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There are 22 People Online! Wow, amazing!? Yet i do not understand how come it sometimes takes hours to see new posts in the Forums. How does the XX People Online work? Does it show the amount of people who are on line right at this moment, or of the last hour? Or is there something i'm missing besides the Forums where i can have fun? I'm wondering because sometimes i see like 50 people on line but the last posts always stay the same...

Not everyone who's online, posts.

Not to mention, I think that most ppl who are online aren't even members of the site.
Hmm... sounds interesting. Like fe. now there are 51 People Online and most of them are just visiting as i understand. Could there not be a way to get them posting, after all they are spending there time here, so they are looking for something. Planet-Tolkien is very attractive and the Forums are full of fun and interesting topics. Is there something we could do to get them join up?
I'm not sure whether it means there are X number of people on line, here at PT (members or not), or whether it is tapping into the membership list and finding how many members are online, but not necessarily here. For instance, I've spent several hours today playing Freelancer online, but may have been adding to the number of PT members who were online. We've several thousand members, but the vast majority are not actually active most of the time.
Actually the truth is a bit disappointing, what it's actully showing you is the number of people that the database thinks are logged in, this doesn't often bear any relation to the number of people who are actually using the site at any one time.

Beren if you're using internet explorer i think the problem is with brower cacheing. To begin with i'd suggest you beign using firefox! But you can solve the problem in the following way:

Open internet explorer go to the tools menu and choose 'internet options' click 'settings' under 'temporary internet files' and check the option 'every visit to the page' under 'check for newer versions of stored pages' then set your cache option to '20Mb'. Click 'ok' then choose 'Delete Files' check 'Delete all offline content' and click 'Ok' then 'Ok' again to close the remaining dialog box.

This ensures that internet explorer won't keep reloading the same cached information over and over again.

I'm actually using Camino... aka the firefox for mac users. But i understand a bit what is going on. I was testing loggin in and out at a time no-one seemed to be on. I succeeded to raise the number of People online dramatically by doing this. Guess it counts every time someone logs in, yet has a sort of timelap before counting down again. Still always nice to see there are others on line... like now there are 187 People!! Ain't that just great!!
Ahh so you're the Camino user, i was wondering who it was! Have you tried firefox for the mac? Is it any good?
There are currently 334 members logged in up there now at six minutes to midnight GMT this Wednesday afternoon pushing 4 pm my time.
2948 people Online ?!!!!?????????? You must be jokingSmile Smilie
It says currently 118 people online. I've never seen it go beyond 300. And even with 118 people i seem to be the only one active in the forums.
The most I have ever seen was 498 on a Sunday about 11:00 PM GMT which was still afternoon in the States. There are only 61 listed at the current time.
Evening here in Norway! The time is 23.24. From 20.30 it has varied from 109 when I logged in, up to 174 and now when I'm logging out 79 people.
I think the counter does not actually work because now it says there are 50 people online but if i log off it becomes 110 and when i log on again it becomes 50 again. Anybody ever noticed that?
Very often Smile Smiliebut I think Grondy has already explained it Smile Smilie
Anyway i seem to bring windfall gains with me. Dunce Smilie Dunce Smilie
Last evening when I logged on I was astounded to see well over four hunderd people online as it were. And I wondered after looking through the threads if I should stop posting for about a month so that they could all post and I could stop feeling bored and nauseated seeing my own name on everyother subject.
I mean , I DID come here to see the refreshing thoughts of others, not my own. Sad Smilie
It is 02.30 in Norway and it's 100 people Online , can it be true ? Seems that it's only Vir ,Grondy and meBig Laugh Smilie
It is 22.37 in Norway and it's 101people Online.
110! (2:39 mountain standard...)
and I hit enter and it immediately drops to 76. Is it me??? Paranoid Smilie
Are there also some XY people online?

Time to put an end to this positive discrimination.
It is 16.27 in Norway and there are 340 people OnlineJumping Flame Smilie Where are you all ????????????
13.51 and there are suppose to 404 members Online
It's 10:27 mountain standard, and there are 528 people online, and they multiply every time I hit refresh.
And yet there hasn't been a new post in several hours... Elf Confused Smilie

oop, hit "save post" and now there's 533, and yet no forum activity... Sad Smilie
It is 15.20 in the afternoon in Norway and there are 125 people Online Happy Elf Smilie
There Are 376 People Online! And it's 10.57 in Norway
There are 144 people on line right now, a gross as Bilbo liked to say which deeply offended those in the Shire, for they reckoned that was not the way to talk about Hobbits. Smile Smilie
Animated Wink Smilie 126 people on-line, but not too much activities in the threads. Monday evening 22.35 Norwegian time. Angel Smilie
Tuesday evening 18.50 Norwegian time and there are 63 members OnlineHappy Elf Smilie
Saturday evening in Norway:22.13 and it's suppose to be 242 people Online ..Where are you all Question Smilie
a hundred, on the dot
Friday and nearly 9 O'clock in the morning (Norwegian time ) and there are 102 people OnlineSmile Smilie GOOD MORNING TO YOU ALL Waving Hello Smilie
G'Mornin' to you, but it's afternoon here!
It says there's 209 people on PT on my end!
9.55 GMT +4

39 people online
Friday evening 18.29 and there are 183 members Online ..Where are you all ?

It just went from 112 people to 50 people.
Yet only a few seem active...
Late Friday night, almost midnight GMT and there are 209 of us reading; probably not many are posting members.
There are 397 People online!!!!!! and we're nearing 400!!!

time is 7.20 pm GMT +4
129 people online...AND YET NOBODY IS POSTING!!!! Ladyoflegolas takes a moment to compose herself by doing some deep breathing. I mean...just post in the games if you don't want to get in a deep Tolkien discussion!
There are 357 people online at 10:30pm GMT and still only Viromur has posted in the last 20 minutes.
372 people are on and STILL no change in the threads!!!! Sad Smilie
Wait a second...200 people have just decided to log off in unison in the past 5 minutes.
145 at the moment.
00.01 on the 10th, GMT +4, 123 online.
149 people online.

15 seconds after I posted the above there were 83, go figure; it seems it might be tied to a random number generator.
115 Smile Smilie Where are you all ?
It is Monday evening in Norway, and the message is:

There Are 53 People Online!

It seems it might be tied to a random number generator.
I do agree, Grondy, but I don't see the point. Who is the fool here? September is far away from April!
154 people and that includes the almighty Grep!!! Elk Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
It's right i see 83 people online but after 3 minutes it is 51.
it can't be. 32 won't log out in 3 minutes and the point is 51 appeared in the same moment.
so this can't be. Pary Smilie Elf Smilie
RNG is acting up Big Smile Smilie
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