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Great idea Elda (we were just discussing it in the chat room).
I hope people get excited about this, becuase it would be a great and wonderful ode to Tolkien if nothing else.
I am excited, even if I have to be the teacher (yikes!). It would be better if we used Perwing's suggestion and connected the hopefully new teaching chat room with planet-tolkien so you could connect to it from here.
So what I was thinking about was something like Bilbo's Study but for Quenya.
I'm not sure we would be able to provide this service, Elda. The Council recently discussed someone's request for having a chatroom specifically for Roleplaying, but we decided we could not manage to do this as;
a) Being a family site we need to have the chatrooms moderated at all times, and leading on from this,
b) We just cannot manage to do that with more than one chatroom. Most of us on the Council already spend at least four hours a day here. We just do not have sufficient hours in the day to cover another chatroom.

I think what someone suggested was to open a thread in which members wrote sentences in elvish, and then the next person translated them and added their own. If there are enough of you, you could form your own Guild.
Meanwhile I am trying to start The Quenya Game in The Ivy Bush Tavern. Go there and check it out.
Thanks for your help, Perwing. I'm not sure how these things work myself, but hopefully Taz or Plastic will know more about it than myself. I think Taz's home connection is down at the moment, but hopefully he is still looking in from time to time while at work.

I'll mention your suggestion to the others on the Council.
Thank you Val!!! Juggling Smilie
well, I did not understand very well peredhil’s idea , but since i have no way to logg in to a chat.....

well, at first i got dissapointed..., but then I thought about a place like the one was oppened for the sil’s reading discusion group, and that maybe it could be for beginers, you know like ,mhmhmhmhm, wel, like a simplified quenya-english comparative course ....,and maybe peredhill orCano_Yavanna could play the roll valedhelgwath is playing with us.....,just to learn the basis of the language in an easier way....maybe it could work ,could it not??? Wink Smilie
I think these are excellent suggestions. We are currently discussing it in the council.
Thank you Mellie! Angel Smilie
Btw Elda=Calenthang...just to let you know
hi melly, nice to see you...., could you use your influence over Taz about the alphabeth too??? Wink Smilie

because i think i have written too much about it and he might have placed some kind of blockage, for my postBodys not to pass through him.... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie (no..., just kidding )

Elda, thank you for letting me know that you were also Calenthang, but I had already figured that out. Big Smile Smilie

Thingol not sure what to say about the allphabet. I don't have as much influence on Taz as others do. I am still learning my way around being a Council Member.
, could you use your influence over Taz about the alphabeth too???

I assure you, Thingol, that Taz does have this request on his ToDo list. He is an extremely busy fraggle having a fulltime job and running this site. We will just have to have patience, I'm afraid. Wink Smilie

thnx Rednell....,I did not want to be anoying,though god is my witness that I know for sure that some times I am....,well, the point is...:as jeddi yoda would have said ...:"have patience, I will" ... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

yes Perwing...., that is one little busy fraggle we have got here....,thnx god we have him...., and actually i was just kidding about it...because i know he is kind of busy Elf Smilie ....