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Welcome to the forum Amari’ and thank you for your wonderful image... Don't tell anyone but between you and me I have it as my wallpaper on my works machine Elf Winking Smilie
Don't wory, your secret is safe with me Wink Smilie
I keep one of those automated response emails in my mailbox. If I use its link to enter TF, I have no problems. Lately, it even logs me in automatically. Have you tried that chicka? I haven't logged in any other way for ages.

If you dont get these things, I could forward one to you, if you like. Big Smile Smilie
The only thing I can think of is to check your browser settings and make sure it is accepting cookies from and probably as well.
I hope Grondy reads this cos Chika definetely can't if she can't log in. Big Smile Smilie
You can read the forum without logging in; you just can't post. Tongue Smilie
Didn't Ungoliant have this problem too in the past, and got around it by using a different user name?
What does this mean?
Warning: Too many connections in /nfs1/tazonlin/webs/ on line 108

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in /nfs1/tazonlin/webs/ on line 108
mysql:// failed to connectToo many connections
Tonight I keep getting this postBody everytime I try to do anything. Is this likely to be a problem with my machine or is the site experiencing probs?
I've been seeing the same thing Val. I have no clue. I'm surprised I was even able to get in to post this.
Maybe too many trying to log on at once? I have never had this problem, but then my time zone often means I have the place to myself. Wink Smilie
I was already logged in the first time I saw it. I was in the middle of trying to post a thread when it popped up! So I left and when I came back a couple hours later I was still logged in! I saw it again a couple more times but now, so far, it seems fine.

[Edited on 7/26/02 by ProgHead777]
I don't know either. Sorry
At least it doesn't mean it's my machine then - Oh no, the sites falling apart!
As with Prog, I came back later and things seemed to be a lot better. Can the number of people logging onto this site jam up the system, Taz?
When I sent the error postBody to Taz, he returned the following:
That error postBody is where the server is getting overloaded, it should only be temporary and at max last for maybe an hour to two.
I got one of those error postBody thingys when I tried to edit a really long post. I will try to keep my posts shorter from now on. Big Smile Smilie Angel Smilie Dont want to break the server Wink Smilie
You can read the forum without logging in; you just can't post.

Oops, yes, sorry I forgot again. Tongue Smilie

Didn't Ungoliant have this problem too in the past, and got around it by using a different user name?

Yes, she signed in as Dangermouse for a while, I think, but I think that was another problem. Cool Smilie

Oh well, the server better watch out, cos I'm back and I tend to post a lot. Dear God it has been terribly quiet here over the past two weeks!
i just got a new account and i logged in ok but can somebaody tell me why I can't do the quizzes. Whenever i click on it it says i can't veiw it.
Welcome noro_lim_Asfaloth Big Smile Smilie

Well, I have to say I have the same problems you do, which I've posted yesterday, but i'll repeat it to you again. See, when I go to the "downloads" it says sth. abouth "I'm not allowed to access". And it really goes on my nerves a bit, not to mention quizzes too.

PS. Can I call you somehow more shortened than noro_lim_Asfaloth? I mean, it's sort of long to write, so... Let me know! Wink Smilie

PPS. Nori, perhaps? Very Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien noro_lim_Asfaloth. I am delighted to meet you.
I was able to access the quizzes just now so maybe the problem has been fixed. Please try again and post here if you are still having problems. I did notice that you have to be logged in as a member to access the quizzes.
Explore every nook and cranny in PT and enjoy!
The quizzes appear to be working for the council members only. Can we enable them for all members Taz?
Big Smile Smilie
*nod* Looking into it now.
Ok fixed, changes made:

1) Un-registered users can now view the quizzes but not run them. Also the Hall of Fame is now viewable.

2) Registred users can run the quizzes.

Wink Smilie
Thanks, I don't feel so stupid now. lol Dunce Smilie
Thank you Taz, for fixing the quizzes. I was finally able to take them. Big Smile Smilie I did really bad on Odd Man Out. I was not sure what you were asking for, until I read the answers. I felt like an idiot then. lol But is was nice not to be told that I could not access them. I thought I was the only one having problem until I found this thread. I am still learning about everything here. There is a lot of info to go through. But I will eventually get is all figured out Wink Smilie
thanx for fixing the quizzes !
and tigiel u can call me whatever u want
nori is fine
i'll talk to u later Smile Smilie bye
Welcome to the forum Noro_lim_Asfaloth. Smile Smilie In honor of whose horse have you chosen your name: the movie's Arwen or the book's Glorfindel? In either case it is a fine name. Cool Smilie

I did really bad on Odd Man Out.
MelliotSandybanks: I couldn't do very well on the Odd Man Out Quiz either, had I not spent the hour typing it in. I'm not conversant with most of the names from The Silmarillion, which one would have to be, or have the book at hand, in order to get all correct answers. Smile Smilie

hey I got the name of the horse from Glorfindol in the book, not the movie.
i didnt do very well on the odd man out quiz either Smile Smilie
Welcome Nori! Great to have you around... Big Smile Smilie

"The Odd man out" was the toughest quiz for me too. I didn't take the last two, cos I don't know anything about them... Tongue Smilie
Hey Tom,
Great to have you back!
The answers to the Quenya quiz can all be found in the appendices of The Silmarillion and The Return of the King. There had been such an interest in learning Elvish lately, I thought this would be fun. But then again, maybe not. Lighening Smilie
I did the odd man out very lauzy. At the first moment I haven't even understand what I have to do in that quizz. Disturbed Smilie
Anyway, my score is 2 points, looking miserable under Grondy's 10 points. Exploding Head Smilie

But therefor I did the Quenya quizz very well! Wink Smilie
Hope more quizzes are about to come. Cool Smilie
Anyway, my score is 2 points, looking miserable under Grondy's 10 points. Exploding Head Smilie
Don't feel bad, I only got those 10 points because I made the quiz and had to look up all the answers to be sure they were accurate. I probably would have only got one right had I taken the test cold. Smile Smilie
I'm baaack! I can log in again! yay! Big Smile Smilie
As I said somewhere else, Welcome back, Chicka. Good to see you in here again. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Was it a problem with your PC?
Big Smile Smilie YAY!!! Welcome back Chikakat!

Pary Smilie
Welcome back Chika!!! Pary Smilie Girl Smilie We really cant do without you Big Smile Smilie
I mentioned this in another thread, too. Welcome back Chik. I is so great to have you back in the forum! Big Smile Smilie
i can login ok but i cant go onto the quizzes it says i have to be resitered and logged in which i am for both can anybody help?
We are having problems with the Quizzes software at the moment. Sad Smilie
But fear not, Taz is working on it and I am sure it will be working again. Wink Smilie

I will fix that issue tonight however as for the adding of new quizzes.. that ones going to be a while Mad Smilie
I probably would have only got one right had I taken the test cold. Smile Smilie

Very Big Grin Smilie

Now I feel much better, Grondy. Big Laugh Smilie
Heh, I took all of them cold, and rushed through them without thinking, if you want to feel better about yourself go see the hall of shame, as I think I must rename it...
Very Big Grin Smilie That would perhaps be a better name for it, yeah. But oh dear God those quizzes are pretty tough if even Grondy can't solve them without "cheating". Big Laugh Smilie
Hi guys! Another question from me..typical Wink Smilie

Amarie tells me that she can`t log in at all..she`s been accepted as a new member, but she hasn`t recieved her password..and when she tries to go to the "forget password-thingy" all it says is that she has already recieved it...wich she hasn`t Shaking Head Smilie

Hope you can help her with this problem! She`s getting kinda frustrated..:/
I've sent Taz a postBody about this one, Celebrian, incase he doesn't see your post. I don't think it's something a council member can deal with.
Could you please get her to email me at, I have the systems copy of her email address but if this is wrong (which I suspect it is) then it's probably sending her password somewhere else Sad Smilie As soon as she emails me I will reply with her password and will try and get this sorted ASAP.
Thanks Taz! I`ll tell her right away Wink Smilie
Not to be rude Taz, but Amarie told me to say to you to move your a** and check your mail Smile Smilie Think she`s about 2sec away of smashing her computer.. Big Smile Smilie

Don't let her do that Celebrain. She will regret it later.
Geesh that's not very nice, you would think that I do nothing else around here!??!?

Ok ok, getting on with it Tongue Smilie
Ok password emailed Big Smile Smilie

I had to upload this image shew drew in class to the Fan Section, check it out here, absolutely brilliant Smile Smilie
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