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A forbidding forest of towering trees rises from the plains. Under the boughs very little light enters, just enough to create a dappled twilight. The sound of birds makes it's way to the ears of the silverblonde elfmaid. Upon entering she places a hand on the rapier at her hip, she creeps along listening for the sound of any life other than the birds. Her alert, silver-green eyes search the underbrush to no avail. Soon she hears the sound of running water and heads towards it, she needed to refil her water flask. A twig snaps and she whirls to face the sound.
Matti takes a step back, startled by the sudden movement. "Whoa, calm down lass!" He raises his hands to show he's unarmed, excluding the sword at his hip. "I didn't expect to meet anyone else here today!"

OOC: I didn't fancy being a girl for this roleplay, so I fished Matthias out of the dark corner I left him in. Cool Smilie
Icefangs sat in one of the treetops, quietly watching the two on the ground. Her large ears caught every word said, while she waited for something happen. She twirled her tail around in the air, closing her eyes. She dozed on her branch, a branch not so far from the top of the tree, though not so far from the ground.
Levitating nearby, the elf mage looks at the scene below as well and smiles. (Icefangs want a avatar?)
(I drew one this weekend, and I haven't yet had the chan ce to scan it, but what did you have in mind?)
My Profile:
Name: F’anvanye
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Race: Half human, half elf.
Weapons: Bow 'n Arrow with Dagger.
Appearance: Long light brown hair, short height, tanned white skin, medium figure, and dark gypsey eyes.
F’avanye quietly sat in the bushes, eyes pensive and thoughtful as she sized up her new company...Knowing she wasn't the only one checking out the new wanderers for her friends were sitting up in the tree, too. Not sure if it was a time to jump to action and become known she slowly creeped up with dagger in hand, just in case..
Icefangs snapped out of her nap, glancing around her. She saw her friends, or accomplices, whichever, near her. Gazing down at the scene below her, she watched with mute curiosity the converstaion between them. She grinned to herself, thinking, It's almost time. Idly twitching her tail, she watched her companions, wondering when they will decide to strike.

Info on Icefangs:
Name: Icefangs, or Icey
Age: 17
Hair: A light blue, straight and wavy, cut very short
Height: about 5'6

Description: She always wears a long overcoat or cloak. She is half wolf and half elf. A long sword is strapped to her back, and many trinkets lie in the many pockets of her cloak.
clothes>dark blue and brown robes
looks>brown hair, smiling face, great body
He hops down and says >Hello !<.
Icey, seeing Etharion go, hops out of her tree as well. She lands lightly on the ground and smiles. "Greetings, travelers," she says, still smiling.
"Wait for me!" said Loni. She was a dwarf, and no good at climbing trees. She composed herself, and stood near Icefang. She was the unwanted one of their company, but always tried to please.


Name: Loni
Race: Dwarf of the Glittering Caves, daughter of Gimli
Appearance: Has a slight beard, which she tries to hide alot. Has brown hair, and looks more male than female, much to her disappointment.
Icefangs rolled her eyes slightly as Loni hit the ground. She watched the young dwarf brush herself off. Icey smiled at the two, slightly confused, travelers, saying, "Please excuse young Loni, she hasn't exactly perfected getting down from trees, without falling." Icefangs grinned once more, continuing, "Ahh, where was I? Oh yes, introducing myself to you two."
Hy,im Etharion! So...are you two going somewhere? And could i join you if you dont mind? It just that i dont have much to do now.
Is anyone gona post here or what???
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Name: Epene Aki (nickname:Erik)
Race: Elven, but has wandered in the wild with men and hobbits for the past 100 years
Age: 244
History: Eldest son and heir to an Elven Kingdom. When he was born he was shunned by his father because his father desperately wanted a daughter. Erik grew up hating his father and when his younger twin siblings(one a boy the other a girl named Aryn) born he grew up hating his sister for all the attention she got from their father. He left the kingdom at on his 144 birthday and never met the rest of his siblings. He visits only occasionly to see his mother.

Erik watched the group with slight curiousity. He wondered vaguely if he should join in on their conversation or just keep hiding in the thicket of bushes that concealed him. He figured that he might as well learn what their business was before talking to them. His experience with society is that a person either had to gain your trust or they shouldn't get any of it at all. So he shifted a little, careful not to make any noise, lest the half-wolf elf hear or any of the other elves for that matter. He knew the dwarf would pay no mind to such a slight noise. He chuckled, no he doubt that she would even hear it. Or was it a he?
(You guys don't mind if I join in do you? I'd hate to interupting on anything or adding an extra character if you guys don't want another one Wink Smilie )
I don't mind at all Acheron, I was just waiting for some of the other members of this RP to say something. But no, I really don't mind.

So this thread is alive?? Good good.
Hmmm, what were we doing here again? Ack! Now I remember, we were role playing!
can i join! if i can heres my profile,if not ill delete this post and may yall be eternally cursed.

name:Tonaklis(Tona for short)
race:Man,defineatly of the lineage of Numenor,his mother was a Gondrian of as full blooded Numenorean descent as anyone,his father was a Ranger,but his mother was one third Rohirrim,and his father was also part Rohirrim so he had gone through life not being labelled as any specific one of these.He was born and grew up near Bree,travelled to both Gondor and Rohan every now and then.
appearance:large,broad,with brown hair with the odd blonde strand through,blue eyes,and a scar runnng parrell from his nose down to his chin on the right side of his face.
weapons:hand-and-a-alf sword with a ring hilt pommel,dirk with steel leather wrapped handle,a large round shield,a apear for fighting on horse back,and a boot knife to match the dirk.
likes:the Hobbit diet of six meals a day,scail mail,his hand-and-a-half sword,whiskey,the occasional tavern fight.
dislikes:orcs,men of carn-dum,trolls,monkeys,mushrooms.

He suddenly appears from behind the bush with his armor shining in the light.
( No I don't think it's any problem if you join Ar-edain37. I don't run the guild or anything but I don't think anyone would least I don't. Big Smile Smilie )

Erik stood up, readying his bow, when he saw the shining figure come out. Too late he realized that by standing up he had given away his position. Feeling completely stupid he held his bow at the ready attempting to look slightly manly when in fact he probably looked like an idiot. After all why would you hold out your bow when no one was trying to attack you?
When no one moved he slowly lowered his bow. He looked over ech one of them then said " I hate to crash this party but I this isn't the most logical place to have a little get together."
Seeing the puzzled look on everyone's faces he explained, " I hope you all know that a dark sorcerer lives in these woods......and he dosn't like company."
A large man pops out from behind a tree with his own longbow wearing armor and says"its a good thing one of yall said something.I had mistaken all of you for dear and was about to stick a pin in one!"he put an arrow back in his quiver and unstrung his bow.He was very tall and well armed,compared to the idiotic looking person he seemed enormous."my name is Tonaklis,I have been wandering in these woods for weeks and have seen this sorcerer,almost got him with my spear from behind a bush,didnt want to alert any bodyguard he might have so i just stayed in hiding."
Erik scowled at the new arrival. This one seemed kind of cocky and if there was one thing he couldn't stand it was that.
"Well now," he started, his voice dripping with sarcasm, " You wouldn't happen to know where the sorcerer is now would you?" He stared straight at the archer as his glinting grey eyes started boring holes through him (this is meant figurelivety by the way Big Smile Smilie) "Because unless he's dead or severely wounded I really don't like staying here much better than I did before." He took a look around at the others. "Unless all of you have a reason to be in here, I strongly suggest you leave. But stay in a group," he mentioned nonchalantly," I'd really hate to see one of yo uget blown to pieces." This last comment was said as though this was the last concern on the elf's mind.
The elf named Etharion in his heavy dark blue robes looked from Ice to the two new people. " Hello there. And why is it ...Erik right?... that we should leave these woods. Who are you to wish so. Im mearly interested. For we wont leave just like that. And i DO know where the dark sorceror lives. In fact im going to "visit" him. But i like to call him by his name, which is Mortimer. He is a old aqquaintance of mine. So if you dont mind we are leaving now." he gestured towards Ice, as he litt his pipe with one of his blue fireballs in his hand.
"I believe i'll join you,"Tonaklis grinned,"after all Erik does seem a bit of a paranoid!and,not to pry,but what business do you have in these woods yourself?"Tonak darts an accusing glance at the elf with the bow and walks toward ethy.
Erik scowled again at the group. Society just didn't understand him did it? "This sorcerer.....he's a friend of yours? That doesn't seem to make any sense but I suppose I have no other choice but to believe you." He looked at Tonkalis. "As for my business, it is only for me to worry about. However....." he stared lazily at them," I have no business here anyway. I'm just a wanderer, I suppose. I happened to visiting some men in this part of the woods. Had to catch up on some old business. But...." he gave a thought to this last comment," Since I have nothing better to do with my time I guess I'll join your little band." When the group looked slightly disappointed, he added, "I'll keep to myself though. I just want to see if what you say about true. That he really is a friend of yours." He grinned mischievously. "And that he won't blow you up on sight. Really, what a tragedy that would be." He gave a slight chuckle. "So where to first?"
Etharion looked at the elf with cold eyes."Well i think you wont be such a problem to come along with us. Follow me everybody." and with that he started of into the woods. After half a day later, going through some old paths, they started making camp. When they were finished Etharion said "I will go to see if my "friend" is still there. And dont think you can follow me." he said to the newcomer. And with that he uttered a few deep words and was gone in a brief flash.
Tonak was keeping to himself,even though his singing could be heard from a mile,and sat at the campfire making stew.

Carrots,potatoes,beef,and venison
when the dinner bell chymes
this dont always rhyme
and thats just fine
as long as i have my stew
old or new
named jack,tom,or bartholomew
your welcomed to share my stew!

Tonaklis sang.(i call it the stew song)
Etharion came back to camp through the undergrowth."Here i am. The old mage is home so we can go and visit him now." he said to the other ones. "Shall we".
Erik, who was looking at Tonaklis in a mixture of wonder how anyone could be that strange and disgust at the lack of intelligence that went into his song, looked up at Etharoin when he came back over. He hopped up, glad to be rid of the loud and off-key man that was stirring the stew. "Right then. Now where does this mage live? I'd assume he'd live in a tower but the way you speak of him makes me think that maybe he lives in a hobbit hole and he's a perfectly harmless little bugger." He shrugged. "But maybe that's just me." He sheathed the two daggers he had been polishing into the tow holders on his back. "Lead on 'O fearless leader.' "
Ice smirked at the sarcasm evident in the full-elf's voice. She leaned near Etharion, whispering something in his ear, which surprised him because she had nothing very little all afternoon. In the middle of their whispered conversion, Ice cocked her ears a few times at the brazen elf, and once at the large man, she winked at Eth, and said, outloud, "Sorry to you all, I have not found myself willing to talk of late, basically ever since we entered this forest. I think it is because of some magical hold 'Mortimer' has over animals. In case you guys haven't noticed, I'm half wolf," she lowers her head, and swivels her ears about.

"My name is Icefangs, which Etharion failed to tell you," she pauses and glares at him. "He should have sensed the energy thriving in this forest. Anyway, you guys can call me Ice, and that stew you've got over Tonaklis smells heavenly. I'm a horrible cook, so I hardly ever get food that actually tastes good. Well, that and the fact that sometimes I just have to go chasing down a dear, doesn't help much." She grins at her companions, and sits back down.

"I'm sure you all believe that that speech was horribly long and incredibly boring. Well, I agree. Call me Ice, my new companions!" She smirks and pulls a bottle out of her pack. Uncorking the top, She guzzles some down, and hands the bottle to Etharion, then offers it to the others. "It's the finest Elven Wine, and it'll calm ya down quick, even if you aren't nervous!"

"Ah yes your name, oops. And your right about the cooking. What a tragedy. But i guess if you knew even that you would be too good for me. I do know that Mortimer fidled a bit around animals, but i didnt sense anything odd. Lets go now." And he leads them in the forest. A few hours later" We should be close now. Get ready."
Erik was already in stealth mode with his twin elven daggers out and his body set into a crouch like a cat ready to spring. His ears were open to any noises and his gold eyes were narrowed so as to spot any sign of movement. He said to Etharion in a whisper, "I know you say this sorcerer is your friend, but just in case he doesn't recognize you, what kind of magic does he have? I mean, not to sound worried or anything," he added quickly. "I can take care of myself. I just want to know should something happen to the rest of you guys. Honestly." He stayed behind his the tree that was covering him from sight. His forest green tunic and bronze skin tone made him blend perfectly into the surroundings. The only features that gave any hint that anyone was hidden among the brush was the lazy, molten gold eyes, his gleaming, curved daggers, and a single red-gold and mithril ring on his thumb. It was the only piece of jewlery that appeared to be on him.
"Ah well." said Etharion in a comfortable LOUD voice, while he strode unburdened by anything." I think that the last guy that knew how to take care of himself is now the locals favourite statue in the town square. You see, he was caught in a humouros position when he was turned into stone,...with a can of beans and oddly, a small ferret. Ill let you muse over the nature of the position." he was still talking normally, and was whacking down pesky owls and hummingbirds that thought his hat looked appealing for a new home with his staff, and with each hit he shouted"Gotcha, you little buger.I dont see why they like my hat so much."
Erik stood up from his crouching position and gave Etharion the nastiest glare he could manage. "Confindent little sucker aren't you," he muttered to himself as he sheathed his twin daggers. "I won't be turned into a statue if that's what your suggesting, Etharion," he taunted back at him. He started to push through the bushes after Etharion making sure that he kept the elf with the tall hat in sight. Not that it was hard though. He just had to follow the slew of birds and other creatures that were trailing after him. He made a whistling noise and one of the birds, a sparrow, landed on his shoulder. He made another deeper call and a tiny wolf bounded after the doe brown boots he wore. When the others looked slightly suprised at the fact that he could handle animals so well, he replied, "I spend a lot of time in the woods. I know a lot of animal calls and besides," he added, " I happen to know these two little guys' parents from a long time ago." When they all gve him a weird look he muttered to himself, "And they're much easier to get along with that humans or elves."
" I think thats maybe true. Aent you full of anger Acheron. I simply know this and was not trying to scare you. You should not be so riggid, its not good for you. The mage you heard of in these woods is close by.He is probably looking at you right now.And please....never underestimate a wizard.You might have your shiny swords but what are you to do when you see your own two blades going for your throat. You should first spend a couple decades practicing the strength of your will and mind before you can talk so light mindedly before a wizard. Or you just might find yourself as hard as stone one morning." he said with a smile and a wink." No hard feelings,eh."
Ice shrugged off the fact the Erik could call animals, many elves could, well, at least she could. She grinned as she pictured the statue.
Ice walked closer to Etharion and leaned towards him, "Lighten up on the guy, Eth. I can tell he's not come across very many wizards. Course, I hadn't either when we first met, but I knew what to expect because of my dad. So, just don't be so hard on him, okay, not that is bothers me, nor is it not entertaining, but I doubt he likes it and ya never what else we might run into in this forest, so we needa ll the allies we can get."
As she finishes, she kisses his cheek and moves back to her place in the line.

"Your wish is my command."he said with a smile."He must be feeling threatend because we should have found the mages home by now.This could take days.And thers a big storm coming up. Acheron? Do you know a place where we could be more safe.We got tents thought." he said
Erik looked at Etharion, unaccustomed to anyone actually adressing his knowledge of the forest. He thought for a moment then said, " About a mile ahead there's a a large grove of trees that should cover us all pretty nicely. And if I remember well enough, it's an enchanted ring of trees so one of us elves just needs to activate the charm and the charm will make the trees impassible by anyone but us. It should block out the storm as well." He added the next comment with a frown on his face. "My father traveled through here when he was younger and his father was the one who originally laid the charm." He glanced at them to make sure they didn't see the depressed, almost hurt expression on his face. "He told me about once on my 100th birthday." With that last comment he started to jog ahead of the others. "It's only a little farther. If we're gonna make it before the storm sets in, we'd better move quickly."
"Good enough for me. Thats a bit more magic for me to study. You coming Ice? Lets go." he said to everyone and started running.
Erik mainly kept to himself for the rest of the journey and only when they got to the magical clearing did he stop running so that the others could catch up. He lead the way in and then set down his pack and weapons. He stood in the center of the ring looking up at the ashen sky. He closed his eyes, and started quietly muttering to himself in elvish. Slowly, as Erik continued his chanting, a silvery-sea green bubble began forming around the edge of the trees. It kept creeping up over the ring until it reached the peaks of the trees then it sealed off the top. He stopped muttering and looked up at the shimering shield. Eventually the color faded but the spaces between the trees continued to shine with an unearthly light. With that done he sat on a rock near the center of the clearing and began to work on filling up the firepit with dead wood and leaves. He said nothing ot the others and when the fire was lit, he simply pulled out a long pipe from his pack and began smoking it.
Etharion setled down close to the fire. As everyone was there he pulled a set of bagpipes from his bag and started experimenting. It was a slow and nearly sad tune, but it warmed his heart. "I hope im not boring you?"
"Is it THAT boring??"
Ice smiled at him, "I didn't know you played," she said. "It's not really boring, just odd..." she shrugged. Ice pulled a large book out of her pack, then reached into it and rummaged around. She pulled her hand out, and with, it, a quill and a small chunk of coal. She leaped into a tree, and concentrated on sketching a small bird.

"Why thank you Icey.Comon down and show me what youv drawn." he said.
"Umm... okay. But you have to honest with me on how they look," she said timidly. She jumped out of the tree, landing lightly on her feet. She walked over and sat down beside him, then handed him the book. "It's at least half-way full, the bird is somewhere near the middle," she said, her eyes on the ground.

"Ah very nice! You even captured that ents face as well! Yes...wait a minu....Ummm people! Dont make any sudden moves....." he said slowly peering at the great tree behind Ice.
Calenia peered out cautiously from behind the tree. The male elf looked towards her and she shot back, but she was too late, the elf had spotted her. her hand dropped to the handle of her whip, ready for action, while the other hand rested on the long sword at her side.
Ice's ears pricked as she caught the sound of movement. Her ears swiveled half-circle around, so they could better pick up the movements in that direction. Her right hand flew to the concealed dagger belt she wore, and she pulled out three knives, holding one each between her fingers. She slowly stood and turned around. Her dark eyes on that particular tree. She knew sometihng was there, she just didn't see it...

And then the giant old tree moved. It slowly unfolded its huge arms that a second ago were only branches. Certain lines hinted where his eyes and mouth was. It rooted itself out and made a ground shaking step. "He does not look happy....or sane."
Ice nods her head in agreement, and a sudden thought pops into her head. "Eth, Ent's usually don't hurt creature who live in the forest, right? So what if it saw me for what I was, a wolf? You think it might not pound us into bloddy little mounds of our former selves?"

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