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We are at 1st place , but keep voting ,this is our special place is it not ? HAVE a nice day PT members
i just checked and its 14-12 we need more!!!!
We're up 16 to 12.
Does anyone know if Tol Eressea managed to snake the top spot from us at the end of last week? We had a commanding lead for so long that when I went to Houston I assumed it was a done deal, only to return and find Grondys post saying we were ONE VOTE DOWN with but an hour or two left. There's a moral to that, I think. "Vote early and vote often." ;-p
Wise words form a.......Wise man,

19-13 vote vote vote!!!!!
I agree !! So have done my voting today ....Kepp voting folks!!
We are number 2 , so keep voting !!!Smile Smilie:
oh no!!!!!! 29-27,

you know whats wierd i click on enter and vote and i click on PT's banner and then i got to it again but go to enter without voting and its the same as when i didnt vote, is my vote being registered???
Dont know Loss, by my vote got there but come on my friend keep voting !! We still are number 2Smile Smilie
They limit your vote to once per week per IP address and there is a delay in registering the legitimate votes while they check their data bank.

We are behind by three: 38-35 at the end of Friday. Orc Sad Smilie
oh okay, it's 2 - 2 - 2 -2 i think or just 2 - 2 - 2, cant remember just keep voting!!!!!

but Tol Eress’a has none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With 3 votes we are in fourth place behind first place Tol Eress’a by 2, and my vote is yet to be counted.
Same this time mr.Grondy Smile Smilie So keep on voting for PT!!
9 - 7 - 7 we are 3rd!!!!!! with Tol Eressea, but thats wierd Radio Rivendell has got 9 ive only ever seen them with 15 or so??? Elf Confused Smilie so keep voting chaps!!!
KEEP VOTING!!!!!!!! Smile Smilie
12-10-8 we are still in third place behinf the same two as above.

Come on peoples, Vote! if you haven't yet done so.
Stlll number 3 ..Keep on voting fellows!!
We are number 2 with 21 votes ahead is Tol Eressea with 24 VOTE !!!!
listen to Mellon, shes a friend hint hint (her name means friend Big Smile Smilie)
Still number 2 with 20 .Tol E has 28 .VOTE !!
well if thats the case then we have had mass amounts of voting in the last 5 mins, it's 28-27 to Tol Eressea!!!!!
Number 2 today with 32 - Tol Eassar 34
Orc Sad Smilie With 42 minutes left before its Midnight GMT Sunday, we are three behond Tol Earss’a who has 42.

Well, mayhaps we can do better next week.
Funny thing is, that's also officially the average margin. But we CAN do better people and if we can consistently beat them we'll top their average so even if it's a tie we win. As things stand, THEY win a tie. I guess there's just more kids who want to role play their favorite movie (complete with blonde Sindar!) than there are serious students of Tolkiens literature.... ;-p

Edit: OK, I officially don't get it: there are three people with 1 vote right now, of which we're one, but we're in the fourth slot despite having the second highest average vote total after Tol Eressea. Maybe it's whoever has it first/last; I really don't know. In fact, I'm curious to know.
This week we start at number 3 ..So Im still hoping that we can be number 1 again Smile SmilieVOTE !!!
not good at all, it's 15 - 11 - 9, we are third keep voting people!!
2 place with 15 votes .Tol E is still number 1 with 20 , so keep votingSmile Smilie
21-18; still getting hosed, but not like it was. Where are you people?!!!
We are still in second, but tied with 22 votes each, which is a far cry from the 45 we will need to have a chance to come in first for the week.
Still number 2 but it is not to late , so keep voting !
We need one to tie Tol Eressea, two to be all alone in first. You know what to do, people.
we are ahead by 2!!!! well we did it kinda, 35 - 33 against Tol Eressea keep going guys
i know this is double posting but its a tie its 35 - 35 vote vote vote
Yeah, we're back on top--by ONE VOTE. Good job putting us back where we belong people, but we need some folks to ice this for us; there's only five hours left to vote but one vote separates First (us, for the moment) from Not First. Additionally, our average is now EXACTLY TWO votes behind Tol Eressea. C'mon, fifty or so folks to kill two birds with one stone. ;-p You can stil vote LATE and vote often, ya know....

Edit: 38-36 us now. This is starting to look like a few weeks ago when we had the lead all week (and for the two previous ones) only to have Tol Eressea sneak in at the eleventh hour (actually it was the tenth, IIRC) and snake it away from us. Vengeance is a savory sweet, but note the critical part there: after a commanding lead for 6 days and 18+ hours we lost it by 1-2 votes at the end. Let's not do that again. I mean, it's just an online poll; there's no prize for winning, but why lose by a couple votes if we don't have to do so? And those of you who've already voted, remember: in 1:29 you can do it AGAIN! Who will vote first...?
Two things are now official:

1) WE'RE NUMBER ONE FOR HOLY WEEK!!! This I base on the fact that

2) I voted first ~105 CDT (705 for you Brits) at which time I found our position in first (when there's only one vote the folks that have it are automatically first) is UNCHANGED from 2359 Sunday. Honor to the two voters who moved us from our position at never above second all week to victory on Sunday. If I knew who those two (three, actually, but I digress) were, I'd give them mithril, but at the end of the day, everyone's vote was critical. Anyway, once again, excellent work today, Planet Tolkien, sleep well; I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

Well done, Planet Tolkien. And remember: vote early and vote often, making sure to hit the link back to Planet Tolkien when you're done. Maybe YOU can be the first vote NEXT week.... ;-p
Ive done my voting today Smile SmilieCome on PT
Planet Tolkien is magnificently awesome! We're only up two votes, but, get this: our WEEKLY AVERAGE is 41.8 votes (for now) while Tol Eresseas is 41.7. So, for the first time EVER (to my knowledge) we have top spot for the week AND the top average overall. Theoretically, since weekly average=total votes/weeks we also have the most total votes--by 4. Needless to say, this will NOT hold up as things stand. You know what to do, PT....

And good work, Mellon the Well Named. Maybe we should keep a running tally here of who's voted so they can all get pats on the back or badgers or something. ;-p
No Morambar Smile Smilie I just vote for PT coz Im proud to be a part of it Smile Smilie and because it is simply the best site that I ever been too !! Have a nice day Smile Smilie
Vote, vote, vote! Do your duty as a member of PT, or get banned!

*insert cheesy evil cackle here*
Agreed, but that only makes you the more deserving of SOMETHING, if not necessarily a Cuddly Badger (those are almost as special as Psuedo-Silmarils, and have a much longer shelf life; indeed, by some accounts, their "shelf" life is TOO long. ;-p) I'd also like to note while I'm here that Planet Tolkien is the proud owner of a five star rating as well, something few other sites (Tol Eressea included) can say. Being the best AND most popular is quite an acheivement; go team (continuing to campaign for the Best Cheerleader Award, even if I don't have the legs for it.)
... go team (continuing to campaign for the Best Cheerleader Award, even if I don't have the legs for it.)
Well, if you'd shave them once in a while rather than never, they might be a tad bit more gammy, rather than just gamey. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

14-7-3-2 We are twelve ahead of Tol Earss’a. Whoop! Whoop!
We are still number 1 Smile SmilieSmile Smilie With 18 !! Keep voting Smile Smilie
22-10-8 We are now fourteen ahead of Tol Earss’a. Whoop! Whoop!
It seems to me that more PT member are voting !! GREATSmile Smilie We are number 1 with 27.Tol E with 18 and Radio at 3 place.Hurray !!
To me as well, but we've had some folks join recently, too, and I always make a point of reminding them to vote as part of my welcome. On the other hand, Tol Eressea's moving up, even if they seem to have LOST a vote since you were there (it's now 29-17-15-12.) I'm still thrilled we have the top average as well as the top votes this week. Go us!
We are doing quite well, folks; you can all pat yourselves on the backs, and add one from me--IF we're still on top in 2 hours. If it's another one of those deals like when we were up a dozen votes all week and then lost out by 1-2 when Tol Eressea came out of nowhere late Sunday night, well, stay out of dark alleys where I can find you with anonymity. At the moment, it's 38-22-2; the averages go 45-43.7-2 (Us, Tol Eresses, Radio Rivendell.) Only numbers 1 and 3 have a five star ranking; Tol Eressea has actually slipped to three stars, though I don't know why. Ya'll are doing well, keep it up.

And fyi, I've been up since about 2100 CDT yesterday, and need to crash; if you haven't voted yet, to it TWICE, once now, and once again at GDT-6. Yes, this week, YOU can be the first voter; it won't be me like it was last week. I'll be dead to the world until tomorrow AM.
a new week for MORE votes, its 2 - 1 to us yay!!
Ive done my work today Smile Smilie Keep up the good work by holding our position at first place Smile Smilie Smile Smilie VOTE Smile Smilie
Well, we have the top average, which I guess gives us all ties; when I voted it went to 4-3 us, position unchanged. We may already have lost that if more folks haven't voted yet. C'mon people: you KNOW who's Number One, now it's time to PROVE it. Congrats and thanks to all who voted last week to give us the commanding lead that put us in first early and kept us there all week, as well as to Loss, Mellon and the anonymous person who cast the first vote for us this week. Keep it up!
6, 5, 4, 3: We're ahead by one over Tol Eress’a and the rest
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