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Good idea Arwen. I've been thinking of something like that for a while now. If we do decide to start it, how about asking Taz or someone if we could have Bilbo's Study on saturdays or something.

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That is exactly what i was going to do today, but i didn't se Taz, ahh well, I'll ask tomorrow, we could have a thread that tells everyone what the story will be and they will have a time to sign up, then we meet and we have fun, it would be so coooooollll!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I see you've just become a friend as well. Congrats on that! Wink Smilie I probably will be by the end of today and I've only been here a week! Tongue Smilie

Also, I have just put roleplay chat on Taz's to-do list, so we should have a reply before long. Smile Smilie

[Edited on 2/2/2003 by Peredhil]
Your request is currently being looked at. We'll let you know what's been decided, once something's been decided.
Thanks Val. Big Smile Smilie
I'm sorry Peredhil and Arwen, but after discussing this matter, we've decided it is something we cannot manage to do here at this time. Bilbo's Study was formed as a room specifically for teaching, and this is how we would like to keep this room. We feel that if this room was opened up for gaming, there would be occasions when our lessons would be interupted by people going there looking for games.

Similarly, with the Tolkien chatroom, a lot of people use it for just talking to other members or for finding out how to do things around the site. It is feared that ongoing games in here would make it difficult for other members to chat.

I'm afraid opening another room is not a viable option at the moment either. To maintain our reputation as a friendly, family site we like to keep our chatrooms well moderated. I'm afraid, after discussion, none of us can commit any more time to doing this (most of us on the Council are already spending in excess of 4-6 hours a day here, which in addition to our jobs doesn't leave a lot of time for extra projects that would require a large commitment of time).

I'm sorry this is not the answer you were hoping for. I like the idea of an online roleplaying game as I spent many years lost in the world of Roleplaying myself, but this is something we cannot manage to achieve here.

I know you lose that spontaneous "live" feel, but we do have several "roleplaying" type games running in the Roleplaying guild at the moment. If you could use any of those to suit your needs (or start a new game afresh) you are welcome to use them.

I would like to see a "remember login info on this computer" feature so that when a user comes back they don't have to sign in again. I know. I'm lazy. So sue me.
I would like to see a "remember login info on this computer" feature so that when a user comes back they don't have to sign in again. I know. I'm lazy. So sue me.
This would be a great thing for you and me MIM; however, how about for those who log-in at an internet cafe and happen to forget to not mark the box and maybe a subsequent person comes here and find that they can write in someone else's name.

I expect Taz could make your suggestion work, but is it worth doing just to save our fingers from doing the walking? I don't know. Elf Confused Smilie
Or you could just use Mozilla as your browser, it remembers all your passwords for you (or not if you ask it not to) so as soon as you get to the home page all you have to do is hit "enter" and you're there.