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Amarie, what took you so long to love this site? Three minutes???

I had to shake of the feeling of reject caused by Taz refusing to send me my password, claiming my e-mail didn't work . It took me three minutes to belive I was finally in! Wink Smilie Hehehe.
The cute fluffy fraggle refused to send you your password? I don't think so! Big Smile Smilie
I think The cute fluffy fraggle was over-worked and stressed and forgot to push the send button Wink Smilie You've got mail by the way.
*blush* Got The Blues Smilie Thanks for the mail Amarie, absolutely love it Big Smile Smilie
Love it, Amarie. You've a wicked sense of humour Big Smile Smilie
Amari’, I love your drawings. You are amazing.
Great drawing that is, Amarie! Super Wow Smilie

So you have a new desktop now then, Taz? Elf Winking Smilie
Indeed Big Smile Smilie
I'd love to make more drawings, but Taz has been "evil" to me lately (except deleting my incredibly boring jurnal-entry and thinking i was 12 or something) so I have no inspiration! I have manipulated a picture of me to make me an elf, but that's all. I might have to start doing my homework to keep me from collapsing from boredom! *oh the horror!*
I haven't been horrible to you, the age thing was a mistake along with the journal deletion! I cannot be a good fraggle all the time you know, not with my work-load. You would think I was one of those builder, worker-type fraggles with little constructions hats and spades!
D'you mean a Doozer Taz?
I see it's a long time since you were home at Fraggle Rock Taz, and I even bet you have forgotten how the Doozer buildings tasted! Wink Smilie

After I wrote the post I went home and and started a drawing of Taz working. Guess I wasn't all out of ideas afterall! Big Smile Smilie

And don't worry about the age-thing, I am quite childish (or maybe the word is playfull?) at times, but we have a saying; you ain't grown up untill you dare to be childish. So I'm just very grown up Wink Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie yes Doozer!
Could someone please post the rankings and their counts for us newbies?
Okay, for you newbies and oldies out there, here is our list:

Stranger ............. 1 - 49
Friend ............... 50 - 199
Ranger ........... 200 - 499
Elf-friend ......... 500 - 999
Steward ......... 1000 - 2499
Istari .............. 2500 - 4999
Maiar ............. 5000 - 9999
Valar ............ 10000 and up

[Edited on 28/10/2002 by Grondmaster]
Thanks, I was wondering about that Grondmaster!
Hello, I'm new to this site and am still trying to figure out how the whole thing works.
But I must say that I am in absolute awe - it's soooo cool. (I've spent a total of about 5 hours here-my first day). Can't wait to get to know everyone...
I do have a question though: how do I move up in ranking?
Welcome Arwen*Evenstar*,
So pleased that you like our site. I hope you take the time to visit us in the chatroom, join our online course discussion class and The Silmarillion Reading Discussion Guild.
If you have any questions, just post them in the forum.
The rankings are determined by the number of posts you make in the forum. At the moment your rank is Stranger as you have 1 post. When you reach 50 posts (you will be surprised how fast that will come) you will receive the rank of Friend, and so on. See Grondmaster's post above. Big Smile Smilie

Enjoy your stay at Planet-Tolkien.
Hi there, Arwen. Welcome to our site. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

If you like the Silmarillion, or are about to read it for the first time, we are just starting a Silmarillion Reading Group. It is found under the section about Guilds/ Reading Discussion Groups.

[Edited on 29/10/2002 by Valedhelgwath]
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien, Arwen Evenstar! It's a great site, I hope you enjoy yourself!
I have slight problem-I can't sign up to PT mail. It says I have an invalid username or password. The password is correct, I put 'Samwisegamgee' in the User Name, should I have put something else?
The email service we provide is seperate to the PT registration, in otherwords you need to sign-up for this again, sorry Happy Elf Smilie
I thought Rednell had already posted that list somewhere else, but never mind. It's handy anyway. Thanks Grond! Big Smile Smilie

Hi Arwen! Waving Hello Smilie Hope to catch you in chat sometime! Big Smile Smilie
Orange, do you mean for an avatar? If so go the the Avatar thread, and see what size the pic needs to be. I can't seem to remember. I kinda think it might be 70x70 but I am not sure. Then go and find a pic of a dragon. I am sure Taz would not mind putting up up for you, that is if he has the time. He is always sooo busy.

If you don't mean an avatar, then I don't know how to help you and someone on the counicl or Taz will have to answer your question.
Why can't we(namely I am a split personality) have a dragon avatar? Just one itsy-bitsy dragon picie? Sad Smilie
'cause dragons toast! Jumping Flame Smilie
Once you reach Friend status (50 posts in the forum) you can e-mail your chosen avatar to Taz. Rather than send you searching through the avatar thread, I have pasted Taz's instructions here.

If you have a custom avatar you would like then please email it to me remembering they must be 70x70 in .gif format.

Also for those who do/will be using custom avatars please remember that if at any point you change your profile in Account Settings or under the forum, the custom avatar will disapear as they are all manually entered into the database by me. Don't worry if this does happen as I will happily add them back just don't make a daily occurance of it

Big Smile Smilie
Geez, thanks Rednell, mighty kind of you. Smile Smilie

Only 13 more posts to post and figure out where to get a cute GIF dragon and how to shrink it! And then overwork poor Taz a bit more.
Ok don't know if it still works, but when you go into the chatroom, Barliman says: welcome Tom (well in your case it would say whatever nick you chat by). But now you can let him add a special welcome for you.

1) type !addwelcome "your postBody" ("your postBody" would be whatever welcome you want him to say)
2) Barliman is supposed to say "welcome has been updated", or sth like that
3) if you wanna check your welcome, leave the chat and then come back in again

Don't know if this still works, but at one time it did. Disturbed Smilie

Oh and if you're in chat and you want to change your nickname: just type /mynick "yournick" (being the nick you want it to be, of course). Right? Cool Smilie
Thanks Tom, that was really useful. But I tried the changing nick thing and it didn't work, I typed it just like this: mynick "sam". Should I have typed it like this: /mynick "sam" or am I doing something completely wrong?
You did it right, Sam, you just have to type the '/' for it to work.
Question about the titles, guys. How do I change mine? It's plain annoying to be a "Stranger"!!!
When you reach 50 posts in the forum, your status will change to friend. Only 15 more posts to go! Big Smile Smilie

Okay, for you newbies and oldies out there, here is our list:

Stranger ............. 1 - 49
Friend ............... 50 - 199
Ranger ........... 200 - 499
Elf-friend ......... 500 - 999
Steward ......... 1000 - 2499
Istari .............. 2500 - 4999
Maiar ............. 5000 - 9999
Valar ............ 10000 and up

The Stewards of Gondor ruled Gondor while waiting for the return of Isildur's heir (Aragorn) to the throne. In LOTR, the Steward was Denethor.
The Istari were also known as wizards. They were: Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, Radagast the Brown mentioned in LOTR. There were also 2 Blue Istari. You can read more about the Istari in the Tolkien Weekly Courses - Istari.
You can find out about the Valar and the Maiar in The Silmarillion. Basically they are the "holy ones" or Ainur, created by Eru, with the Valar being the most powerful and the Maiar being the minor Ainur. You can find out more details about them in the Reading Discussion Group.
I know I haven't given much detail but I hope it answers your question.
Thanx a lot RedNell, i wandered what it took to become a friend(i have a long way to go-------).

And thanx all the council members (and Taz) or this extravagant site. I'm sorta i newbie myself, and i got soooo much help from here and from talking to you all, so thank-you again for this site, and all of what you've done to make it enjoyable.
Now i have a question, Big Smile Smilie when i go to it doesn't want to conect me, like it conects me, but it just sais and thats all. So i was wondering, if its PT, or if it's my comp.

Thanx in advance. Cat Smilie
Hi Littleirena, welcome to Planet Tolkien. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

There are several threads dealing with chat problems which might be able to point you in the right direction.

Try Chat under Website News or Help with chat under this section, Website Help.

Do you know if your PC is Java enabled? How far do you get? Do you get a blue screen asking if you want to grant this session, or as far as the chatroom itself or just nothing?
"Tiny Irena" (Littleirena): Welcome to our forum; glad to see you in print. Happy Elf Smilie
Hi Irena,
I am so glad you decided to join us in the forum.
Since you have been in the chat before, you are probably just experiencing a temporary problem.

Alriedy, thanx a lot for the help,

I'm happy again, nowthat i got it working Big Smile Smilie , oh, and THANX for all the smileys Wink Smilie -allllllll of them(a lot lot lot)-BTW it's the first time i see that many.

Welcome Littleirena! I'm glad to see you in the forums, I like talking to you in chat. Big Smile Smilie
Hello everyone I'm new around here, (even I had been like for three days I never found this Forum).

Welcome Namo, hope you'll have a lot lot lot of fun in here,

Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

and belive me, you will,,,*wispers*-(best site ever)
Thanks Littleirena I bet this is the best site ever, the only thing I regret is that I took too long in finding it
the only thing I regret is that I took too long in finding it
I'd find that regrettable too, Namo, knowing how many old posts new members must now read if they wish to keep fully abreast of things.
Oh yes, I know what you're talking about, I'm so tired reading all of the old posts... It will take me a while... Oh and welcom to you too Littleirena, I've just realized that you are also new at this page.

[Edited on 21/1/2003 by Namo]
Welcome Namo! I also regret that I did not find this site sooner. I hope you enjoy it now that you've found it. Big Smile Smilie
(although it's really interesting stuff to read!!)

Not all of it, trust me on this, I'm responsible for a hell of a lot of it.
Yes you're right, it is not that boring, anyway, I have tons of time since I'm on my summer break. Big Smile Smilie
Hullo, lucky you, you are on summer break !!! I'm still in the middle of winter Sad Smilie i wish i had that much time to go through all the stuff on the site(well, maybe not all of it, but what interests me).

Oh really, winter. Well any way, this summer down here looks like winter to me, can you belive we are in the middle of summer and yeterday was raining, that is very weird down here.
Waving Hello Smilie

Just dropped in to say hello to everyone I haven't met before, the newbies, I assume. Big Smile Smilie

And to all the oldies: regrettable but true: I'm back! Tongue Smilie
Exams are over, and I'm gonna try and catch up with you again. Cool Smilie See y'all soon I hope!
Yeah I'm a newbie I suppose. Just one thing: how do you quote someone else' post in yours? I've been wondering that ever since Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Sorry I just love that smilie.
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