Erestor got on the poop deck and called to the other sailors to man the tiller and the wheel. Then, stooping down, he carried his voice to Duilin. “Dearest comrade, our companionship will never be loosed, even as we prepare to assault the land of the Holy Ones.

” “My farewells are void,” said Duilin. The dark haired elf strode out of the docks moody that day, and even as he would never be seen again in Beleriand, one would always accompany him throughout his houseless travels under sun and moon. After the foreboding cries of woe could be heard no more, the sense of dread had not yet sunken into the passengers. Idril leaned wearily on the mast, watching the water fowls dart too and fro about the fluttering flag. Duilin was often coming and going from her mind, and she distracted herself by singing songs of Aman. Erestor tried busying himself but instead he drank some white wine(hidden of course) from his flask until he was quite cracked. The other three were being(or trying) to be industrious and not afraid. Soon the beautiful skies would fade away to a impassable region of complete frenzy: only one mariner had ever escaped from it's blackness. Erestor, after hours upon hours of simply gazing into the west finally thought he had seen something. It might of been his head from all the drink but he also noticed that the gulls were gone and the water was black. Tuor appeared out of the cabin looking drawn but stubborn. “Erestor, the winds are pushing us out of the east. The assault has started.” The west was suddenly thrust at them and the affect of this resulted in prayers in earnest to Manwe and Ulmo for protection in their time of need. For to withstand the might of the Valar yoy musr invoke them. Because they would be the only ones to save them from their own barrier. Idril began to see the change in the waves. Long and soft became hard and choppy. They beat against the hull with force and wrath. She invoked Ulmo in silence to bring to deliver them from the wild strains of Osse. Erestor added some pressure to the scene by blindly pointing out and saying:“ Tuor, you should know better, the very Vala who showed you mercy you ask for haven with him. Thou and all of us shall pay for your deeds, may Mandos give you a long sentence to pay for your and damn your deeds!”

“Why you cursed spawn i will thrash thee- Then, it smashed them.

The wave swamped the boat, sending a mariner flattened across the deck. "Tighten the ropes, control the masts!" yelled out Erestor. 

Back in the house, Idril,"  Tuor said. she ran towards the cabin and slammed the door behind her. Another wave crushed into the deck, then another, then another. the sailors were getting slammed across the boards, getting pinned under large towers of water.  "These aren't regular water storms, this is the force of Osse," spoke Erestor with dread. None could save them now except the lord of the sea Ulmo. "Reverse the vessel, get us out of this storm," said Tuor. The Elves struggled with the wheel, and a spray of water shaped like a fist crashed into it,  making the elf flying over the rail senseless. Waves pummeled the ship, crushing mast, wood, and carvings. Tuor was his with a lip of the wave, flattening him into the mast. One of the sailors rushed to grab him, but another fist like hand cracked the cabin,sending large junks of wood everywhere, knocking the man in the head slaying him instantly. Erestor invoked Ulmo, and rushed to the aid of Idril as another mountain of water bashed the cabin  completely. Idril was thrown against the rail breaking three of her ribs in the process. She wilted in pain as water sunk over her. Their was really nothing left of the ship. Tuor, now in his mind, reached out for his wife. A wrathful fountain broke upon him, breaking his neck, killing him. Another wave sent him into the water. Not noticing him, all of the company, or anyone left, got in a circle around the mast, or again what was left of it.

Erestor set his left hand firmly around Idril's waist, and with his other grabbed the long mast, still largely intact, and held with all his might. A tower of water loomed above them, then crushed down with terrible force, sweeping aside the remaining ship, and darting wreckage into the four remaining sailors beside Erestor and Idril. Black water engulfed them, and they nearly fainted. Idril screamed in agony as her ribs cut into her chest. Erestor nearly lost his grip, but let out a roar from beneath the waves and held with all his might. Then suddenly, the storm stopped. They both breathed a sigh of relief, and then Erestor passed out of all thought save clinging.


Duilin put his back to the havens and walked till dark. He had come to a forest and the air was thick. He sat down and unrolled his sleeping mat. Then passed into a deep sleep. He began to dream of gulls, and of a large cliff they perched upon. He wished to clib it then, but found he would rather lay on the smooth white sand. He reached up an hand to sheild his eyes from the sun, and found that he was wet. Then the waves carried him down under the surf, a strange peacefull green which did not drown him. Then he saw above a great storm, and a ship foundering beneath massive waves. Then he awoke.

An orc was aiming an arrow at him. As soon as he awoke it loosed the bolt, which sped towards his face. At that moment a figure lept from the trees and caught the arrow with a swift motion. The figure seemed to slide towards the orcs, and when the orc drew a sword and stabbed at it, the figure drew to the side with a fluid grace and speed, in the same motion it lifted a hand and tore the orc's throat out.

"There is not much time, Duilin, but know that you must turn youself from this path, and go unto the sea. It shall claim you, and that must be so."

"Who are you?"

"I am one who moves unseen, and I move the pawns of the world, such as yourself, with my own strange sublty to some unknown future. I know only that you must end your life in the sea, and that this will change the world to my unknown will."

Then Duilin knew that the shadwed figure spoke true, and with another fluid motion it passed into the trees and vanished. He turned back to the havens and passed as fast as stealth would allow to the docks. There he paused for a moment, knowing what he must do. He gathered a pair of swords such as he had carried out of Gondolin, and a small store of food, then chose a small sloop.

The waters seemed to carry him forward at a teriffic pace, and the havens were soon lost far in the distance. After but a few hours he came to the wreckage of a ship. He then sighted with his keen elven eyes several corpses, then saw one still clinging to the mast. He found it to be Erestor, still holding Idril and the mast, indeed both were still alive. He hauled them into the sloop and treated their wounds as best he could, yet he had little skill in the art of healing. Then the water turned black once more, and a wave rose to the size of a tower. Yet before it fell upon them Duilin stood. He perceived Ossë in the form of a man, great and terrible.

"Ossë, I would slay you atop an enchanted isle, or else die myself. If such be your wish, craven, then fight as one with honour would, not by slaying these twain who are wounded past the point of conciousness, and who have done no wrong. I took part in the kinslaying, not they, therefore fight me with honour, and let me slay the or have a death worth a tale, though there be none to tell it."

"Slay me you dog, i could crush you now, but i have a master Ulmo. If it wasn't for him i would of crushed them due to their insolent assault on Valinor. No Mortal has no right to come their, and even then, those that help the Noldo will perish to, for Aman is shut out. But i will not dare to challenge you, strange elf, for i have duties to do. Now please out of my pathway." Osse swam towards Duilin and with one push sent him shaking to the outcrop of rocks. Osse left. But now Duilin's attention was turned to Idril.

She was dead, having gone through terrible damage only to be delayed by the late help of Ulmo.  Erestor was still alive  and would most likely survive the wounds. Duilin was stricken with grief and led himself away, not daring to look back. He stumbled into the woods, and put himself down near a river. The pain of Idril's death was overwhelming, and the sense of it was worse. "Please let me pass away Mandos, do it, do it!" he cried. His tears were trickling down his noble face, and the sweat of exhaustion was wearying him. Duilin, at that moment, went to sleep into the halls of Mandos. Suddenly he was taken into the presence of Mandos, Lord of the dead."You have been very just in life, more than others i have taken,"said Mandos seriously. "So to Turgon, Glorfindel, and Ecthelion i have given their bodies back. Only  Glorfindel i let go back to Middle Earth. Yet i will give you body back, but you must stay here in Valinor, but if you request it, you may chooses."

"I will stay in Aman, and to dwell with Turgon would be my wish. And Idril is here, i know."

"The queen is here, waiting for you, and she is bright and glad." Mandos solemn face smiled, if it could. "Duilin, son of Diunheis, your body is now bestowed upon you!" Duilin noticed that his body came back, until he saw that his body was radiant and beautiful, no blemish, no stain of life. He could walk into the wall and stay in together.

"Lord Mandos, i desire first to be put by Idril's side, and if i could bless a great Vala, i would do so," said Duilin.

"I Mandos, lord and keeper of the houses of the dead, make your path complete!" cried out Mandos. Duilin was in a flash in a garden, a many flowered garden, more beautiful than anything of place on earth. He walked down terraces and and stairs, and saw Ecthelion and Turgon far away upon a close fountain. But behind, he saw Idril, and she smiled dearly at him."Duilin," she said softly. 

"My Lady, will you walk with me?"

"Gladly," replied  Idril. They walked down and out of the Garden and it seemed to them that the Land of the Valar was much larger than Middle Earth. From behind Duilin came a strong voice: Ecthelion's. 

"We meant again, friend Duilin, Lady Idril," he bowed when he spoke her name." Turgon has just taken a horse to Eldamar and will not return, he is dwelling there forever more." Duilin was amazed by all the names and places he had heard of when he was living here but could not. 

"If Ecthelion will permit it, first i would greatly desire to travel and look upon Aman." 

"Then i will go to, and i am sure that i will make Idril come too," laughed Ecthelion. "Glorfindel is in Midddle Earth, Mandos sent him back, for there is still work to be done there." Duilin reached forth his hands to his companions and spoke:" Aman is far vaster than anything i have imagined, let's re-explore it's depths again, together." 

I am finished at last! It was wonderful to be working with as kind and admirable worker as Curufinwe. Without him i could not of finished this humble trilogy. Now our Duilin's journey is complete i thank ye again: Curufinwe: To your great works to this rpg, i can not say enough. To Balrog's: for his one, um, um one post And to others chiefly Gwindor of Nargothrond for information.

I'd hoped to get in one more post, but oh well. Thank you Amras for keeping this thread going when I stopped posting, and for being patent and waiting for my posts. I'll join you in any future endeavors you have, and look forward to re-reading this in a few weeks.

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