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Hi Grep .Is it possible that the votes for PT can be counted as we login ?
Is it necessary to create a new thread for this question?
Maybe not , I should have sent it directly to Grep ..I see that now .But whats the problem really ?Sorry
You shouldn't create a new thread when there are excisiting threads you can use. We already have a 'vote for PT' topic. And questions directed to Grep should be asked via PM or e-mail, he doesn't have time to read every post on PT.

I can answer you though. Encouraging people to vote is one thing, forcing everybody who logs in to vote is something completly different. Voting is optional and it will stay that way.
I agree Amari’ , I know that now .... It was just a thougth .. I wont do that again....
Sorry that I sounded snappy. I was tired and my thoughts don't translate well when the brain is half asleep. I really shouldn't post when it's late, but I never learn. It wasn't a bad idea, you just wanted PT to get many votes. And a half-brained Ama shouldn't make you feel bad for wanting that. Bad Ama! Bad! Fy skamme seg!

... oh no.. now I am singing about that darned little crocodile we all hate. My brain must be punishing itself! Help! Super Scared Smilie
Grondy is locking this thread as it is no longer necessary; and the combatants Elf Winking Smilie have made-up and everything is lovey-kissy again. Happy Elf Smilie

The existing thread for making coments on the subject is VOTE FOR PT.