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Got The Blues Smilie Today Celebrimbor and Vee found an old thread that I had scheduled for destruction last year, which I somehow missed doing. It became unlocked during the move and today a new post was added. This required the new post to be moved to Silmarillion, The Movie.

We moderators try to lock these threads so they don't get added to, just as we try to remember to delete them after a couple of days. However, just like with Butterbur, one thing drives out another, as you will admit; and were a busy group, so sometimes it just doesn't happen.

Please, if anyone finds another of these old threads that were scheduled for destruction more than three days ago, please send a PM to me with the link to the thread or the name and location of the thread so I can get rid of it.

How are we supposed to know if it was scheduled for destruction, or if it was just an old thread that someone resurructed?
There is usually a note at the bottom saying this thread will be deleted sometime. If you find a locked thread and there is no indication why it was locked then bring it to our attention and we can either delete, unlock or leave it alone.....

Resurrected threads are usually unlocked anyway.
These are normally threads or posts that the content of has been moved to a different location and the old content has been temporarily retained as a courtesty so the poster(s) will have an idea of where their post(s) made off to.

When I have said "self-destruction" it is an attempt to hearken back to the opening of the old Mission Impossible TV shows, but of course any self-destruction on the website would be a great calamity; thus all destruction here is manually controlled. Once in a while we later forget to take care of this good house keeping.
I think there is a thread in the Prancing Pony called "Riddles from the Asylum" that was supposed to be deleted sometime at the end of August. It should be towards the bottom of the first page.(on the thread list for the Prancing Pony, I mean)
Thanks Magician skip, I have now deleted it.
Many Adventures <<<<< Perhaps that one?
Solomon Kane <<<<<< Perhaps that one too?
Thank you, Migsy. They are gone now. Smile Smilie
It might be a stupid question.. but what does the word [Bumped] mean behind a thread title?
It means the same as a topped or a sticky thread. The bumped thread will alway be at the topp of the list, even if there are newer post in the other threads.
MANY ADVENTURES comments on the first page of the General Discussion section.
Thank you, Migsy. It's gone now. Smile Smilie