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Okay, but I still can`t do that. The reason behind this is, the person it includes may be affended if it`s not a joke.
Go to My Account in the left hand menu bar. In there you will find a section called Private Messages. Click on that, type in the name of who you wish to post to (and it has to be exactly correct so it is a good idea to copy and paste), and then send your postBody.

Next to the Private Message section is one called Website Help. Clicking on that one will show you how to use everything else on the site.

Oh, and unlike any other member on the site, you are allowed to embarrass Plastic. There's a unilateral open season on squirrels Big Laugh Smilie

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And now I'm intrigued, though Val's right, there does seem to be an open season on Squirrels around here, and I don't embarrass easily. Or you could e-mail me if you get confused by PMs (cos I don't have any new ones yet) at
I`m going to have to email you, bc, I`m still having problems with the private postBodys. (Sending them.)

There is nowhere on my screen, when I try to get it up, a 'to' box/line/e.t.c....It`s quite annoying really.
I`ve just posted you an email Plastic, did you get it? I do hope so. Cool Smilie
Erm, no not yet. Hopefully soon....
Okay, it`s the 20th, have you got them now? Smile Smilie

(Or should I say 'it'.)

[Edited on 20/3/2003 by Sheryl]
Nope, maybe you got something wrong? Or maybe my pt address is knackered... hmm.... try instead, that might work.
Oh, and unlike any other member on the site, you are allowed to embarrass Plastic. There's a unilateral open season on squirrels

We love picking on the Squirrel. It is so much fun. Anyway I hope you can figure out how to get hold of him Sheryl.
I pick on him lots, He does desevre it though. Stinky plastic rodent, come lets tie him down and give him a wash. What's that Rambo, you're going to wash him with your smelly dog slobber! Tongue Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Plastic the reason you didn`t get my email was because my email is having probs at the moment and I can`t send any emails. Sad Smilie Don`t worry though, it doesn`t need to be mentioned.
But now I must know, please tell me, please, please, please! Keep trying on the Private postBodys thingumijig. Find my name under P in the member list, click on it, and then click on the "send a PM to this member" button, it should work, and I will stop suffering these sleepless nights, worrying what you might want to ask me.
Oh, okay. I didn`t know you could do that. Please don`t lose sleep over it, even though you`re joking,(I think.) I`ll try to send a postBody. Cool Smilie

Bye xx
Now why didn't I think of that before? DOH! I just sent you a PM Sheryl, now all you need do is hit reply on it, and you can get straight to me, okay?
(By Jove I think he's finally cracked it!)
I replied to it yesterday, then you replied and I`ve just replied again. Big Smile Smilie Okay?
Yep, and now oyu finally have my answer to your question, and it took little more than a week, oh the marvels of modern technology... Wink Smilie
Sheryl: I think this running commentary with Plastic would be better done via PMs and not in the forum, now that you know how to do them. Happy Elf Smilie
Sorry it took that long, I`ve just mailed you, did you get it?

I am glad you two got it worked out. Finally
Sorry it took that long, I`ve just mailed you, did you get it?

as in emailed? cos in which case, no I didn't, but I got all your PMs.
Email, no. PM yes. I bet all the councillers can do wht you said in the PM Plastic, can`t they?
Actually, I was about to suggest (actually, I am suggesting) the this thread be deleted now that Sheryl and Plastic have connected.
So unless there are any valid objections, this thread will disappear in a couple of days. Big Smile Smilie

March 29/03: Ok, on second thought, deleting is not such a good idea. Plastic just posted some very helpful information.

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You might be better deleting the unwanted posts and moving it to the help section!
You might be better deleting the unwanted posts and moving it to the help section!

Or just leave things as they are, however, this information can be found in the Website Guide located in My Account on the NAV bar on your left.
I`m having a little prob again. I was just about to send another PM to PlasticSquirrel and it said there was an error. I tried different things and it still said that there was an error.

Can you help me?
This keeps happening, perseverance is the key, just keep going back and hitting send, and eventually it goes through. (handy tip, copy your text before your first send, as sometimes IE likes to delete it all when you hit the back button, and if you've copied it, you can just paste it back in rather than trying to remember what you wrote all over again.)
Okay. I`ll keep that in mind next time.
Try logging out and back in to see if your new signature has taken then. Other than that I don't know what else to tell you. Happy Elf Smilie
Taz may know if that doesn`t work. Go down to CONTACT in the WEBSITE section at the side of the website. Fill the postBody and all the other things you need to fill in press submit and hopefully Taz will get back to you on that one, that`s unless you get it sorted out of course. Big Smile Smilie
Rinfacwen, you can change your signature through Profile (above), and through My Account. They both need to have the same signature for it to change.
Do they really, Val? I did not know that. I just thought that when you placed it one, it automatically activated the other. I learned something new about PT today. Thanks.
Yes it's weird and unfortunate. You kind of have two seperate settings, one being for the website and the other for the forum.
Hey I didn't know that either! Thanks Val! Big Smile Smilie But hang on, I still have my custom avatar, so that means I have to bother Taz to change it? Or can Grondy or you, Val or Mellie, do it as well? (not that you don't have loads of work too, but I figured Taz would get loads and loads of cries for help without me bothering him) Animated Wink Smilie
No, Tommie, only Taz can do that as far as I know. I would do it for you in a heartbeat if I could though.
Why, thanks Mellie. Big Smile Smilie I'd do it for you too, if I could, you know that... Animated Wink Smilie Tongue Smilie (I was talking about the signature, was that clear? lol)