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What is the difference between a "locked" thread" and a "bumped" thread? They both seem to be the same thing to me. I was thinking that a "locked" thread is one in which you cannot add any more posts and a "bumped" thread is one which one will be deleted in due time. But then there are many of these supposedly "bumped" threads around which have been here for a longer time than the "due" time. So was I wrong about their definitions or what?
A locked thread cannot be posted in, that is true. But bumped means the same as a sticky or a topped thread. It just means that the thread will not move down the list when new posts are posted in the other threads. When a thread is both locked and bumped, it contains a post we (the council) think is very important and usefull for the members to see. Like the guildelines for RPG-ing. If they weren't bumped they would have been on page 2 where noone would see them.
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