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Planet-Tolkien have been contacted by Paul Fletcher, a sculptor of N.S.W. Australia, to inform us that his magnificent sculpture entitled, 'White Lady of the Wood', has been completed after many months and ready for opening exclusively to She is located in N.S.W. Australia along with her maker beside a lake, at the edge of a native Eucalyptus forest, as those were the closest he could get to equalling the Mallorn trees that the character lived with in the books.

The Lady is roughly three metres tall and weighs in excess of one metric tonne. Paul sculpted and carved her completely by hand, using ladders, very carefully of course, in different ways to reach the higher points of her person. He had her start out as wet cement, to which he then made like the consistency of clay, proceeding then to sculpt her as he wished. Through all this he had the forest around him and Lake 'Cuttagee', named locally, just twenty metres away. He was in the perfect setting for the task of recreating L’rien and the inhabitants!

Below this article there are the photographs of the Lady.

If you notice on one of the images, Paul has crafted onto her right hand, Nenya, The Ring of Water and of Adamant, to make sure she is kept true to her character. The material he used was of natural quartz crystals taken from where he lives, the perfect material for a 'Ring of Adamant'. All the detail he put into it was all based on her surroundings and in the books, even the details from her dress resemble the local 'Clematis Vine', which produce little milk-white star-flowers that resemble the gardens in Lothl’rien.

On another note, he wanted us to know that inside the bowl that she carries, has a seven-pointed star carved into the middle, to add to effect and keep the detail.

But, you have read our article and are still wondering what Planet-Tolkien did to receive such thanks and priviledges? Well, Paul requested some months back that we 'try' and find out what 'Yet Hope Remains' was in Sindarin, the language of the Sindar and what the Tengwar Script would look like. We went away and did some research for him and found some information for him:

We knew at first that there are no actual word for word translations for the languages the Professor created as a whole, only parts to which we could put together by examples and assume that it would be the best translation. But we tried as said and we did come up with something, by using examples, of how it would be translated. There is no word for 'yet', which Paul understood and was quite happy to go along with 'Hope Remains', so the finished translation of English into Sindarin was 'Estel D’r', which is the literal, 'hope remains'. The vowel becomes long when adding plurals to the present tense, so 'dar' (remain, stop) would become 'd’r' (remains, stops), and we thought that this would be the most accurate translation. Take a look below to see the plaque with 'Estel D’r' in the Tengwar Script that Council Member Loss had kindly put together using his Tengwar Sketches.

We are very proud to have a part in this project and to 'Officially Unveil' it to the world through our Planet. Enjoy the photographs and the artwork, and if you have any questions about the inscription or about the sculpture please contact The Council and we will try to answer to the best that we can.






Photographs by Stelios Vrocharis ’
’ Fletcher
I don't know about art but i like that Smile Smilie
I congratulate us. What a nice reminder: "Hope remains"
i can believe great ! Orc Grinning Smilie
I thought about that statue and it would look great in my backyard Big Smile Smilie
"Estel maar""! I love that.

So beautiful and yet she brings pain in the souls of those, who see her face of stone. For they know this beauty will never touch their skin. See her there, in the woods, and let her go. Do not try to keep her for your selfs. She does not belong to the world we dwell in. She belongs to a world far beyond. Do not linger in despair, do not look for her in the faces of mortals. She lives her eternal life in the hearts of us all. And there is her immortality. Nai i estel maar!
So beautiful and yet she brings pain in the souls of those, who see her face of stone.

Mayhaps this Medusa spent too much time in front of the mirror.
As the above says, 'Estel D’r' is what the translation is, and not 'Estel Maar'.

Could you please state what 'Nai i' means? My Sindarin is quite shoddy Orc Smiling Smilie
Quenya nai means 'be it that', and in The Road Goes Ever On Tolkien explains that nai followed by a future tense verb is used for a 'wishing' formula.

JRRT once inscribed a copy of The Lord of the Rings to M.R. Ridley. The inscription included Nai hiruvalye Valimar and was accompanied by a letter, dated September 1961. According to an auction catalogue, in this letter:

Tolkien thanks Ridley for his writing in 'Elvish', praising it as 'very much better than the 'Elvish' of those mis-guided correspondents who write to me in the script'. Tolkien then translates the phrase and includes a 'better rendering': ...this is not very well translated 'maybe thou shalt find Valimar'; in Elvish nai with the Future expresses a wish rather than a doubtful statement. A better rendering is 'may you come to the Blessed Realm'.

From Sotheby's catalogue
’Nai i estel maar’ or ’Nai i estelya maar na’ is a Quenya wish, meaning ’May Your Hope be good’.
Even a fools hope could be good if it comes to real and that reality is good. So this is a wish: ’May your dearest wishes to come true’.

Mayhaps this Medusa spent too much time in front of the mirror.
(by Virumor)

This Medusa is more like a Basilisk. And thanks, for you are the first to call me that way. As you probably see I am new. And I see Quenya is not appreciated here, so I will keep it for my self from now on.

We appreciate Quenya Smile Smilie

Also I think Virumor meant Galadriel (regarding the Medusa comment).
To clear out any misunderstandings, indeed I was referring to the Lady Galadriel.
Oh dear, Ammornel, I see you may have gotten the wrong first impression of these lads. I hope you will stick around and get to know them better. I have enjoyed reading your posts, and I fail to see the dark snake. You sound like an elf to me. Not the silly lalala-lally elves, but more like Elrond, Glorfindel, Galadriel... Happy Elf Smilie
I am very sorry! I still have ome problems understanding English!
My mistake! Did not wanted to act that childish! It was a interesting day anyway! Thanks for the good words and to keep me out of posting you will have to delete me as an user. I am so excited to see so many people having the same passion for fantasy as myne. Thanks once again and sorry fotr the previous quatation.
Really Hope Remains! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And if You pray long enough Your hope may come to real... But not always. Very Evil Smilie
yeah i am praying for it ........thanks Ammornil
FANTASTIC! I can't believe that it is only now that I'm seeing this!!!!
Breath-taking, isn't it!
Her lips were red, her looks were free
Her locks were as yellow as gold
Her skin was white as leprosy.
The Nightmare Life-in-Death was she,
Who thicks man's blood with cold.

I assume you were speaking of the 'White Lady of the Wood', rather than Virumor's above doggerel. Elk Grinning Smilie