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This purpose of this thread is to log any fixes and features added, both big and small. If you have suggestions, please use the provided thread.
1) Removed all advertisements
2) Removed the poll temporarily for maintenance
3) Reintroduced the weather forecast
4) Reintroduced postal rates/charges
5) Modified the drop down list of members when writing a new private message, so it only displays active members within the last two years. This dramatically improves the page load speed as before it was listing all 12,000 members!
6) Also fixed a bug in the drop down list so it no longer puts a backslash before apostrophes in a username
7) Removed a number of previously available locations temporarily, until they can be added to the weather system. 600 or more members were assigned random locations, if this was you, you can go to edit profile and move to a different location of your choice.
8) Reintroduced the staff page
1) Fixed a bug whereby if a user hadn't uploaded an avatar, or it's corrupted, the forum would display a missing/broken image placeholder -- it now displays nothing.
2) Fixed a bug in the Fan Fiction pages that was outputting errors to do with division of zero.
3) Fixed a bug in the forum so that it now correctly shows whether a member is on, or offline
1) Fixed a bug in the private messaging system that stopped messages or replies from being sent when including an apostrophe or any of the BB tags.
Planet-Tolkien is moving web hosts over the next 24 hours. There may be some downtime so I recommended you do not post anything on the forum until I confirm the move has been successful. Thank you
Planet-Tolkien has now moved web hosts successfully. Thank you.
I have been told that some of the members uploaded new avatars prior to moving hosts and that these have now been lost. I have downloaded all the avatars from the old host as well as the members table and copied it across. This should have fixed the problem. Thank you.
I received the following e-mail from our web host this morning:


We are committed to providing the best quality of service therefore
our system administrators are continuously monitoring system performance
and security.

To provide you with the best possible service we are moving your account
to a new storage system for better performance. In most cases no work
is required on your part. Only if you are using scripts this is using
the full system path they will need to be updated.

You will most likely not need to make any changes to your website coding
as we move all your content/files for you.

Please be aware there may be some downtime or errors as I will need to update some of the code to make changes to accommodate the new storage systems. Thank you.
The site's storage has now been moved and I think I have fixed the majority of script errors.
Tomorrow morning I have the first meeting of several with the creative agency who will be re-designing Planet-Tolkien. I'll post the minutes of the discussion in a new thread once there is something substancial to report.
Planet Tolkien will be moving hosts again, due to security vulnerabilities with our current provider as well as a need for more control over the servers' architecture, due to our new RPG launching later this year. I have invested a large amount of money in making sure that our next move will be our last, and that it's capable of supporting our needs over the next five years, at least.

The usual notices apply, expect some downtime and missing threads/posts until I can restore the database. This transition should be completed by noon tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.
The move is now complete. Please let me know of any errors you come across.
1) Updated my picture on the Council page Bad King Smilie
2) Updated the homepage to include weather and postal rates
3) Brought back the Poll
4) I've started upgrading the forum's public facing URLs, so instead of board/thread/34/cat/34/0 it's now more search engine friendly as it includes the thread title, example: /board/26/4009/0/character-elimination-game
5) The forum posts now have dynamic meta tags that include the content of the first post. This is also a search engine optimisation.
6) Started to work on fixing the redirection so it takes you to the last page/post on edit/save/reply
1) Added Facebook like button to threads
1) Added moderator ability to forum
2) Modified the forum homepage to include a posts total column
I pushed a huge update live this afternoon, including a rewrite of the entire site to increase speed and improve security. I have also fixed numerous bugs and implemented a new skinning engine that will enable different areas of the website to have their own unique themes. Lots more coming over the next couple of weeks, including many of the much anticipated role-play game features.

The site search is back and improved:

1) No adverts
2) Results appear within PT and not in a new window / separate site
3) You can find the link next to "Forums" (renamed from "Message Boards" to make room)

1) Fixed the poll so it limits the number of votes to one for each unique ip address
2) The forum now sends an email notification (inc. a link) to the last author of a thread, when a new post is saved, notifying them the thread has been updated
3) Added total posts count for each subcategory to the forum index

1) Email notification on receipt of a new message from another member
2) Linked to the forum rules from the board and post page
3) Added the ability to comment on news posts and journal entries

1) Added a Twitter Follow button to the homepage and main navigation
2) Increase the font size used throughout the website
3) Updated the poll
4) Added a new "This week's popular forum topics" feature to the homepage
5) Added a new "Share" button below each post
6) Fixed the upload avatar bug
7) Now when you reply to a private message from within your account, it will show a copy of the original message you're replying to below the compose window, for reference.

1) Added an HTTP (secure) version of the website