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Welcome to those of you I haven't met just yet...Big Smile Smilie

To pretty much echo what everyone else has said...I love PT Big Smile Smilie...I stumbled across this place by accident way back when (nearly 2 years ago now...yeesh), and I've felt at home here ever since. It's amazing to find so many wonderful people gathered in one place, and I feel lucky to have met all of you. *hugs* to all of you Big Smile Smilie

We are glad that you are here too. We have really enjoyed chatting to you and reading your posts.

Mellie smiles at Chikakat. Tongue Smilie
Good site, better people and great insightful posts...what more can a lover of Tolkien's worker ask for?
Besides loads of money, full understanding of all his stories, all the cool LOTR videos.....well you get my idea.... Big Smile Smilie
What can I say......I like it this site is good as Madwannabe said but most important are the people. You could have the most informative website in the world but if the members are just boring then its rubbish, But the members here aren't. And i consider it an honour to have met you all already and hopefully meet the rest sometime.
I am glad everyone enjoys this site so much. I love seeing these post.
I love this website,it's the best I have ever been to.
The people are wonderful,very friendly and talk Tolkien like no ones business,and for once it's a place on the web where there is no(very little) obscenities. Big Smile Smilie Keep up the great work Taz and Council members. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie*hug*
I don't think I can find a better way to explain what I think about this site than Ladyf said...except maybe that she didn't say...I LOVE IT!! Wink Smilie I wish my being here will last all my life ( I think I can say "my being here"... but I'm not sooo sure actually Smile Smilie )
It’s great
except maybe that she didn't say...I LOVE IT!!

For the record Flo,I LOVE IT!!
Thanks peoples, but if it wasn't for our membership this site would be a bust. You guys and gals are what makes us great. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Very well said Grondy. This is a great site and I love it here, just wish I could be here more often lately. This site has so many wonderful Tolkien related discussions but it is the members and Taz that make it so terrific. If it had not been for Taz we would not have had the opportunity to meet all of the fabulous members. I feel so honored to have gotten to know so many of you and hope to keep meeting the rest of you.

This site kicks butt!!! Otherwise, why would I keep coming back in here??? Well, maybe also cuz I actually enjoy hearing Ross go off on some of his rants!!
Well I better keep it up then.
This site is really great! It’s amazing that so many nice people is joined at one place! I really love this place!

Being a member here has actually gotten me to keep reading the Tolkien books too evenhtough I didn’t really like them for starters. *Ae runs to take cover* Animated Wink Smilie
Being a member here has actually gotten me to keep reading the Tolkien books too evenhtough I didn’t really like them for starters

Better late than never, Aentra! Wink Smilie Well, what can I say that other people haven't say yet? Stumbling into this site was a blessing because this is the place where I learned a lot about Tolkien's work and the members have always been considerate to me. I hope P-T will stay as the greatest site in years to come! Thumbs Up Smilie
Mae govannen!

Wow, just greeting someone with those words means so much to me! What can I say? This site is definetly GREAT! Keep up the good work!

One of the great things I like about this site is when a member gets their own custom avatar and you are able to view it for the first time. This thought just struck home when I opened this thread a minute ago and saw Aentra's new avatar for the first time. It's almost like taking the wrapping paper off a Christmas present and finding a surprise inside.

Those avartars really personalise the posts too. After a while you just recognise a post at a glance by them.

Nice avatar by the way Aentra, and congratulations on your 100th post Smile Smilie
Cool Avatar Ae! Big Smile Smilie
I love your new avatars Florian and Aentra,very nice Cool Smilie .I hope mine will be up soon,not half as cool but I like it. Smile Smilie
Just "ok",Perwing?
It’s great Big Smile Smilie
I dunno, I think it's lost something recently.... Wink Smilie
Lost what? Who? Oh, you must mean that silly little squirrel I ran over yesterday! Tongue Smilie Wink Smilie
I love this site, everyone here is like family. This is my safe haven, where I come when I need someone to talk to that will understand and not criticize, where I come when I’m bored, happy, sad, or just because I love to read other people’s posts.
We’re so unique and different, but if it weren’t for Taz’s making this site and the Council’s work of keeping it up, we wouldn’t have had the chance to make such great friends. The real thing that makes it great is that we can all forget our difference and are connected by our love for all things Tolkien.
I LOVE YOU GUYS! *sobs* Very Sad Smilie Lol
Hang on I'm critical!
I have made some great friends in the last year since I joined. There are cool people here and I love logging in each day!

One nice thing is that we are able to talk without there being any bad feelings or serious misunderstandings. We don't have any mean or nasty members here, everyone is a good person to chat with!

Cheers guys!!! Big Smile Smilie
I resent that. I'm nasty!
That was well said Stoney,I feel the same way. Ross,nasty? Lol.
I resent that. I'm nasty!

And we still like you, so I guess you're not that bad! Big Laugh Smilie
I'll just have to try harder, Mwuuaahahahahahahaha!
No doubt you will. Wink Smilie
What, besides the fact that PT is the GREATEST site on Tolkien ever?! Hmmm ... I don't know ... let's see, what else? Oh, yea! Keep on the great work!

I'll just have to try harder, Mwuuaahahahahahahaha!

No doubt you will.

Of course... but maybe he will try to be nicer, that would shock us all! That would even terribler (is that a word? Elf Confused Smilie )
THis site has the best forums I have ever been too! THey are enjoyable to go to and they arent the same things over and over like other tolkein sites. I love comming here!
Completely brilliant.
Someone spelt TOLKIEN wrong, woofy_iluvatar, not naming any names, woofy_iluvatar.

In a really nice way of course! Big Smile Smilie
AAGGGG! Loni! Help! I did it again!
In short: this site is FAN-TAS-TIC! Big Smile Smilie
I wanted to quote this recent post by Lord_aragorn86 in this thread as well because I wholeheartedly believe that it belongs here too, and I also believe it embodies the very essence of what all of us who care about PT are trying to make this place all about!

Well, I'm sure this is going to be a long post. Bt maybe not so long. This is my final post on PT. I officially announce my departure from this lovely and beautiful place that I found while I was surfing on the net. (I joined PT while I was still drippin wet) I have had many great moments over here. I've had fun, laughed, joked, taunted. Its been only six months here and it feels like I always knew this place. This place is a welcome. A place where I cld get away from my trobles and worries and just have plain enjoyment. And all this words I'm saying don't do justice to this place. I can go on and on and still not be able to describe properly wat I feel about this place.

I've found friends, sister, ppl in whom I can confide. Life's just been great here. Not to mention, now the world knows that I even exist! See it isn't going to be along post. I'm out of words. (It always happens whenever there's something important to say)

Anyways, I just wanna thank everyone over here for being such great pals. So thank u everyone. And lastly, To the man without whom this wld not have been possible. Taz, thank u for creating this wonderful place. You the man!

I wish everyone here success in wateva u do. So long guys and gals!

Adieu! Farewell! Farevel! Fareval! Dasvidanya! Hasta Lavista! Sayo Nara!

And who says boys don't cry?

Well said LA86!!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Indeed Elfstone, that was nicely said.
I know im just a low unimportant member but i just have to agree that this is a Great site !!! Tazz youv done a magnificent job ! And i cant wait for even more funn new stuff to come like the ways of earning-spending mithril.
I know im just a low unimportant member

I'd like to think every member is important here. A community is only the sum of its members.
Hi Etharion! Waving Hello Smilie

Yes, as Val said, everyone is important here! It's only all of us collectively together that make this place as great as it is, and it's only all of us together that can continue to make PT the best that it can be!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
A community is only the sum of its members.

But PT is greater than the sum of its members because it also has Tolkien.

You're right though, all equal but different which is good. We each bring something to PT.
Wow!!! Thanks you guys !!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Icefangs has dropped by to say a word.
This truly is a wonderful site! I've enjoyed it very much since I joined, and I've made a few new friends. It is truly a wonderful communtity, and I am proud to say I am part of it!......though not quite as versed as other members, but, I'm getting there!
I'd like to think every member is important here. A community is only the sum of its members.

I love the sight here 2. And I agree with Valedhelgwath, it's very nice here and everyone is important. Everyone seems to get along!!!!!!

Ya this the best LOTR forum i have ever been to. about a year ago i used to search for LOTR forums. but i didnt like any of them. then Lordaragorn86 told me about PT. i signed in but i cudnt post much as my big exams were close. but after the exams i made it a point to post and now it has become a habit. i especially like the warm and nice members of this community. the members of other forums i have seen are kinda boorish to the poor Newbies. i have also met some cool friends especially my fellow RPGers in Treasures ( Ice, Ethy, Ar and others). and Ethy dont ever think that u are unimportant. every drop in the ocean matters and each drop represents the ocean so u are IMPORTANT !! Elf Winking Smilie
I have to agree with everyone that already posted here this site is truly wonderful. Thanks Taz for created an awesome site.
Everyone away on summer hols? It's a great site but (argh! there had to be a but) could be a little more user friendly when it comes to postiinng on sites outside the community....

But that's like a 0.5% objection, against a 99.5% approval. It's a great site, both Tolkien and non eliteist, please keep this up.

It's a great site but (argh! there had to be a but) could be a little more user friendly when it comes to postiinng on sites outside the community....

Elanor, not sure exactly what you mean but if you can enlighten me maybe something can be done to improve things.
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