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There actually is a user login button on the front page, Gimli. Didn't you notice? Big Laugh Smilie
Your wish is our command, Gimli, welllll actually Taz's command. Anyway he took care of it for you. Big Smile Smilie
Why thank you! Big Smile Smilie

yes tom i did know there was on on the main page.. at the bottom... but mine would disconnect in the forum section sometimes...

I just thought it would be useful thats all!

Wink Smilie
LOL!! I've actually just had the same problem. I came in here one day to find that I had been logged out and it took me ages to find out where to log in!!! I got so desperate at one stage that I was just about to e-mail Gimli for help!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

Ok I see your point now. It actually is quite handy. Big Smile Smilie