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That's Billy Boyd.
I think Billy Boyd has an IRISH accent. And Dominic Monaghan has a sort of Irish accent too. Trust me. I've BEEN to Ireland. Unfortunately, I was still a embryo, but doesn't that count for SOMETHNG?
You all know how I feel about this so lets me just say one thing.
I will hunt you down director from New Zealand if you dare touch this book!
I assume the hunter in the preceeding quote is only proposing this hunting in order to present the huntee with an award for chutzpah. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I have refrained from editing it because I know it was said in jest. Making threatening statements against anyone is strictly against the policy of this website. Moderator Smilie
I assume the hunter in the preceeding quote is only proposing this hunting in order to present the huntee with an award for chutzpah.

Hey, i can't wait to enter Ross's dining room and see PJ's head hanging on the wall... together with the heads of the entire LOTR cast. Elk Grinning Smilie
It's not that this film should not be made into a movie it's that at this point in time it can't be. It's too BIG, it would be like making The Bible into a movie. There are too many crossing over of stories and well just too many stories. The best direction at this point in time would be to break up the book into parts and make inter-active games with them, this way the games can carry on into one another. Now if Jackson wanted to make certain stories into films it might be a little more practicle but with all of the character development and influence on one another this is still a difficult task. Jackson is better off making The Hobbit, now that book was made to be a movie. Smoke Smilie
I think theyy could make the Tale of Beren and Luthien into a film..... it has all the major ingredients for a blockbusting story - strong woman, hero, love, magic, elves, bests, vampires, bad guy in black captures heroine, heroine escapes and love wins in the end. They may even have time to add bits about some of the history and also link it to Aragorn and Elrond as being descendents of these two lovers.
Celebrimbor Posted Saturday 25th September 2004 (04:18am)
If they ever made a movie outta the Silmarilion you'd have to like stay in the theatres like 4 months just to see the whole thing.
Race: Elf | Location: Lothlorien

I moved Celebrimbor's post to here as the First Age Movie thread is due to be deleted by Grondmaster - Vee
Well, I'll be willing to stay and watch it for a year, if it takes that long... I just wanna see it done!
what I think should be done would have little theatre value. Something in the vein of The Animatrix. A collection of animation studios taking separate chapters/tales out of the Silmarillion and turning them into artistic 20 minute-or-so films. The division of the labor intensive film making process, and different animation styles/interpretations could very well render a potentially dull and uninteresting film beautifully engaging. I'm not imagining the animation styles like the ones in The Animatrix, but the concept remains.

However, I would be devastated were the themes of illuvatar and the discord of melkor anything short of breathtaking. and that is a tall order for any composer, impressive resume or no.

I'm an intended animation major though, so my opinion is a little biased.
The silmarillion would be one hell of a movie to pull off, i don't even know if it's possible to make that movie comprehend-able to the common audience, and yet give the story justice.

The problem is The Silmarillion's story branches off into so many different plots that it would be too hard to follow, unless you read the book...or watched it a dozen times.

DangerMouse that dude is an ill dj! But i really have to disagree with your point of view on T’rin. you said "...I'd expect better luck and a bigger heart from my fictional heroes." Remember the part where Morgoth held H’rin in thrall and cast his most loathsome corse upon him and his family? Well that is the reason why he had such everything went amiss for T’rin, and how can a mere mortal strive with the will of a fallen Vala?

and as for killing Glaurung. He accomplished, with 1 other, what Elven armies could not do... need i say more?

most importantly!!!! does anyone have any actual proof about this Silmarillion movie even existing?
Regarding the Silmarillion being made into a movie: let us all pray that it NEVER happens. Why? Well, I just cannot see any Hollywood-types playing Feanor or Beren or Morgoth. And how in the heck would they ever do Eru? Bad idea. Lord knows that some fool like Jerry Bruckheimer would get ahold of it and make it into Armageddon, Tolkien-style!(Perish the thought!)
Even if PJ the Almighty were to do it, he'd probably cut out most of the plot, rendering it incomprehensible anyway.

Just my (not-so-humble) opinion.
I agree with L! they really shouldn't make a movie out of it, it could never meet my expectations and i'd just be disappointed. If they did make the mistake of producing one though, I know how they could do Eru. Just never have him appear in it, they can just shoot scenery shots, (example: when they are in the void before beginning of Arda, they should be invisible to the human eye.) and have him talking in the background. His voice should sound clear, fluent, deep, and soothing.
most importantly!!!! does anyone have any actual proof about this Silmarillion movie even existing?
No, today I went back to the archives and found this thread's missing first post, which I copied to the current the first post. Basically it said it was only a rumor’like a wild hair (or is that a wild hare that hops all over the place)’that Allyssa said she picked up somewhere. It will never happen, but it's fun to consider.
i doubt the Silmarillion would EVER be made into a movie. No hollywood director would be able to read it enough times to understand the plot enough. THink back, all of you.... to your first time (or attempt, like me) of reading the SIlmarilion. Did you remember the plot? It's not exactly a 'sticking-to-one-story-plot' is it? It would take ages to rearrange into a plot that was followeable. and then it would be hours long. It's just to great a task. AND LET'S LEAVE IT THAT WAY!!!! Now movie should be made of the SIlmarillion. We just can't trust Hollywood and all those companies to do it properly.
If it were ever attempted, I think it would just have to concentrate on the central story around the Silmarils, their loss to Melkor, the great battles of the First Age and their eventual recovery by Beren. Although he is one of my favourite characters, Turin would have to be left out. His story is not really directly linked to the Silmarils, and he would become the Tom Bombadil of the Silmarillion (ie. where is he?)

Personally, I think the Tale of the Ring of Barahir would make a better film or mini-series.
Turin would have to be left out. His story is not really directly linked to the Silmarils, and he would become the Tom Bombadil of the Silmarillion (ie. where is he?)

i disagree for a few reasons. They must have Glaurung in the movie, it would be a slap in the face to Tolkien's work not to have him. As we all know Túrin happens to be the one who slays Glaurung; to change that in the movie would be a disgrace. We've seen enough of that in the LOTR movies.
Túrin's fate is woven in with many other characters with "high senority." Túrin is the son of Húrin, and Hurin is another character who can't be missed out.

For all those who would not want Silmarillion to be made into a movie, I'd say: think of your favorite scenes in the book, close your eyes, imagine them... and now, open your eyes to know that's all you'll ever get! You might be happy with that... but I am not! I think it'd represent the crowning of Tolkien's masterpiece and the total recognition of his genius... Just imagine the Ainulindale; the Noldor rebellion; Melkor striving with Ungoliant; all of the Battles; the duels; Luthien defeating Sauron, then ensnaring Morgoth himself; the great Elvish realms/cities; Hurin defying Morgoth; Sauron almost repenting; Sauron in a fair form(really wanna see that!); the Numenorean might cowing Sauron every time; the Numenorean fleet covering the horizon and encompassing Tol Eressea (eat your heart out, "Troy"!); Sauron's duel with Elendil and Gil-galad... Of course, there are many more scenes, and I'm sure everyone has his/her favorites.
That's why I hope (make that "pray") Silmarillion will be made into a movie sometimes! Thx for bearing with me,

Numenorean might cowing Sauron every time; the Numenorean fleet covering the horizon and encompassing Tol Eressea (eat your heart out, "Troy"!); Sauron's duel with Elendil and Gil-galad... Of course, there are many more scenes, and I'm sure everyone has his/her favorites.

The story of The Silmarillion is over at the end of the First age (which is already too long for a movie.) All the stuff i quoted from you is called Allakabeth, and takes place in the Second Age. So It most likely wouldn't find it's way into The Silmarillion movie.

Think about this.... LOTR took 3 movies, that are an average of 3 hours a piece, and they still couldn't squeeze all the material in there. The starting year of TFOTR is 3001, the year is 3019 when the ring is destroyed and the story ends, 18 years. but 17 out of 18 years, are very very evasive, a blur. It's the year 3018 when Frodo finally sets out to destroy the ring, and it's almost exactly a full year later when it's destoyed. So the movie time scale of LOTR is basically 1 full year of middle earth. Even though the Third Age consists of 3019 years, not many major events happen for the 1st 3018 years...

Now lets consider the First Age... It's may only be 583 years long but major events, which cannot be ignored, happen threw out the whole age. So already you can see the movie being confusing, for viewers who have never read the book. Don't forget to add "The Years of the Trees" which is about as long as the First Age, even though it is less eventful.
Don't forget to add "The Years of the Trees" which is about as long as the First Age, even though it is less eventful.

Actually, the years of the trees span around 3,000 years.
my bad, the First Age is actually a short age only being 525 years.
Sounds long enough to me!!!! Even though it was quite short compared to the others.
Hi all,
That's a long thread, so I haven't read it all. A movie of the Silmarillion could't be done unless it was split into tons of parts (as I have seen pointed out in the posts I did read).
It could be made into a TV series with movies reserved for epic battle sections though.

I think making a really good movie out of the Silmarillion is hardly possible, as you said before it would be loooong and probably confusing. and I'm not quite sure if the stories could be implemented convincingly, the Silmarillion is hard stuff. best example: what do the valar look like? imagining them is not easy, but setting them on screen properly must be somewhat impossible.
Welcome to PT Psyonide! I reckon that you are right, Ithil. How on earth can you make a valar on a film? Would it be like, a shroud or flame or somehthing? Or maybe a mist? Or maybe smoke or just light or... okay now I am starting to ramble like Loni used to. Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
It's possible to portray the Valar in the form they show themselves to the Children of Illuvatar, as described in the Silmarillion, though.

Other than that, the Music of the Ainur, etc. in which they're only in their pure spirit form, would rather be tedious, so The Director would probably choose to skip it.

But anyway : support The Director and give him credit for at least trying, even though the end result is crud !
Much as I would like to see the Silmarillion as a movie, I still agree with Ithil about the movie being hardly possible. PJ is a great director, but somehow I don't exactly think he (or anyone who's human) would be able to pull the Silmarillion off. The book's just too complex, and everything would be too long to put on screen. And also, where in the world would they get good-looking enough actors and actresses to portrait the fair Elves? Question Smilie
As someone sad hmmm....13 pages before it will bebest to make Silmarilion not one movie but a series of movies about the stories.Like the story of Tuor or Earendil.And Akalabet should be also created as a movie.
Yes, exactly, Ellesar! A series would be really cool... but they'd have to guarantee it's a success or else there's no way there's gonna be a good enough budget...
A series would be really cool... but they'd have to guarantee it's a success or else there's no way there's gonna be a good enough budget...

That's a great idea ! Let's cast Ms Tyler as L’thien and Mr Bloom as Beren in PJ's version of "Beren and L’thien". Success guaranteed !

Ah, where's the time i was Virumor and actually cared about stuff like this... Smiling Santa Smilie
lol...THAT would be yucky... We'd be seeing Leggy and Arwen acting like lovers. All the Aragorn fans and Legogirls are gonna go crazy!!!
None of the lord of the rings cast could appear in it. People would get confused. Elf Confused Smilie
Well, of course they'd get confused. Confused and mad, if I'm gonna be anything to go by!
What about Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale as Beren and L’thien ? After all, they already acted brilliantly in Pearl Harbot... or not.

I think did Brad Pitt should be Beren because he did brilliantly in Troy and Luthien should be a young new actress with long dark hair.
Forgive me for blowing up.......but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad Pitt? Beren? Nooooooooooooooooooo......
OK, now that I'm finished, sorry, Gibbun, for my outburst, but I just can't see big handsome Brad as deep in love Beren.
I've noticed no-one has posted in this thread for a while. My reasoning is to ask what people would think about a kind of television adaptation of the Silmarillion. I believe that due to the historical telling of the 1st Age and the silmarills and the general make up of short stories, a movie would be almost, if not completely, impossible. There would be no main character or even ensemble of characters to hold movie-goer's attention. Not to mention the many other incompatabilities the inherent nature of the Silmarillion has with being adapted for the silver screen.
I do believe, though that it could lend itself very much to either an extended mini-series, or a continual series of epsiodes covering a few chapters at a time, where necessary, or with single longer chapters covering more events. I am about to embark upon a comprehensive writing course, and it covers writing/adapting material for radio, stage and television. I've been thinking about the idea for about a year now fully understanding the immense and extremely difficult task it would be for anyone who undertook it.
It would require the very same level of attention and detail as Peter Jackson's magnificent adaptation of LOTR, and indeed I cannot envisage any other production company being responsible for actually getting it made. That said, it wouldn't necessarily require Peter Jackson to adapt the story(ies) for the screen.
Initial problems to consider of course, are that in many parts a considerable amount of dialogue and conversation would have to be written/added/interpreted to make it suitable and viewable. I consider this a potential problem due to hardcore fans (of which I consider myself too). Whoever may write a screenplay would more or less do so from their perspective (as did Peter Jackson et al in writing the LOTR screenplay). This means that many hardcore fans might not accept the adaptation as good enough. My view on this is that if it is to be adapted for the screen this is unavoidable, as was with the LOTR movies.
I do believe, however that it is a price well worth paying to bring the myths and legends of Tolkien's First Age to life. Accessible to many who will never read the book, and to encourage others to read the book with a new passion and to enter into Tokien's own imagination as it appears on the written page.
This is all just a hardcore fan with a pure love for the silmarillion and a desire to not only see it imagined in the flesh, but also to bring it into the lives of those who would never otherwise experience the sheer brilliance of the Silmarillion.
What do people think?
Actually we may have to wait another 70 years before the Silmarillion is made. Christopher Tolkien is adamant that he will not release the Silmarillions rights to anyone. I find rather odd considering what Tolkien's piece of the profits were for The Lord of the Rings. Some in the neighborhood of 100,000,000 US Dollars. The next movie is going to be The Hobbit. Peter Jackson on his website said that the movie is at least four years in the future. Though knowing PJ he has plans to aquire the rights to the Silmarillion. Its going to take an enormous amount of money to aquire and produce since there is at least three times the material.

In my opinion Christopher Tolkien is a greedy little snot. He tried to put the fan sites in the US out of business. To which the ever present US courts said to him no he can't do that. Freedom of speech and that kind of thing. I personally think he is making a mistake, but I'm just a crazy yank. What do I know?
In my opinion Christopher Tolkien is a greedy little snot.

I agree. He should have shared all the profits of the LOTR movie adaptation with me and the other Council Members of this site.

But he didn't. Shame on him!
Please remember Christopher Tolkien's government probably took 90% if his movie earnings, making it very hard to make ends meet on the remainder. Elf Winking Smilie Besides, there is so little dialogue in the Sil, that it would require a very good screenwriter to fill in any of those gaps in the less than seven stories worth filming. I doubt if he would ever give in, unless of course, they were to offer that job to him.
Actually in the Silmarillion proper there is a good deal of dialog. Christopher Tolkien and the Estate is still being payed from the royalties from the DVD's etc. None of that family is going to ever have to work again. It will probably if it is ever made will be written by the same writing team that wrote LOTR. I dont see it being multiple movies but a movie at least 3+ hours in length is not out of the question.

Actually if they ever do the movie I have a candidate for the part of the younger Galadriel. Tricia Helfer who plays Number 6 on the Sci Fi channels remake of Battlestar Galactica. Still Trying to figure out how you hide a 6'5" tall platinum blonde in a red dress! Big Smile Smilie
The Sil is just way too much for one movie - even if it is a very long one - there'd have to be a heck of a lot of narration, which imho won't work out too well. As someone said before: an extended mini-series or a succession of movies would be better...
I wish Christopher Tolkien would agree to do the movie adaptation or at least supervise whoever does it - they'd have to add in a lot of dialogue and I think no one could do that better than CT because he knows and respects the stories more than any one.

I'd love to see the story of Beren and Luthien! Choosing the right actors would be a very tough task; and though she wouldn't be my first choice for any other reason maybe Liv should just play Luthien - seeing as how Arwen's supposed to look a lot like her. Natalie Portman might work, though a lesser known actress would be better (it's almost impossible not to associate actors with previous roles - unless they're really good!). I wouldn't even know who to start with for Beren...hmmm.
Actually I was thinking of Kate Bekinsale to play Luthien or better yet Melian. There would be more than one movie.Though the beginning parts of the Silmarillion would be more of the Prologue. Then run throught the Silmarillion proper and end in the Second Age with the creation of the Rings of Power, the Downfall of Numenor and the War of the Last Alliance. How about Gabriel Byrne as Sauron?
That's funny, I posted the following on 12 August 2005 :

What about Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale as Beren and L’thien ? After all, they already acted brilliantly in Pearl Harbor.. or not.

Now I think L’thien should be played by Angelina Jolie; L’thien was the fairest of all Children of Il’vatar, hence it is only normal for her to be portrayed by a woman who was apparently voted as the sexiest/most attractive on earth... and then it would only be logical for Beren to be played by Brad Pitt..
Angelina Jolie, hmm hadn't thought of her. Though I thought Alexander was rather strange with Jolie playing Alexander's mother. Actually Angelina might be better cast as Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady of the Noldor, sister of Fingon and Turgon.
No, I wouldn't cast Angelina Jolie in either of those parts; she still looks too much like Lara Croft to me. Cool Elf Smilie
She should perhaps play Haleth, then.
I think the best thing to do regarding a Silmarillion movie is for there to be a few separate movies that aren't sequals to each other. For example. The first could be about the Valar and the creation of ea. The second, about the Noldor (Mainly focussed on Feanor and the silmarills), maybe one about Turin, and so on.
I cannot see how a single movie of The Sil can be made, it seems hopeless.
As for the casting, I would rather have complete unknowns that were absolute Tolkien fanatics and knew the books off by heart rather than well known performers. Boring.
I realize that the choices made for LOTR's was great but still I would like to see skilled performers that noone really knew. I think that would bring a beauty and freshness and excitement that would not otherwise be there.
I will do it! I will make a movie of The Silmarillion, even though... I do not have the resources.
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