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Prior to this post Melliot Sandybanks had posted...

As per the request of Gilvala I have started a Newbies Thread. This thread will contain info to help Newbies learn the ins and outs of PT. I thought it was a great idea.

PT is a great site. There is a lot of information here, lots of things to do and very interesting and wonderful people on the site. On the home page on the left hand side is a main menu that will take you to any area of the site you may wish to visit. On the right hand side are poles, a place for donations, the latest topics listed in the forums, and a place to Login. In the center you will find news articles concering anything interesting to Tolkien fans and website information.

There is a Guide Project. That is an on-going project that PT is trying to put together as a glossary/index/dictionary of the things found in Professor Tolkien's books. It has 107+ entries at the moment, but we are adding to it all the time. Keep checking back for more information.

The Forums are where PT members can discuss many wonderfull topics. All members can start a new thread. They are divided up into different sections. They are News, The Author, etc.

Within the forums there are Guilds. I believe the largest is the Writers Guild. It is where writers can get together to share their wonderful stories with each other and receive constructive criticism. Others, like myself that have no talents in that area, are welcome to come in and read.

There are also taverns where people can talk about almost anything, as long as it is reletively clean.

There are Threads where we have gotten to know each other better. One called 'What do you look like? Several of us have placed our pictures there and websites. There is one called 'How did you get your nick name?' (or something like that) There are others as well.

We also have a chat room. Anyone can come in and chat, you do not have to be a member. It is a great way to get to know the people of PT.

On the Home Page, Under the Main Menu, you can click on The Council to find out more information about the terrific people that run the website.

That is about all I can think of at the moment, I am sure more information will be added later. I hope all new members enjoy their time spent at PT. If you are a guest, please come back and join us when you can.

Welcome to PT.


Thanks, Melliot, for all the help you are providing around here... You're really proving to be a bit of a gem. Smile Smilie

If any new members wish to introduce themselves, tell us all a bit about them, where they come from, what they like best about Tolkien, or whatever else for that matter, there is a thread in the Golden Perch Tavern called "members"

In addition to what Melliot has posted, may I say, if anyone has any suggestions about anything you'd like to see on the site etc, either post your suggestions (in the suggestions thread of the forum), or contact one of the Council Members either by Private Message (accessed through My Account on the left) or by e-mail. As Taz once said to us, this site belongs to us all, and it is down to us all to make it special.

Oh, and finally, I hope you all enjoy your time in here. Elf Smilie
I'd just like to second what Val just said really, especially to Mellie, thanks ever so for doing that, saved us another job. Smile Smilie

Welcome all, and enjoy.
Mellie *blushes* thanks guys. I just like to help people out when I can.
ok, I now have a couple of questions. When you go to My Account, can anyone explaing the Comments Configuration to me? What scores or whatever? I am confused.

Also, on the signature, is there a list of differnt quotes that you can put there or do you just make up your own and type it in.?
The way I understand it, which isn't very well, is that the Comments Configuration is a means by which each member can personally filter the amount of comments he/she sees after various news items etc. You set the score (0 to +5) that you wish and any comment scoring less will be filtered out. Comments are scored on factors depending on whether the person who commented was a member etc, and importance to a comment can be increased or decreased by a moderator.
Feel free to correct me Taz, Grondy, Plastic etc, because I'm only attempting an educated guess here.

As for your signature, I believe you just type in whatever you want (unless it's something terribly rude, in which case you'll find all of your posts getting the chop from a friendly moderator).

Hopefully someone soon will come along with a better answer and hopefully make mine disappear Smile Smilie
About the "Comments Configuration", I actually don't know having never played with them. Val is right about the signature, though in The Ivy Bush Tavern is a thread called Quotes which is full of them.

Also see Tolkien related quote thread called Best Quote ever! under The Author

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Thanks guys, you are so helpful. I really do appreciate it. Kiss Smilie
Ok, here I go again. While reading some older posts, I noticed some things that might be helpful over here for the Newbies. So, I did some cutting and pasting. I hope the info is still correct. If not Taz or one of the other council members can correct me.

Well here it is.

It's now possible for everyone to comment on news articles so... lets seem some people!!!

Wasn't that possible in the past too?

For members yes, guests no. And as I have been making extra effort to add comments, yes it's new :-)

To post comments about an article, you have to be logged out in order to have the Comment link on the home page operational and also to even see the active Post Comment Button on the Read More Page.

When you are logged in, you just can't get there from here

I hope this helps someone.
Ok, now I have another question.

What does the topped mean after a topic of a thread Question Smilie

For example:
Information for Newbies! (Topped)

Maybe I should stop playing around on PT, because the more I am here, the more questions I have. Just call me nosey.

What exactly is the mailing list for Question Smilie What kind of discussions Question Smilie

[Edited on 6/9/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
Good question Mel, I hve wondered about (topped) as well. I kind of made an assumption that happens when someone bumps the topic thread to the top of the discussion area. That is just an assumption, I really do not know.
Mailing List:
You can submit your e-mail to the mailing list and anyone on the list can start a discussion topic in which the participants use their e-mail accounts to post their discussions. We have had a few. For instance, I am on the mailing list, so I could send out a question like, "Was Sam more help or hinderance to Frodo?". Everyone would get the e-mail and respond by replying to all. Then it gets interesting as everyone puts their 2 bits in. Have I confused you? Wink Smilie
Normally, when you enter a category from the board index, the topics are organized with the most recently active threads at the top of the list. When a thread is "topped", it is stuck at the top of the list regardless of how long it's been since it was last active. This is generally only done with threads that contain important information and, if I'm not mistaken, only council members can top threads.

Now, I have a question. What is a "sticky thread", what use are they, and why don't we have them here at PT? I see them on other forums but I can't for the life of me figure out what it means.
Thanks Nell and Prog for answering my questions.

Nell, the mailing list thing sounds kinda fun, too bad my email does not work properly. Maybe my hubby can get it fixed and I can join sometime soon.

This is generally only done with threads that contain important information and, if I'm not mistaken, only council members can top threads.

The reason I asked was because this thread said topped, and I am the one that started it, and I am not a council memeber. Oh well, It does contain important information. Or at least I think it does. At least, helpful information.

What is a "sticky thread",

I have no idea, but ....maybe a contriversial (SP) subject?!?!?!?!
When you make a post, below the bit you write your text in you will see four boxes labelled, Disable smilies, use sig etc... If you start a new thread, as you did with your information for newbies, Mellie, you will see another box appear called "top thread". Placing a tick in this box will cause the thread to be topped, and as Prog rightly said it will remain above other threads even if they have been more active. I don't think this is limited to moderators, but it should be used with caution, for important information etc, otherwise it loses its impact.
In addition to this, threads can be "bumped" too. This temporarily pushes a thread to the top of a list without adding anything to it.

And keep asking your questions. If you don't know how to do something, the odds are there are others, too, who don't. It will help us to highlight common problems that new members might have when they first come here, and they can be included in the tutorial that is being compiled.
Thanks Val. Tongue Smilie

Oh My !!! It has been 3 days since I have asked a question. And I still don't have one. Aaaahhhhhh! The world is going to cave in or something.

I do, have a question after all. oops but that is for a different thread, not for newbies. Oh, well. Val go to the Guide project, I got both question and suggestion.

[Edited on 9/9/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
Super Wow Smilie Too many questions and answers here for me to read! Big Smile Smilie

The thread is very useful however, thanks Mellie. Esp for newbies it does come in hand. When they find it here... Lol... Very Big Grin Smilie
Hi...I'm new here.
How to Post a Reply to a Previously Started Thread

1. Click on Post Reply at the bottom or top of the thread.

2. Select an icon from the rows of icons that best fits the overall mood of your reply. (optional)

3. Type your postBody in the large empty block. You can change the style of your text the by placing your cursor at the start of the section, clicking on the above "bold", "italics", "underline", or "quote balloon" buttons and then typing between the inner two brackets ... ] your text goes here [/ ... The slash mark turns the following symbol off.

4. Don't use any images other than the smilies that Taz has provided at the left of the text block, in your posts.

5. When you think you have your text the way you want it, good practice is to click on the Preview Post button at the bottom to see if it looks alright. You can check for spelling errors at that time too--sorry we don't currently have an in-house spellchecker.

6. When all is copasetic, click the Post Reply button.

7. Then you might want to go back to the end of the thread and see how your actual post looks.

This next week I will be writing posts on 'How to Edit Your Post', 'How to Start a Thread', 'How to Open Chat', and any other How To's that are requested and that I feel capable of writing. I could write about 'How to Get to Carnegie Hall', but wouldn't about "How to build an Atom Bomb'. Big Smile Smilie
Hi there, Samwise.
Welcome to our site, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
If you have any problems or queries, let us know and someone will do their best to help you out. Smile Smilie
Hi samwisegamgee! Welcome! Big Smile Smilie
Hullo Samwise! Jumping Flame Smilie
Thanks, everyone! I'm glad to be here.
Welcome, Samwisegamgee. I hope you enjoy Planet-Tolkien and take advantage of all the forum. If you have any questions please feel free to post them and we will do our utmost to answer them for you. Check out the chatroom too, we would love to meet you. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Samwisegamgee to our wonderful website, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Thanks, everyone! I'm glad to be here.

Shouldn't we say: we're glad you're here now? Tongue Smilie

Well, we are, anyway! Cool Smilie
Well, we are glad you are here. lol
By Mithras, I don't think I've been welcomed this much in my life! I hope some more newbies come along so you don't have to welcome me over and over Wink Smilie ...Rednell, I was just in the chatroom but nobody was there! I haven't been in a chatroom much before, so it may be that I just don't get it...well, will keep on trying.
The chat room is often empty, but don't let that stop you from enjoying our site or trying again until you find a time slot where like minded folks have been able to fit it into their busy schedules. Smile Smilie
Hi Samwise, welcome to Planet Tolkien! Big Smile Smilie

My name is in the chat room a lot, but I am not always in front of my computer. But I am looking forward to meeting you in there.

k guys im a newbie here for your amusement! Cool Smilie

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heh it was samgamgee's suggestion. lol. Wink Smilie

[Edited on 27/9/2002 by Allyssa]
Forum Signatures

Folks, Taz has requested that we keep signatures to less than 3 lines please, and no smilies.

Also, not looking at anyone in particular, Shaking Head Smilie but no swear words either thanks. Not even the a** word.
Hi everybody! I'm a newbee to. Thanks for the warm welcome at my arrival

I was just wondering; how can I make my own picture or avatar appear? I want to make my own, 'cause I can't find myself among the existing ones. I see there is one called coustom.gif, and I guess it's there my pic is suppose to come up, but how do I do it? I'm faceless! Please help?! Sad Smilie
Amari’, you can't I am afraid... Members only have a choice of the default avatars! Sad Smilie
Very Sad Smilie

I guess I'll be Frodo on Asfaloth.. Ash.. Afl.. Glorfindels white horse then..
How degrading for an elf.. Elf Smilie

[Redigert den 27/9/2002 av Amari’]
I agree Amarie about the avatars. I want to make my own too.

Btw, I like your sig.
heh it was samgamgee's suggestion. lol. Wink Smilie

[Edited on 27/9/2002 by Allyssa]

And you think my suggestion is amusing? Big Laugh Smilie
Welcome, Amarie! I like your avatar.
Welcome to the site Amarie. I'm pleased we finally managed to get you here, and thank you for being so patient while the problem was sorted out. Hopefully you shall find us worth the wait.
Greetings Amarie, and Welcome.

I like your sig too! It is wonderful to see someone using their signature in a way that is not only creative and appropriate, but is also within our requested guidelines. Cool Smilie
That swear word thingie, does that apply on me, Allyssa? In that case, sorry, didn't mean it that way and I'll remove it if you want me to.
Greetings Amarie, and Welcome.

I like your sig too! It is wonderful to see someone using their signature in a way that is not only creative and appropriate, but is also within our requested guidelines. Cool Smilie
Except the signature has a smilie in it which is now a no-no. Smile Smilie
How to stop unwanted email notifications of replies to your post(s)

When you receive an email notification that a reply has been made to one of your replies:

1) Just go to that thread and look back through it to your last reply.
2) Click on the edit button at the bottom of your last reply.
3) Uncheck the box before 'Receive email notification of new replies?'
4) Click the edit button near the bottom of the screen.
5) That should do it for that thread.
6) You will need to do this for every thread that sends you notifications.

If you receive any further notifications from a specific thread, move farther back through your earlier posts in that thread and ensure that all notification boxes are unchecked by editing. This shouldn't be necessary; however, as I never check the box, I have no personal experience with the problem and can only tell you how I assume it is supposed to work.

Council members: Please modify or delete the above paragraph if you have more accurate knowledge that makes it unnecessary.
I tried to explain this to tuesday as well yesterday eve but I was so tired I don't think my explanation was a clear as yours Grondy! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to the site Amarie. I'm pleased we finally managed to get you here, and thank you for being so patient while the problem was sorted out. Hopefully you shall find us worth the wait.

Hey, I loved this site three minutes after I logged in I Love You Smilie
And see Grondmaster, no smileyface in the sig. Wink Smilie
I am so glad you have found your way to PT Amari’. Big Smile Smilie
Hi Amari’!

Agree with you on the avatars, but luckily I`ve found one that almost fits meSmile Smilie
Hope you`ll find one too.

Best wishes! Elf Winking Smilie
Hey, I loved this site three minutes after I logged in

Amarie, what took you so long to love this site? Three minutes??? We must do a better job. It should take less than a minute. lol Sorry, I am just kidding. I am just happy that you finally got here.
Hello there amarie! Not sure if I said hi to you already...

Ahh. Love at first sight can be so beautiful... Big Laugh Smilie
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