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you mean the Ring?

No, he meant Random Number Generator, like a spin the wheel where a diferent number comes up each spin.
I still ask why there should be such a counter. Who is fooling who? Do any of the planeteers need it?
We haveth things we don't need and we need things we don't have. And so it shall remain, for who knows what might crash if the Scripts of Tarrant the Creator are touched! For they are complex and moody and likes to be left alone. But it is said that a day will come, when the Great Lord Grep shall give the command: ctrl+a, ctrl+c and ctrl+v. And this server will be left to empty darkness and a New shall lift us up, up towards The Promised Updates. And we shall all rejoyce and bathe in it's Sweetness. And we shall find all sorts of new things to be annoyed about, in stead of the same old stuff. But we know not of when this Day will arrive, so do not hold thy breath while waiting.

Oh Great Random Number Generator, ye who soar above the google ads and share knowledge we do not comprehend. Watch over us untill that Day arrives! Quoth the Eagle: Forever soar.
The P-T Oracle has spoken and I for one on this 90th Remembrance Day (Armistice/Veterans Day), will long remember what was said here by her. Long live our Oracle and the birds who flock around her. Wiggle Smilie
To the dust I do bow my humble head, in awe and grace. I am ever so sorry for any unclean thought, no, behold; for any thinking at all that may disturb the mighty power, nay powers that may stand behind the ORACLE itself!!!!!!!!!!
Behind me? Huh? *looks over shoulder* Oh right! *clears throat* Thou art forgiven, my friend, for it is in a Planteer's nature to Question and Challenge that which we do not understand. And it is an important question you put before me. "Do we really need all this? Do we really need more?" And the answer is of course "Heck yeah! Gimme gimme gimme!" and thus is the noble goal of which we humble Council members strive to accive for our members.

But wait a minute, oh faithful Rafael. Humble, awe and grace? Dude, I thought you were from Bergen! Shocked Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
can't we stop or do something to the Random Number Generator? Orc Smiling Smilie is it work automatically?

when i see that there are 97 people are online it makes me feel "Great" then i check my buddy list(i have got the members who are live here) no one is online.
Dude, I thought you were from Bergen!
As a fellow country"man", I believe that you are known to the fact that people from Bergen are born modest. All other virtues, which we of course also have, wearing them as our shining armour; we have to learn the hard way!!
Today at about 12:20 ESTthere were 2372 people online.
hi this thread was a good read.grondy kind of cleared the thing about the number of people online.though i get lonely at times re reading my own posts.partly because when i am awake most of you here are asleep.i am from india.any indians around?and are there any other activity other than the forums?though everything is great fun i wish there was more interaction.
Estel is Indian, as we discovered on 'The Person Below Game', but I don't know of anyone else.
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