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Because the problem has been fixed. Pretty and colourful horsie you've got there Rhapsody. Smile Smilie You will see it yourself eventually (if you haven't already seen it). It just takes a while sometimes. Refresh refresh refresh! Wink Smilie
Cleaning up the cache and history did it for me... sigh. But yaaaaay that it is fixed!
Cleaning up the cache and history did it for me... sigh. But yaaaaay that it is fixed!

Yes, and just for the record, for any members possibly having trouble trying to change avatars, just delete your current avatar first, then upload your new one. When image has uploaded successfully, hit refresh once, and then you should see your new avatar showing on the page.
Elf Winking Smilie
I have a file with those EXACT properties and when I try to upload, it says it must be in .gif format, but it already is!!! It's Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make sure it is .gif and not .GIF
It is!!!
Send it to me at and I will try to fix it. It has worked before on odd .gifs
Why? Who knows?
Could be me, but I don't see a nice crown under Findarato's name. You need to be a community supporter first, to upload an avatar. Smile Smilie
That's what I was thinking!!! And by the looks of the dates on the posts, it looks like we aren't talking about old PT posts here, where you were allowed an avatar whatever your status.
You HAVE to be a community supporter to upload an avatar? Hmmm... maybe I should join... I'll think about it. Maybe when a newbie or someone tries to upload an avatar with those properties but can't because they're not a supporter, a message should pop up saying why instead of saying "must be in .gif format." Could be helpful... and keep people from saying choice words...
Things have changed. Just send me the avatar and try again when I have returned it. Smile Smilie
Let me get this straight: You don't have to be a community supporter anymore to upload an avatar?
I'm confused as well Gil! But it would be great!
They have been working on the avatar problems and almost have them fixed, but aren't quite there yet. Stay tuned.
So can I have an avatar without becoming a supporter or not?
Once the program is functioning, yes. Until then, no.
Okay, another one!

I wanted to upload a new avatar for my account. Hence, I conviniently deleted my previous avatar but the problem lies in the fact that I'm not able to upload the new avatar.

PS The new avatar is in the exact configurations required.
When you say exact configurations, you do have a .gif and not a .GIF. The program recognises one but not the other.

Also, have you tried logging off and back on since uploading your avatar? With some members it did take a few goes at logging out before the avatar appeared.

Maybe Amarie can be more helpful than me. She's our current avatar expert.
Thanks Val, its been done. My avatar was .GIF and not .gif. But then what it says at the update_profile page is this:
Upload Avatar (GIF format, 8kb max & 70x70 pixels)

Thanks again.
I'll see if we can get Grep to change that line in the profile page. We've mentioned it in the help section and several other places, but it would be useful if the actual page you upload the avatars from was correct.
I am not able to change my avatar. I tried deleting it, logging out, logging back in, uploading the new one, logging out.... Doesn't work. LA86 seems to have changed his avatar. How did you do that dude?
Well, you obviously have changed your avatar. The tablas weren't there before if I remember correctly.
The old images often hide in your PC's cache for a while. Loggin in and out a few times generally works, but failing that you need to be patient.
Duh! Silly of me!
Is it just me or has my avatar reverted back to the San Siro one? If it isn't just me, could someone please explain to me how this might have happened?
We're officially blaming it on the faries, Floyd. Actually, though, Grep was doing some alterations around the site, allowing members to change their emails etc easier. From what I can understand, he accidentally uploaded an old avatar database when he had finished.

I was wondering if anyone would have any advice. I'm having trouble uploading my avatar. I've done all the guidelines: correct size, logging in & out etc... and yet the avatar still is not uploading if anyone has a resolution to my plight I would be very grateful indecision

It is probably worth contacting Amarie, Gandalf. She always used to be our Avatar queen.

Or you can contact me!

Just send an email to

and we (the council members(moderators)) will all receive it. So than you can be sure one of us sees it and can help you. Wink Smilie

Btw, so glad to see you posting again Val. I missed you. How are you?

Gandalf, if you email me the avatar I'll take a look

I haven't seen my avatar yet, so I'm testing with a post.

It doesn't seem to be working for you either, hmmm. I'm just off out for an hour, when I get back I'll test to check if it's actually working, as we moved hosts recently and that may have broken the upload feature. I'll report back soon..

The bug has now been fixed, you can upload avatars again.

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